Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Growing 27 Jan 2014


Well I feel like I just barely emailed y'all. Another week come and gone, Crazy crazy life!

This week was good, definitely a growing week. But our numbers improved which I am so grateful for! Wednesday we had an unplanned exchange. Sister Robertson went with the marshellese sister to go and teach the family with the deaf son, and then I was with Sister Bown. She's been really stressed out lately, it's been a rough transfer for her we just ended up talking things out. And then went to have her fill out this accident report dakine. It was really good to be with her. She's such an amazing missionary and I know exactly how she was feeling. Sometimes I think there needs to be sister trainers for the sister trainers. But I felt as if I was able to play the "big sister" role (since she is my sister) and just listen and give council.

The marshellese family is doing so well! The dad has a date to be baptized on February 8th! He's so solid. He had a job offer on the Big Island and didn't take it because we committed him to be baptized on the 8th. I can't really talk to him very much because his english is small kine. But I can see in his eyes his commitment to his family and how much he wants his sons to get the best education and he's willing to do anything for them.

We had 2 lessons with Ty this last week and they went well. The first one we taught the plan of salvation, he always has good questions. When we talked again about how he felt about being baptized he said that he didn't think it would happen and that he doesn't think he'll ever be baptized. I think my heart just sank when he said that. I really didn't even know what to say. We came back on the weekend and watched finding faith in Christ with him, I think he liked it.  We brought a member with us who just got off her mission from Guam. It was SO good to have her there and to have her insights. He always reads the chapters we give him in the BOM but he doesn't pray. He said it just not something he's been taught to do so it's just weird to him. So that's what the commitment was for him.  We gave him the chapter Moroni 7, I hope and pray that something will hit home to him and that it won't just be 'interesting'. I would really love to see this kid baptized before I'm pau.

Those are really our only 2 progressing investigators. We tract a lot, but don't have a ton of success. Lots of gates and people don't want to talk to us. I am happy we're working. I want to finish so strong!

I feel like this transfer has just been.. helping me grow. I am so grateful for the continuation of refinement. There was a time this week I was just really upset, I missed kohala and didn't feel I was helping this area out at all. I read a quote from my book of Small Plates for Sister Nielsen which read, "Every area, companion, and experience is specifically tailored for YOU. To help and refine you to become who Heavenly Father wants you to be." And another, "Heavenly Father's plan is always bigger and better." I never thought I would struggle with that. But I learn thing everyday.

I love you so much! Thanks for everything. :)

Sister Nielsen 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He Hears Every Word 21 Jan 2014

Aloha my dear family! 

Well today we went to the temple! It was so amazing. I really love the temple so much. The La'ie temple is one of my favorites and will always have a special place in my heart.

This last week has been good. Kind of slow moving, but good we definitely saw some miracles. For example.. Ty has a date! I was SOOO excited! We taught him last monday night at the snows home and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong,we taught the beginning part of the Restoration and then tied it into Joseph Smith, the movie we watched last week. And we actually found out he'd been blessed in the church. There really are no coincidences with our Heavenly Father. We committed him to be baptized on February 2nd. Sister Snow's reaction when we committed him to be baptized was so funny. She was so surprised I thought she was going to fall out of her seat! Sometimes I don't think members know what to do when we extend the invitation. It freaks them out for some reason. But he said he would, if he knew that what we were teaching him is true. Ahh I seriously LOVE this kid. We have another lesson with him on Wednesday evening.

We also found 3 new investigators! Which is amazing for Kahala. One of them is Peter, he is a musician and plays for the christmas concert every year and has a lot of member friends. We had an appt scheduled with him and had a quick lesson introducing the Book of Mormon. One of his friends gave it to him a while ago, but he hasn't read it yet. We gave him the background and he said that he was really interested now. He'd grown up catholic, but over the years decided that he likes the mormon people better. :) We tried to set up a return appt, but he said he wanted to read the whole BOM before that, :/ He said that he reads really fast though and that he would finish it in about 2 weeks. I told him that I'd be leaving soon so I hope that that was motivation for him to read fast! I keep praying for that. He's such a nice man and I really want to teach him! He's so ready.

On Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor and did service as a zone. I've been there about 7 or 8 times now so it wasn't anything new. But it was still a good time.

