Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flossy. 30 Jul 2013

Aloha My Dearest Ohana! 

Well.. Dad.. You always remind me of how much time I have left. I cannot believe I've been out for a year on Thursday! YIKES! That means I'm suppose to kind of know what I'm doing.

Last week was pretty good! We are working hard and trying to get our area moving! I am loving Kohala more and more everyday. It's so gorgeous! We have a few investigators, but are hoping to get them progressing soon. One is Meg, she's an older lady. Suuuuuper nice and the sisters have been teaching her for a little while. She loves the church, and loves the fellowship. But every lesson we've had hasn't been very focused and I think that's where we need to improve. Also she had two daughter who have babies who are living at home with her and they are both so nice! She's mentioned that she doesn't want to break up her family. We're working on getting the daughters involved as well.

We were able to go out with our ward mission leader on Saturday and she showed us where alot of our LA and PM families lived! Which was SO good and SO helpful! Since everyone has P.O. boxes. So we'll be able to us that and help our ward list be more descriptive. :)

Also we had a mini missionary come out with us on Thursday-Sunday. She is a sweet heart. We had a lot of fun with her. I love having mini missionaries!

I'm sorry I didn't get to email you yesterday. We had MLC, so I flew to Oa'hu with the zone leaders. It was really good! I think President Warner is starting to get the hang of things. You could tell at our last MLC he was so nervous! But this time we talked about some really good things to help improve our mission. Like texting! Yes.. The zone leaders and sister trainers got it at the beginning of the transfer to "pilot" and see how it went. But now they are going to let all the missionaries have it. It's suuuper weird texting. I kind of forgot how. He has a completely different feel that President Dalton. But change is good.

I saw Sister Hudson in Honolulu! She had a doctors appt. But I talked to her and it seemed like she was struggling a bit. She is living in a 4 sister pad and her new companion is a VC sister from Taiwan, and is really quiet. It stressed her out a lot she cried all night I guess. One of the other sisters called President Warner and he came over and talked to her. That was good for her, but she said he wanted to either put her with a senior couple or send her home to get better. But she only has health insurance in Hawaii. (She signed up for medicaid) So that kind of changed his mind set a little bit, and they've gotten on top of getting her doctors appts going. I felt like whenever we went they really weren't doing anything. But we'll just see what happens. It was really good to see her!

Flossy! The tropical storm! I was really excited for it and had heard that it was suppose to hit at about 6 am yesterday. We needed to leave at 5 in order to be at the airport at 6. So I really didn't sleep very well that night, thinking that I didn't want to drive through it. But everything was fine and we flew to Oa'hu safely! I think I missed most of the effect from the storm. When we got back to Kohala it looked like it'd rained a lot, but that it was over. I've heard that Maui got the most of it.

Well.. I better jet. I love you all so much! Sorry I haven't sent pictures of my new area yet. It's definitely on my priority list, but I am running out of time! Have a great week! I love you!

S. Nielsen 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wide Open Spaces! 23 Jul 2013


Well this last week has been so crazy. With saying goodbye to ward members and then flying over to Big Island. Ohh my stars. This is a REALLY Big Island! Ahh.. It's so different from any area I've ever served in. I am in the Kohala ward. (Google it.. I'm pretty sure pictures will come up.) Which is the most northern part of the island.  It looks like Idaho/Nevada, not your typical "hawaii" look. But it is gorgeous. On a clear day we are able to see Maui! There is only about 6,000 people in my area. One main road, and not a stop light. Yep I'm out in the country. The first day took a lot for me to adjust. It was just weird not to be in the hustle and bustle of Oa'hu. But I am loving it more and more everyday.

My companion is Sister Weaver, she came out with Sister Hudson, so 4 1/2 months out. Her first area was Kauai and she's been in the area for a transfer. She's 20 years old and from Rigby, Idaho. She went to BYU-Idaho for a year and then came on her mission. She's very nice and we get along well, but still a little green and thinks a lot about pre-mission life. She's only had poly companions and I'm not sure they talked to her much, so she's very grateful to have a companion who talks to her. I hope to help her catch the fire of missionary work and to help her become the missionary she can be, she has so much potential. I'm excited to see the miracles that will come in this area.

