Thursday, November 8, 2012

TAI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!‏ 5Nov 2012

Aloha Famillio!

Ahhh! I stinkin love y'all so much! Thanks for keepin me updated on Tiff and Tuck's wedding! It really has been hard to miss it, but I'm glad I was a card board cut out! I wasn't sure if that was going to happen or not. I'm so happy they're married and happy. It so crazy to think that sometime today they are flying into HAWAII! Did they tell you that? They're coming on their honeymoon to oa'hu hawaii? And the basically landing right in my area? .. Kill me now! Ahh! But we'll now be able to write about the weather. :)

Ok.. This last week has been AWESOME! Tai got baptized!! BAAAAAH! Faafetai Tyrell is now a member of the church. :) It was the best and most exhausting day of my life! We had so many appts after.The night before the baptism Tai and his wife took S. Wright and I to dinner, and it was soo fun! He told us his name in Samoan and it was really long, but it mean "Thank you God for saving us both" (I guess his mom had some complications when he was born, and he wasn't suppose to live.) But he just goings by "Thank you" Faafetai! And even shortens that! It was so funny the way he said it. I love him so much! But after the baptism we saw Tai when we were driving and then stopped and talked to him for a bit, and he was just glowing! He looked soooo good! And soo happy! Ah! Next year this time him and his wife Eileen will be sealed in the Samoa temple. And I'm invited.. But.. I'll still be a missionary.. I'm so excited for them! At church yesterday he wore a 3 piece suit! And let me tell you what.. He looked DAng good! A white shirt and tie fits him well. :)

Sooo I don't think I've told you anything about T. About a week or two ago we were droppin off some of our fellowship from an appointment at.. 9:25pm (If you're teaching 9:30 is the curfew) and right in front of the house was this lady in an electric wheelchair and she was stuck trying to go up an onramp to get on the sidewalk. So sister wright jumps out of the car and we help her get on the sidewalk, she's paralized on one side and had trouble speaking. It's hard to understand her. She said that one night she'd gotten stuck there and was left there all night, and nobody would help her. Well with it being so late we were not going to just let her go home by herself. So we walked with her to her house and made sure she got home safe. We OYMed her and set up a time we could come see her again. We really felt like there was a reason we happen to be there to help her that night. We've dropped by a few times and have taught her a little bit. But she really wanted to come to church with us. So yesterday.. Haha let me tell you was an experience! The church is about.. a good 2 and a half miles away. And we told her we could come and walk with her to church. Well when we got to her house her dad told us she'd already left. So we were now driving the roads trying to find her. We found her and she had a van parked along side her. It was a busy highway and there wasn't a place on the side of the road to park, the van just had it's hazards on. So we pulled up behind and put ours on as well. Then a cop car pulls us behind us. The man in the van explained that she had gotten high centered on the sidewalk and he pulled over to help her and then she was weaving in and out and he just thought it was too dangerous to let her go by herself. The sidewalk was very narrow. Soo we explained that what was going on and that she was going to church just at the top of the hill. (probably about a quarter of a mile. ) We then had a to made a decision. The cop was not going to let us leave her and we couldn't just leave our car in the middle of the road basically. So Sister Wright stayed with T, and I drove by myself to the top of the hill trying to find a place to park but still be in sight of her. AHH! It was terrifying! So I drive away and the only place I could find a parking spot was the church. And then I quickly get out and run back to my companion! In my head I'm thinking.. "Great, here's some lone ranger without her companion and everyone in the ward is drving past going to church and going to think i'm an apostate missionary!" But it wasn't long untill I was back with Sister Wright and T. And the cop was following her to make sure they were safe too. It was a really busy road. Off and onramps to the freeway. Anyways.. It was CRAZY! But we all made it to church ok! And T came to church. :) I hope at that time it was more spirit of the law instead of letter of the law. Otherwise.. I'm a junk missionary. I drove away without my companion. Leaving her with a cop and a girl in a wheelchair.

Now you're probably wondering what about going home? .. Well, Tai is sooo GREAT! He came up to us and was asking, so he calls his nephew who brought his HUGE truck and then we helped T into his car and put her chair in the bed of the truck and all drove to T's house. What an adventure. T is also from american samoa, so when we got to her house Eileen talked to her family in Samoan and everyone. Oh how I wish I knew what they were saying! I wanna learn Samoan. But it was great to see how they both just jumped on the situation and helped us out! Oh what a Sunday. It is no longer a day of rest as a missionary.

Well.. Transfers are next week, and Sister Wright and I are PRAYING that we'll stay here and together. We have so many baptisms to see. The Salimedas have a date! Thanksgiving day! Sister Wright (and Cody's) Birthday! .. I just hope we're both here to see it. But God's will will happen.

I love you all! Keep being good! Send me pictures of me in the living room, I gotta see 6ft Sister Nielsen. :)

Much love and Aloha!

S. Nielsen

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