Friday, November 30, 2012

5 baptized and confirmed, 1 child blessing, and 3 priesthood ordinations later.. I. Am. Exhausted. Nov 26, 2012

Aloha! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks Cody and Cameron for the emails! Looks like everyone's had a busy week. I hope you guys had a good time at grandma's house! I can tell you, my thanksgiving was the best day EVER! And hopefully pictures will speak more than what I could ever say.

Well.. The Salimeda's got BAPTIZED!!! All 4 of them! Sue, Bobby, Nathan and Tatiana. It was such a great baptism. My heart has never been so full of love and gratitude. Just watching all the them one by one enter the font. It was incredible! Our whole ward showed up, they really had taken a huge part in fellowshipping them and making them feel welcome. I seriously love this gospel! It changes people, it changes lives.. And it's changing me. I know I am not the same person I was when I left on my mission. And I hope I am going to continue to be refined, and become the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. Gosh, I can't even imagine not going on a mission and coming here to meet this wonderful family. They have accepted their Savior, and He was blessed them so much. They are so full of the spirit and keep thanking me. But I didn't do anything, yeah show up a few times, most of the time we were late, and teach them a bit. But they were prepared, and the spirit touched their hearts. Their testimonies are so small and simple. But I am so excited for next year, because they are going to the temple to be sealed as a family. That's their goal. I feel so humbled to be a part of this.

After the baptism, Sister Wright and I were soooo tired! We'd been up since 3. It felt like christmas! We had baptism eve, and Baptism morning! Plus it was Sister Wright's birthday. We opened her packages before. But as tired as we were, we knew we could not sac out. I wanted to so bad. But we are so close to hitting our high water mark as a zone, we need baptisms! We went and talked to Alex Hackett's dad, Buddy. I was so scared. And pleading with Heavenly Father to have His spirit to say the things that needed to be said and that His heart would be soften to let his son be baptized. We went on a walk with him and found some benches to sit on. Buddy expressed to us in very colorful language that he wants nothing to do with religion. It sounds like he's angry with God. But then talking about his son, he does not want it to happen. He wants him to wait until he's older and go to a lot of different churches. But somehow by the end of the conversation, he said he didn't care. It wasn't his desire, but he would support his son if that was his choice. Alex was baptized on Saturday morning. We threw a program together and he was baptized! And.. His Dad came to the baptism. He didn't want to be there. But he came! And I know that meant so much to Alex. He will one day be baptized himself, I know that. We just gotta give him some time.

Sunday was crazy! We had 5 confirmations, they gave Bella Salimeda a name and a blessing (she's 4), and then in priesthood gave Tai, Bobby, and Nathan the aaronic priesthood. It was cool though, because they ordained Tai and Bobby, and then Bobby walked over to Young Men's and ordained his son Nathan, to the same priesthood. And ohh boy does Bobby clean up nice! He shows up in a suit! I barely recognized him! This week as been the most amazing week. So many things I will never forget.

Right now as a zone we are sitting at 17 baptisms!! (Highest as a zone in our mission!) Our high water mark is 18!! We need one more miracle! I know it will happen, if we do all that we can as misisonaries to be obedient and do His will, it will happen! I have no doubt about that.

I feel so spoiled. I have been able to have 6 baptisms in my first 4 months as being a missionary! And a family for that matter! That doesn't happen a lot, that a whole family gets baptized. It just makes me think that the hard-faith building times are coming, because I really have had it oh so good! I love this work, I love my Savior, and I know that this is so important in His plan. For us all to be invited to come follow Him.

I love you all so much! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and that everything is going well. Remember, sometimes we all need to slow down and recognize the simple things that make us truely happy. God is good.

Love your daughter in Hawaii, S. Nielsen

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! 19 Nov 2012

Nielsen Ohana, ALOHA!