This area was opened 4 1/2 months ago to full pros missionaries. There is a senior couple here- Elder and Sister Rapier, and they have been working hard teaching and baptizing. But our area book is suuuper new. And the ward list has either descriptions or P.O. boxes. That is very different for Oa'hu! We have to go out with the members to show us where these less active and part member families live. Also there is about 4 or 5 pages on our ward list with the last name "Yamamoto".. Everyone is related to each other somehow.

And the drive from Kona to Kohala takes 1.5ish hours, and there is lots of lava rock. The closest missionaries to us are about 30 minutes away in Waimea. (Sister Smoot actually!) Lots of driving.. to district meetings and such.

Sister Rapier was really good friends with the Daltons before their missions, so I guess she emailed them and asked if they were over it or if they wanted to know what happen with the transfers.. And of course they wanted to know. She said the Daltons replied that I was a "quiet giant". Sister Rapier is a funny lady, but so awesome and gets the job done. She pulled me aside and said that I was what this area needed. It definitely feels right to be here. Hopefully Sister Weaver and I can help this area blossom.

Well.. We have a few investigators and I haven't taught any of them yet, but we'll get there. Everyone is suuuper busy here and then they go to bed by 7pm. Really nobody is out after 7:30.. And we can't really get work done. That's a new adjustment too.

I hope I covered everything.. I'm trying to think. I met a lady at church who knew Ardis Jensen! Her name was Bev Yamamoto, her brother was her classmate I think. Such a small world. :)

I love you all so much! I hope you have a fabulous week. I am so happy to be a missionary.

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fwd: Charity never faileth‏

Dear Sister Nielsen,

Thank you for your letter.  You have done a fabulous job in a very challenging assignment.  Sister Hudson's health is rocky and you have loved her and nurtured her along.  I know she loves you for it.  Health issues are such a challenge and you have done a remarkable job of showing patience.  The Lord will bless you with great blessings for what you have done.  I know you have learned lessons that will bless you the rest of your life.

Thanks for your diligence and dedication to the work of the Lord.  Blessing and miracles will come.

Love and best wishes,

President and Sister Warner

Family!! 22 July 2013

Sorry.. We had to drive to kona today for my companion's eye exam. So we haven't really had time to email. I'm running out of time, the library is about to close. I'm working on my 'big' one, but if I don't finish I will send it tomorrow after district meeting.
Soo.. Stay tuned!

S. Nielsen.

p.s. I also forwarded an email I recieved from the mission president. That was really nice to hear. But really.. I miss Sister Hudson so much. I am so grateful for that experience.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No Effort Will Be Wasted. 15 Jul 2013

Aloooooooooha my Ohana!!

This week has been good! Not to much to report about, just same as always. I went on two exchanges. One with Sister Millett (my long lost efy friend) on Friday to ewa. It was really fun, she's a VC sister and goes home in 5 weeks. And the other with Sister Challis to Palehua- a walking area. Which I kind of forgot about and I got suuuuuuuper burnt! As you can see in the picture. I really haven't burned in Hawaii, but those hills and that sun got to me on Saturday. My arms are still hurting. But one of the members in my ward said to put yogurt on it.. So I tried that this morning. Hawaiians know everything! We'll see if it helps.

On wednesday we went to cottage meeting at President's house with Carl and his family. His wife Aunty Tony spoke, she's a convert of about a year. And also another convert brother from our ward spoke who we invited. (They were in need of speakers..)  It was really good! I sat next to Carl and he just loved it! You can tell he just loves church functions and feeling the spirit. There is definitely just a different feeling in Presidents home. There is no way you can deny the spirit that is felt there. Carl is so funny. He'd lean over an make comments to me the whole time. He's one person I'm going to miss alot.

