Monday, December 31, 2012

Here comes 2013! Happy New Years Eve!‏ 31Dec 2012

Aloha Nielsen Ohana!

Well.. It was so good to talk to you guys on Christmas! And Chelsea, thanks sending the pictures on your blog, it was weird to see myself is the background in some of them. I'm like a giant! Anywho. I hope Christmas and everything else was great. :) Ours was really good. Way way way too much food and goodies.

This last week has been good, crazy with it being the end of the month but good. Were still trying to figure out juggling both areas, but we'll get it soon. Our mission has been suuuuuuuuuuuuper close to hitting our high water mark for the year 2012! The high is 1103 convert baptisms in the year, and I know as of yesterday we were at 1103! So we need one more to hit it! To set a new record and make Hawaii Honolulu mission history! There are suppose to be 3 more today. I know we're cutting it so close! Working on P-day! But we're going to hit it. President is soo happy! He's been calling everyone all week seeing if our with dates are going to happen and what the update is. But it's so good! Talking to President yesterday at church he was saying. "We're going to hit it! I have the faith." And then went on to say how we've done it, "With laser focus. We're all focused on the same thing, the whole mission. And that's having the eye single to the glory of God." .."Did you know that the average mission in American only has about 30 convert baptisms a month? And we're averaging about 100. What are we doing different? The prayer approach, and showing the Doctrine of Christ to our members." (Prayer approach: The approach we use while tracting, we say we are representatives of Jesus Christ and he has sent us to leave his peace and blessing, we then pray for their specific needs and then invite them to be baptized! It takes crazy courage and faith! But it works! We are able to find the elect. The ones who are prepared! If they say no, then we move along. And trust that the Lord will continue to work on them.--There are only two missions using the approach this way, fort lauderdale, flordia and hawaii. They are the two most baptizing in the Untied States. Sister Smoots brother is serving in that mission. :) ) (The district DVD. The one I wanted you guys to watch a while back.) I love President Dalton. He's so awesome and so dedicated to his calling. It's been fun seeing him around so much serving in his ward.

Kenny didn't get baptized on Saturday. :( But it's all good, everything happens in the Lord's timing. We went over and say him on Wednesday and asked him how he was doing, and he'd had a drink that day. Normally you have to be sober for 3 weeks unless the bishop approves it. So we'll for sure try for January. He's just gotta do it. He knows everything is true. He's just gotta quit completely and marry his girlfriend. But it's all on his timing.

Yesterday at church Katherine was able to stay for all 3 hours! And after gospel principles she turns to me and says, "I just feel good here. This just feels right. I know this is where I am suppose to me." Ah! It just made my heart swell and almost start crying! We just had this moment of happiness! I love that her so much. I really hope she finds more friends in the church to link on to. To keep her strong. Do you think it's a bad idea to request people Because I'm really tempted. She needs a good guy in her life to help her with Chris. Or maybe I just need to find him and baptism him. Either way, she deserves some support.

This morning I read the conference talk by President Oaks 'Protect the Children'. It's so good! And so interesting to read it and then think about the current events that have just happened. With the shooting and everything. He definitely knew what the future held. And he was preparing our hearts and minds for it. One of my professors at BYUI told us that when we read or listen to conference think, "What does he know about the future that I cannot see? How is what he saying going to prepare me?" I love General Conference.

Ahh. Life is just sooo good! I love Hawaii, I love being a missionary, and I just love everything! I feel so stinkin blessed! 2012 was soo good, but 2013 is going to be even better! Because there is always good things to come. I feel lucky too, that I get a whole year on my misison. Some sisters don't get that because of the time they report. So I'm sure you can imagine all my new years resolutions are going to be geared toward missionary work. Cause that's all I need to worry about right now. :)

I hope you guys have a fabulous week!  Continue to be awesome, and the best family ever.
Loooooooooooooooooooove, S. Nielsen

P.S. Dad.. We get to stay up with our Zone tonight till 12:30am and sleep in till 8am tomorrow. Mission rules in Nielsen rules right? Remember that in 2014. ;)

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