Hey hey! It's been a crazy week, and it's flown by like crazy, I can't believe it's already monday again. And just to let you know my mail problem has been fixed! They had the wrong zip on the forwarding address, so don't be afraid to send me anything now. It will get to me. :)

Dad, that's suuuuuuuper cool story about everyone's dreams and grandpa! Thank you so much for sharing! That's crazy, I know he's busy. We need this gospel preached. And I've talked to some people, but if you look at general conference and what was said. The mission age changed. And then a month later with this election, it's now legal in some states for gay marriage, smoking pot, and abortion. Where do you think this world is leading up to? The gospel NEEDS to be preached! We NEED more missionaries! And I guess we are expecting 50 some more missionaries in January. And doubling the full pros sisters. Looks like I'll be training.. But I really think that that is why I needed to come out while I was 21, and not 19. So that I could train. That sounds weird. But I know there is a reason I'm one of the last 21 years old sisters age required sisters out on a mission. Grandpa is doing good things up there, but I know he's a very busy man right now.

Soo.. This last week I have been in a three-some! We picked up a sister who is serving in the Marshall islands mission, Kitibis side, and right now she's on Christmas Island! (It's not in this mission anymore.) She came here to Hawaii for medical. She has a pinched nerve in her two fingers are numb and in pain. And they don't have good medical care there. So she's been with us since Tuesday. Her name is Sister Kimmons and she's from Texas. So yes we can understand her. I was worried too. But it's been fun to have her around! She's real shy, but she's a good missionary. And she's downed milk and other american food like crazy! They don't have that on Kitibis. But it's good, it makes sight and sound a lot easier. :)

Sooo.. for latest update, the Salimeda family is AWESOME! And they are getting baptized on Thanksgiving morning! They wanted Elder Brinkerhoff, ( they elder who started teaching them a year ago) to batpize them. He's an AP now for we figured that would be fine, but he called us one day and told us that President said he couldn't, because it was out of zone and then he'd have to let other missionaries do the same. He was super bummed. We then had all these reasons of why it needed to be Elder Brinkerhoff (were sisters, we can't baptize. he's suppose to go to as many batisms as he can so he'll probably be there anyway. etc etc.) and call President. (We even role played before we called him) And he basically told us the same thing. But he then said, "what if I baptize them?" -"You wanna baptize them president?" "Yeah. I'll do it, give him their number and I'll call them and tell them Elder Brinkerhoff can't do it." The next day we were having dinner at our Bishops house and he invited the Salimedas, and President called Sue.. Sister Wright and I hadn't told them anything so we're freaking out when she said it was President Dalton! We were at the table and explained to Bobby what was going on. She came back to the table very calm and fine, not upset about anything. She said that he just confirmed to her that he was allowing Elder Brinkerhoff to baptize them. Chee-hoo!! Oh my goodness, little heart attack. But President and Sister Dalton are coming, and so is our stake president. And our whole zone, and the ward.. I think we're going to have to meet in the chapel. :) Our ward has really stepped up and are doing fabulous fellowship. I think they are going to two thanksgiving dinners. (I think we're just dinner hopping too. It's going to be a crazy day.) Ahh! I love them so much! They are so prepared! I really feel like I haven't done anything, the spirit has just been working on them for a long time. And I am blessed to see the miracles! Also,, All 4 of them are on board, Nathan is getting baptized too. He was the one who was iffy, but we had an awesome lession with him and he's going to do it. Ahh, I stinkin love this!

Our Zone is on fire right now! Every month the goal is to hit the high water mark, ours is 18. And we've had 19 with date for a while, but we just found out that the zone leaders had two drop. They were so bummed, one said he felt like a girl just dumped him. So that makes us at 17.. WE NEED A MIRACLE!  I am determined to get 18 baptisms! Sister Wright and I last night decided that we need to go and talk to Buddy, Alex Hackett ( the boy we pushed really hard last month) And talk one on one to him. Lots of fAaith.

I love you!
S. Nielsen

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's transfer Tuesday! 12 Nov 2012


Alrighty! Last week.. Was very humbling. Our numbers definitely did not show our work. But good things happened! Here's a little run down..

Monday:Pday! Bowling with the Elders! Awesome lesson with the Salimeda family on the word of wisdom and they are willing to change and keep it! Gah!