All week there was a transfer buzz in the air, and rumors floating around like crazy. And I knew pretty well just from what some people were saying that I would be transfered. But on Sunday I was sitting in ward council and just.. bummed. Thinking about everything we'd done in this area, and I was wondering if there was anything I should have done that I didn't do. I really want to give every area my all and to build the kingdom there. Ewa beach has so much potential, but it was just so hard to dive in and get everything going with the situation. I know that I was suppose to be here and to be with Sister Hudson. That this was part of my mission experience. But comparing to my other areas.. I wouldn't say I was successful. Maybe we could have done more. I was just.. bummed during that meeting.  But then everything that was said in church was exactly what I needed to hear. One of the speakers in sacrement said, "You were sent here to grow and to prepare to return to live with Heavenly Father". Then in Relief Society we talked about alining our will to God's will and how when we do that we can never fail. Because it is God's will for everything to happen that way. Like the book of mormon charactors that Martin Harris was trying to get proof that they are real egyptian characters. But instead the certificate was ripped up, and Martin Harris probably saw that as a failure. But it needed to happen for a prophecy in Isaiah to be fulfilled--"I cannot read a sealed book". I really am so grateful for everything that has happen these last few months. I hope I've learned everything God wants me to learn with this experience. That he's shaped and refined me and helped me grow. I love Sister Hudson, I'm going to miss her. We've been through alot, and I hope I've helped her to grow and desire to become the best missionary she can be. I love being a missionary and grateful for every experience. I am so happy Heavenly Father knows me so well and knows what I need. No effort in the ewa beach 2nd ward will be wasted.

Transfer news.. Drum roll please.. I am being transfered to BIG ISLAND! Kona side, which isn't as green as Hilo and it's a bit more dry, but lots of volcano rock and I'll be seeing the ocean everyday! Which I'm really excited about I loooooooove watching the ocean. I don't know what area yet or who my companion is, but we'll find out! It's definitely a bitter sweet. I really do love ewa beach and the people here, but I'm excited for the change. All is well. :)

I love you all so much! Catch the wave and share the gospel. :)

Much aloha,
S. Nielsen

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Craaaaaazy Week! 8 Jul 2013

Dear Nielsen Ohana,

Aloha! Well I'm so happy to hear that Carly is a diving board jumpin fool! It's so weird to think about how big you all have gotten. You never send me pictures so I guess I wouldn't know. ;) I'm sure you can see how big I've gotten. Ha. ha. :)

This week was suuuuper crazy! And we didn't have alot of time to work in our area.

Monday- MLC with the new mission president!

Tuesday- District Meeting and Pday.

Wednesday- Exchange with Sister Wright!!

Thursday- Service at a members house, week plan. 'Interviews' with makakilo Sisters. Missionary 4th of July BBQ!

Friday- DLTM and Sister Hudson's doctors Appt in Honolulu. I was sitting in the misison office from about 2- 5pm

Saturday- Sister Hudson wasn't feeling very well. Not a lot of work happened. Carl's 68th birthday/baptism party!

Sunday- CHURCH! We taught relief society and role played with them how to give invitations to there friends.. I thought it went well!

Yepp.. As you can see there was not alot of pros time is there. Sometimes I wonder what our ward thinks of us. But that's ok because they don't exactly know the situation.

My exchange with Sister Wright was fun! We always just stay up late talking forever.. We just can't help it! She has one more transfer left before she goes home. That's so WEIRD! But she's done so many great things in this mission. We were able to teach Jenny and Rachel together. And our lessons both went well. It's so easy to just jump right back in the swing of things with her. Ohh the good ol' days in Aliamanu. :)

Thursday we headed over to Makakilo to see the sisters. There were no exhanges in June due to our "lasor focus" on hitting 200. So I didn't know what to write for comp reports so I just decided to do 'interviews.' I didnt' like calling it that thought.. That sounds so official. But I just want to say I love serving these sisters. I love being able to hear their struggles and to try my best to give them something to comfort them. It's the best feeling in the world to walk away and know that I've helped one of my fellow missionaries. I love this calling.