Another one of our new investigators is a referral from the marshallese ward. They just moved here from the marshall islands because they're 4 year old son is deaf. And since we're over the deaf group we were able to go and visit them and help them get connected with the deaf school, (which most of our ward members work at) and they came to church! The mom is a convert of about 10 years or so and the dad isn't a member and wants to be taught. So we have an appt this next week with them and the marshallese sister in the area to interpret. :) We're working with 3 different languages. Being in the deaf group on Sunday was fun though. I used some of the small sign that I know from good ol' Choraliers! I was at least able to introduce myself and say that my talent is singing. Haha.

On Saturday President Warner and Elder Auna (our area 70) did a follow up training from the last conference in June of Hastening the Work of Salvation for all the leaders/ward members. It was SOO good! I just love them both so much. I really hope our member are catching the fire of how important they really are in missionary work. Our ward mission leader is actually going to start teaching the member missionary class, like what we were doing on Big Island. I suggested it to him and he really liked it. That will be so good!

Other than that we were trying to contact LAPMs in the ward and just find new investigators. I feel as if I am finally starting to see why it is that I need to be back here on O'ahu. I was so sad and had such a hard adjust from the Big Island. But I am so grateful to be teaching Ty, and well as to learn from Sister Robertson. I also feel that if I died in Kohala that I would have been an ever bigger disaster than how I was here, but at least I am still a missionary so it wasn't so bad. It will be an easier adjustment for the future transfer. Which I am grateful for. Heavenly Father really has blessed me so much on my mission. I feel as if this transfer I have really started to see my relationship with Him and our Savior Jesus Chirst. He know me, and he hears my prayers. I love being a missionary. This is the best time I've ever had in my life. I love Hawaii and the amazing people.

I love you so much! Thank you for being the amazing family that you are. :)

Sister Nielsen 

My companion!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lengthen your stride. 13 Jan 2014

Aloha Nielsen Family!

Well this week has been a lot faster than last week was. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and his continued awareness of all his children.

We did have some have some miracles, we have a new investo! His name is Ty. He's 19 years old and works as a care taker for one of the older couples in our ward. He helps out with the husband who has Parkinson disease. He comes to church every Sunday for 'work' and stays and helps out during sacrement meeting. He doesn't have much religious background in his life, but his grandparents were baptized into the lds church when they were like 60 or something. And when they died they left a book of remembrance of all the names they took to the temple or something that he was really interested in.

Tuesday after district meeting we went and did service for Marie, a recent convert of about 4 months. (She's also the one we hike diamond head with on Saturday mornings..) We helped mown her lawn and she had one of the old fashion push lawn mowers. It was kind of fun to use it actually! A lot harder than a gas one but it was a good experience. :) It took us a lot longer than we had expected, but we got it done.

Tuesday night the Snows invited us to dinner and also to watch the "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" movie with Ty. Right before the movie started I asked his is he was getting paid for this time we ate dinner and were with him. He said yes with a grin. Haha, our members are paying him hourly while he meets with the missionaries. Whatever works right!? He's such a good nice kid. He had a lot of really good thought provoking questions at the end. Like.. "Do you think everyone will one day be mormon?" It was really good and we have a return appt with him tonight. 

After the lesson we had to go and pick something up at Marie's home and I don't even really know what happen, but I don't really think she likes my companion very much and wasn't very happy with her when she just asked her a simple question. She said that she was disrespectful to her elders and was rude. My companion got a little defensive because she hadn't done anything wrong, but there was a little bit of contention in the room and I was left in the middle. I didn't really know what to do, but it only lasted about 15 seconds and then we left. I guess this wasn't the first time they've gone at it, but it was the worst one Sister Robertson said. Marie is just really sensitive and you can tell her self esteem and confidence isn't like normal adults. Sister Robertson and I talked about it after she felt bad because we are missionaries and are suppose to represent Jesus Christ. So that caused a little bit of drama this week, Marie told our ward mission leader and a few other members about it.

On Wednesday we went to this Salvation Army family rehab center. A woman named Jennifer had called and asked us to come and give her some spiritual upliftment. She's a member but has been less active for quite some time. She told us her story of how she stopped coming to church and then became an alcoholic. She's pregnant with her 3rd child at the moment and in the rehab has been sober for 40 something days. She admitted herself, she said that it was better than living on the streets and she wants to change. We had such a sweet spirit in our lesson. She then told us about her boyfriend and soon to be baby daddy and how he has shown some interest in the gospel. He wants their child to be brought up with religion in their life. So we took his number and called him and set up an appt!