Tuesday:Did service hanging up pictures for an investigator. And tried to organize ourselves. Romney lost. :( I heard president was really stressed that night because of it. (I was thinking about you Mom.)

Wednesday: Bought the ZLs icecream because we lost in bowling.. I don't like talking about it. Cottage meeting at the mission president's home! Chris came! And Tai spoke! It was awesome!

Thursday: Junk day.. Everything fell through, such is missionary work. 

Friday: Getting the Salimeda family OUT of there house so they wont drink: RS activity at a members, girls night karaoke. (No we did not participate)

Saturday: "   " Volleyball night with the Salimeda family! Woo! They loved it and we had some ward member s there! It was super fun!

Sunday: Young women in charge of sacrement meeting and Tatiana Salimeda had a part! Chee-hoo! She did so good! Also Sue Salimeda got up in RS and announced her own baptism on thanksgiving and expressed how she needs the ward there because they don't have family here in Hawaii and they would love that support and how this ward is going to become their family.. When OWZA! I LOVE this family! Also on Sunday was transfer calls.

Transfer calls: Soo.. the call came at like 11:30 at night, our ZLs just sent a mass voicemail out to everyone. " So we have 4 elders leaving... Elder.. elder.. And one sister.. Sister Wright. Ok good night!" And I heard S. wrights heart just sink. And she started crying a little in bed. and then she got up to go into the bathroom. And the ZLs specifically call us. I answer and they say.. "Hey, how's sister wright?" "Well.. She's in the bathroom, I'm pretty sure she's crying.. " "FETCH MAN! It was ELder ODUME'S IDEA! It wasn't me! He made me do it! She's crying!? AHH! SHe's not leaving it was a joke!" . Haha they had a little freak out moment because they just made a sister cry. But now it's a big joke. But... Sister wright and I are both STAYING! :)

The Salimeda family: Ahhh i LOVE this family. They are so prepared! and I am SOO excited to see them baptized on thanksgiving! It's going to be a great day. I have learned so much from this family than they will have ever learned from  me. I love they. They are so prepared and ready to take this step. The kids Tatiana and Nathan are a little hesitant about getting baptized. But last night Sue bore her testimony to Tata that she wanted her to do it, because she wants to get sealed in the temple next year as a family. Ahh! It was crazy, and Tata said that she does want to, but she doesn't want Nathan to feel left out. But her mom reassured her that Nathan can make his decisions, but that she really wanted Tata to get baptized. Ah! We didn't even have to say anything! I loooooove them! I love being a missionary!

I'm so glad you guys are all doin well! Thank you so much for supporting me here on a mission. I really could not be anywhere else or be doing anything better. I wish I could write more and tell you so much. Keep up the good work. Erin- I'm sorry about state champs.. Your the best soccer player in my book, and I brag about you all the time here to these elders. :) Cody.. Play basketball hard! I'm cheering for you an ocean away! And.. No dates until I come home, kapeesh? Summer, same to you! It's required as a nielsen to know how to shoot a basketball. Destroy PAL basketball. :) Carly- I love you so much! Keep smiling and being happy. I'll paint your fingernails in 15 months. Date! Adelaide- I looooooove you! And miss your craziness.
Have a fabulous week! I love you!

S. Nielsen

Thursday, November 8, 2012

TAI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!‏ 5Nov 2012

Aloha Famillio!

Ahhh! I stinkin love y'all so much! Thanks for keepin me updated on Tiff and Tuck's wedding! It really has been hard to miss it, but I'm glad I was a card board cut out! I wasn't sure if that was going to happen or not. I'm so happy they're married and happy. It so crazy to think that sometime today they are flying into HAWAII! Did they tell you that? They're coming on their honeymoon to oa'hu hawaii? And the basically landing right in my area? .. Kill me now! Ahh! But we'll now be able to write about the weather. :)

