Thursday, December 6, 2012

18 Baby! 3 Dec 2012


Yep that's right.. Hon-Freakin-Best hit 18 BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! It was the craziest last week of my life! But sooo good, so many miracles. God is good. :)

We had an investigator we were kind of teaching on and off (she was really hard to get in contact with) her name was Tina, 20 yr old from American Samoa. Last month we invited her to our ward halloween dance and she had a great time! But then she disappeared for two weeks, and later we found out she was in the hospital. Earlier in the month we went and visited her, and ended up calling the Elders to come and give her a blessings. After that blessing we committed her to be baptized on November 24th and she said yes! But then low and behold.. We lost contact again.. On friday the 23rd we dropped off a Samoan book of Mormon to her, and she was so excited. She then told us that she'd got to church with her friend to the Samoan ward on our "November 11th invite a friend sunday" . That was a suprise! Sis. Wright and I both left feeling and thinking that she was so prepared. As we were driving away Sis. Wright said, "She will for sure be baptized in December.." I thought about that for a while and then said. "Why not tomorrow!?" I didn't know if I was acting on the spirit or if it was just the modivation inside of me to baptize 18 this month. Whatever it was I made some crazy phone calls for splits (that was the night of Alex Hackett's interview) and for the samoan  ward elders to come and teach with us and commit her to be baptized the next day. The lesson went well, and I realized she understands so much more in Samoan than english. Everytime me or one of the other white elder tried to say something, she'd give our samoan elder a confused face. And then he'd explain things to her. We didn't commit her to baptism that night, it just didn't feel right for me when I got in there. But it was a good transfer over to the elders and the ward she would be attending. They kept working with her, she attended a baptism Saturday morning went to church on Sunday the 25th. And then recommitted her to be baptized on November 29th. She wanted to so bad, but she needed permission from her Dad. We were then praying like crazy! And he gave her the permission. Then next hurdle. Convincing the stake president to confirm her the same day. (Otherwise it counts for a Dec. Baptism.) Our Zone Leaders worked some magic and it was a go! AHH! I've never been so happy and exhausted in my life! BUT WE DID IT! 18 BAPTISMS IN NOVEMBER! It was the highest number than any other zone that month! It feels sooo good. I thought I would feel accomplished and done, but now we're all just motivated to hit 20 in december. We gotta do it! So we're still working hard and hitting the pavement.

Gosh, Bishop Lung.. What a sweetie. That was nice of him to email you guys. I'm so happy you had a great Thanksgiving! Mine is going to be one I will never forget. Mom, that's so crazy that you met Sis. Duke's mom! I just barely met Sis. Duke yesterday and she said "So our mom's met the other day in seagull book." That was weird to hear. But it was fun! I know she's a baller missionary, after being out for 6 weeks she became a mom and sister trainer. Tall, with red curly hair. :) Craziness. She came out with Sister Wright.

I seriously cannot believe it's December, it really doesn't feel like it at all. In my head it's still August when I got here, because the weather hasn't changed. But hopefully I'll still be having a "white Christmas" :) But everything is happening so fast. 4 months? What the what!? I still feel like I just barely got here!! I love Hawaii so much. It's gorgeous here. I love love love green. ( Which I don't see to much of.. Since I'm in the city. But when I do I love it!) I cannot imagine myself NOT being a missionary, I feel like I've learned so much.

We went to the temple this morning. (That's why pday was today) Oh my goodness, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the temple. I feels like I hadn't been in forever. But I learn something new everytime and just feel so much strength afterwards. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. I was thinking a lot about a year from now, and being here for the Salimeda's to be sealed. Ahh, I love this. I love being a missionary.

Well.. Transfers are in two weeks, and either Sis. Wright or I will probably be leaving.. Booooo. :( I really love that girl so much,  she my PERFECT trainer. And she loves the Savior so stinkin much. It's all over her face and love for this work. I will forever be changed because of her.

Lindsey is going to SAN DIEGO! Ahhh! That's AWESOME! I'm so excited for her! If you get a chance.. Tell her I love her, and that she will make and awesome missionary. :)

Well I gotta fly. But I love you all so much! OH! As for my Christmas package, clothes.. Jewelry (simple, mission approved) A cute watch, Idk.. I don't need much. Music. What ever you think is fitting. :)

Love you! Have a great week!
S. Nielsen

P.S.S. Tata since you found my blog, if you are reading this.. I love you so stinkin much! You are beautiful and you have changed my life. :)

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