Friday I went on exchange to Manoa area. My companion for the day was Sister Walter, the cutest sister missionary from chuuke. (Micronesia) She's been out for about 5 months. But we had a good day! Tracting with her was so fun. And it was a nice break and breath of fresh air to be out from the pressure of being in my area. Sister Bown (my sister in the mission, we were both trained by Sister Wright) is the Sister Trainer and she went with my companion. They were able to teach Kelly, Jennifer's boyfriend and I guess they had a really good lesson. He said he was going to be able to come to church, but called and said he wasn't going to be able to make it this week. It was a good day.

Well.. That was my week! I am trying to work my hardest and to get things done. But I still don't know the area very well and I don't feel as effective as I'd like to be my last transfer in my mission. But I am grateful for the knowledge that this is the LORD'S work, not my own. All I have to do is my best and He will make up the rest. But my goal of us this next week is to lengthen our stride. Walk a little faster, but a little more diligent. 

I love being a missionary. There's no where else I'd rather be. I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It makes me nervous.

Love you all so much! Have a great week! 

Love and Aloha,
Sister Nielsen 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alma 37:39-40. 6 Jan 2014

Aloha My Wonderful Family! 

Ohh I'm glad you got the card and picture! I really liked it when I saw it and I have a smaller one on my planner cover. :) Being a missionary is amazing.

Well this week has felt like forever long! I flew to O'ahu on Tuesday morning and it's been a hard adjust since. Leaving Kohala and Sister Lauhingoa has been so hard. I feel like this is the first area that I've been the leader and made a difference. I wasn't expecting to leave,but I know there is a reason for all things.

My new companion is Sister Robertson, Samoan girl from the ghetto of LA. She was in Kona before and I've been on exchanges with her. Some people tease her and call her kolohe, meaning like rascal. She's a good missionary and her story of how she grew up I cannot even imagine. When I first got here to Kahala, I was ready to work! It was new years eve and we were suppose to stop pros at 5pm. But we didn't really do anything for our area.

That night we went to a party at a members home on one of the mountains and President Dalton was there! It was so crazy to see him. He was wearing an aloha shirt and his hair was a little longer than I remember. I guess he came for a baptism. It was amazing to see how you could see that the mantle of being the mission president was no longer with him and that it was shining all over President Warner. He's been making a lot of changes to the mission that I know some missionaries aren't very happy with. But then need to be done and it's coming from the Lord. We watched the fire works and then headed home. I seriously cannot believe that it's 2014. Where did the time go!?

New Years Day we were able to get up at 8:30.. Sleeping in? What!? It felt so strange and I'm pretty sure I woke up at 6:30 anyway. We then went to the church and played basketball and volleyball with the other missionaries. As well as watch Ephraim rescue! I thought it was good, but I like 17 miracles better I think.

Thursday was back to pros. We week planned and it was interesting hearing about how the area was doing. I knew it was a more difficult area just because I was here before. But we don't have any progressing investigators and they taught on average about 6 lessons a week. It was hard not to compare that christmas week Sister Lauhingoa and I taught 19 lessons. I know every area is different, but we definitely have some work to do. It was good though cause Sister Robertson then told me that she was ready to work. She said she realized that people think of her as a cruz missionary and she doesn't like that. She wants to work and if she ever gets lazy to whip her into shape. It was good to hear that.

We have had some miracles though, we've gone tracking and found 3 new investigators! We also stopped and talked to these suuuupper rich people who let us come back and do service at their home on Saturday! I tried to invited her to have the missionary lessons, but I don't think she heard me. But they said that we could come back anytime and that we're part of the family now. So we're definitely coming back.

On Saturday we also hiked Diamond Head with a recent convert whose a little older but keeps hiking it because, "if you stop doing it you loose it". She kept saying that the whole time.

I guess I've just had a really hard adjust. I miss the Big Island like crazy and I feel I'm more Kohala trunky when most people would be 'coming home trunky'. I've been trying to snap out of it and focus on where I am at. I also feel this pressure that  I know there is a reason for me to be in Kahala. But with that I don't have any time to waste! 5 weeks isn't long and if we're not exactly where we're suppose to be when Heavenly Father wants us to be there. We won't do what he has intended for us to do. I feel like I understand this, but I really don't have very much control over anything because I haven't been in the area and I have to rely oh my companion. I've just been praying for a miracle and to know what is it I'm suppose to do. The scripture I have at the top has become my transfer theme about the Liahona and how it works. I am grateful for the many blessing and experiences I have as a missionary.

I love being a missionary, even if I'm in Kahala. I'd rather be here than doing.. Anything else! Thanks for everything that you do! I love you so much. Have a wonderful week!

Love and Aloha,
Sister Nielsen 

P.S. Pictures are my last night on Big Island.

 New Year's Eve!