Ok.. This last week has been AWESOME! Tai got baptized!! BAAAAAH! Faafetai Tyrell is now a member of the church. :) It was the best and most exhausting day of my life! We had so many appts after.The night before the baptism Tai and his wife took S. Wright and I to dinner, and it was soo fun! He told us his name in Samoan and it was really long, but it mean "Thank you God for saving us both" (I guess his mom had some complications when he was born, and he wasn't suppose to live.) But he just goings by "Thank you" Faafetai! And even shortens that! It was so funny the way he said it. I love him so much! But after the baptism we saw Tai when we were driving and then stopped and talked to him for a bit, and he was just glowing! He looked soooo good! And soo happy! Ah! Next year this time him and his wife Eileen will be sealed in the Samoa temple. And I'm invited.. But.. I'll still be a missionary.. I'm so excited for them! At church yesterday he wore a 3 piece suit! And let me tell you what.. He looked DAng good! A white shirt and tie fits him well. :)

Sooo I don't think I've told you anything about T. About a week or two ago we were droppin off some of our fellowship from an appointment at.. 9:25pm (If you're teaching 9:30 is the curfew) and right in front of the house was this lady in an electric wheelchair and she was stuck trying to go up an onramp to get on the sidewalk. So sister wright jumps out of the car and we help her get on the sidewalk, she's paralized on one side and had trouble speaking. It's hard to understand her. She said that one night she'd gotten stuck there and was left there all night, and nobody would help her. Well with it being so late we were not going to just let her go home by herself. So we walked with her to her house and made sure she got home safe. We OYMed her and set up a time we could come see her again. We really felt like there was a reason we happen to be there to help her that night. We've dropped by a few times and have taught her a little bit. But she really wanted to come to church with us. So yesterday.. Haha let me tell you was an experience! The church is about.. a good 2 and a half miles away. And we told her we could come and walk with her to church. Well when we got to her house her dad told us she'd already left. So we were now driving the roads trying to find her. We found her and she had a van parked along side her. It was a busy highway and there wasn't a place on the side of the road to park, the van just had it's hazards on. So we pulled up behind and put ours on as well. Then a cop car pulls us behind us. The man in the van explained that she had gotten high centered on the sidewalk and he pulled over to help her and then she was weaving in and out and he just thought it was too dangerous to let her go by herself. The sidewalk was very narrow. Soo we explained that what was going on and that she was going to church just at the top of the hill. (probably about a quarter of a mile. ) We then had a to made a decision. The cop was not going to let us leave her and we couldn't just leave our car in the middle of the road basically. So Sister Wright stayed with T, and I drove by myself to the top of the hill trying to find a place to park but still be in sight of her. AHH! It was terrifying! So I drive away and the only place I could find a parking spot was the church. And then I quickly get out and run back to my companion! In my head I'm thinking.. "Great, here's some lone ranger without her companion and everyone in the ward is drving past going to church and going to think i'm an apostate missionary!" But it wasn't long untill I was back with Sister Wright and T. And the cop was following her to make sure they were safe too. It was a really busy road. Off and onramps to the freeway. Anyways.. It was CRAZY! But we all made it to church ok! And T came to church. :) I hope at that time it was more spirit of the law instead of letter of the law. Otherwise.. I'm a junk missionary. I drove away without my companion. Leaving her with a cop and a girl in a wheelchair.

Now you're probably wondering what about going home? .. Well, Tai is sooo GREAT! He came up to us and was asking, so he calls his nephew who brought his HUGE truck and then we helped T into his car and put her chair in the bed of the truck and all drove to T's house. What an adventure. T is also from american samoa, so when we got to her house Eileen talked to her family in Samoan and everyone. Oh how I wish I knew what they were saying! I wanna learn Samoan. But it was great to see how they both just jumped on the situation and helped us out! Oh what a Sunday. It is no longer a day of rest as a missionary.

Well.. Transfers are next week, and Sister Wright and I are PRAYING that we'll stay here and together. We have so many baptisms to see. The Salimedas have a date! Thanksgiving day! Sister Wright (and Cody's) Birthday! .. I just hope we're both here to see it. But God's will will happen.

I love you all! Keep being good! Send me pictures of me in the living room, I gotta see 6ft Sister Nielsen. :)

Much love and Aloha!

S. Nielsen