Our 4th of July BBQ complete with watching the Legacy. :) It was funny. Just us missionaries in the zone got together. and our view of fireworks wasn't all that great.. But we saw a few from a distance!

Friday I was in the office since Sister Hudson had a doctors appt. I was just sitting there watching the APs do their thing. They were going to be doing the transfer board the next day and I watched them take down all the dying missionaries. Never to be on the transfer board again! It was weird. While talking to them.. They kept asking me where I wanted to go. And I just said "I don't know!" Because I really don't. Somewhere off lsland would be nice. They told me probably either Kauii or Big Island. Idk.. I hate all this transfer stuff and then people put things in your head. No good. Because I needed to call them again on Sunday and one of them then mentioned something like.. "You ready to stay in ewa." "what?"  "What!?".. Oh elders. So come what may.. We'll see what happens. Either way I will be happy. :)

I feel like I'm been such a debby downer probably this last few months.. I have definitely learned alot. But I just want to make everything clear that I LOVE sister Hudson. I cannot imagine having so many medical issues and being a missionary. And it's hard on her. I am so grateful for these experiences that I've had, and that I've been able to grow. I know that this was definitely part of Heavenly Fathers plan for me on my mission. All is well. :)

Well.. I better get going! I love you all so much! Have a grrrreeeeeaaaaaaat week!

Much Aloha and Mahalo,
S. Nielsen

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Mission President and Mini Missionaries! 2 Jul 2013


Ohh. So good to hear that everyone is having a good time in California!

Well.. This last week has been good! We have definitely seen miracles throughout our zone. The mission goal for june was 200 as you know. Especially since it was Pres. Dalton's last month. And we were looking for miracles. Sister Wright and Sister Hagberg had a miracle baptism. And the Samoan Elders found out that one of their's was not a child of record, the grandma is a member and not the parents. Our faith was tested and miracles came. The total came out to 159 baptisms. Without recreated records. Our mission high water mark was 166 last December, but that was with recreated records. So this is the highest baptisms the Hawaii Honolulu Mission has ever seen! Cheeeee-hoooo! We're all really excited about it.

So last Thursday we were able to have Mini Missionaries! 2 of the young adult aged women were able to come and be companions with us from Thursday-Sunday. And it was fun! Sister Oshiro and Sister Mewa. Sister Oshiro should be getting her mission call this week. With having 2 more companions we were able to split and get more work done. So Sister Hudson took the car and then my companion and I walked. I really love walking. I felt like we still got a lot done! It was just refreshing. I think our mini's really enjoyed themselves too. They had a testimony meeting after they got released on Sunday evening, it was such a wonderful meeting.

MLC was yesterday with our new mission president. It was.. good! And different. You can tell that President Warner is still a little unsure of what he's doing. And that he and Sister Warner were so nervous. Accounting wasn't as intiminating as it would have been with was Pres. Dalton. But it was good, I definitely felt that he is called of God and the one to lead our mission. Things will be different, I don't think he is going to be as number focused as Pres. Dalton was. But so far he doesn't want to make any major changes. Sister Warner sang in the Mormon Tabernacle choir for 30 years, Alto II. She has a low voice, and is tall. Very different from Sister Dalton, petite and just a sweetheart. That will be a little bit of an adjustment. But I am excited to have them here and to keep the work going!

Our investigators are doing well.. We had a lot of cancelled appts last week. But Rachel was able to cut our hair! Which we counted as some 'positive contact'. She's such a sweetheart. We told her about the change in policy that missionaries becoming more digital and she was really excited about it! She said that she was very political and that during this last election Obama was everywhere on facebook, but it was really hard to find Romney stuff. And she was for Romney, but Obama just knew what tools to use. So she was really excited about that. It was suprising to me that she's not even a member of the church, and has lots of concerns, yet she's excited about he work hastening.

Well.. I really hope that I am learning and growing in every way that I am suppose to. I know that these last few tranfers were given to me for a reason, but I hope I've changed in the way Heavenly Fahter wants me to. Transfers is in about 2 weeks. So I hope I've learned everything I'm suppose to.

I love you all so much!

S. Nielsen