Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No Effort Will Be Wasted. 15 Jul 2013

Aloooooooooha my Ohana!!

This week has been good! Not to much to report about, just same as always. I went on two exchanges. One with Sister Millett (my long lost efy friend) on Friday to ewa. It was really fun, she's a VC sister and goes home in 5 weeks. And the other with Sister Challis to Palehua- a walking area. Which I kind of forgot about and I got suuuuuuuper burnt! As you can see in the picture. I really haven't burned in Hawaii, but those hills and that sun got to me on Saturday. My arms are still hurting. But one of the members in my ward said to put yogurt on it.. So I tried that this morning. Hawaiians know everything! We'll see if it helps.

On wednesday we went to cottage meeting at President's house with Carl and his family. His wife Aunty Tony spoke, she's a convert of about a year. And also another convert brother from our ward spoke who we invited. (They were in need of speakers..)  It was really good! I sat next to Carl and he just loved it! You can tell he just loves church functions and feeling the spirit. There is definitely just a different feeling in Presidents home. There is no way you can deny the spirit that is felt there. Carl is so funny. He'd lean over an make comments to me the whole time. He's one person I'm going to miss alot.

All week there was a transfer buzz in the air, and rumors floating around like crazy. And I knew pretty well just from what some people were saying that I would be transfered. But on Sunday I was sitting in ward council and just.. bummed. Thinking about everything we'd done in this area, and I was wondering if there was anything I should have done that I didn't do. I really want to give every area my all and to build the kingdom there. Ewa beach has so much potential, but it was just so hard to dive in and get everything going with the situation. I know that I was suppose to be here and to be with Sister Hudson. That this was part of my mission experience. But comparing to my other areas.. I wouldn't say I was successful. Maybe we could have done more. I was just.. bummed during that meeting.  But then everything that was said in church was exactly what I needed to hear. One of the speakers in sacrement said, "You were sent here to grow and to prepare to return to live with Heavenly Father". Then in Relief Society we talked about alining our will to God's will and how when we do that we can never fail. Because it is God's will for everything to happen that way. Like the book of mormon charactors that Martin Harris was trying to get proof that they are real egyptian characters. But instead the certificate was ripped up, and Martin Harris probably saw that as a failure. But it needed to happen for a prophecy in Isaiah to be fulfilled--"I cannot read a sealed book". I really am so grateful for everything that has happen these last few months. I hope I've learned everything God wants me to learn with this experience. That he's shaped and refined me and helped me grow. I love Sister Hudson, I'm going to miss her. We've been through alot, and I hope I've helped her to grow and desire to become the best missionary she can be. I love being a missionary and grateful for every experience. I am so happy Heavenly Father knows me so well and knows what I need. No effort in the ewa beach 2nd ward will be wasted.

Transfer news.. Drum roll please.. I am being transfered to BIG ISLAND! Kona side, which isn't as green as Hilo and it's a bit more dry, but lots of volcano rock and I'll be seeing the ocean everyday! Which I'm really excited about I loooooooove watching the ocean. I don't know what area yet or who my companion is, but we'll find out! It's definitely a bitter sweet. I really do love ewa beach and the people here, but I'm excited for the change. All is well. :)

I love you all so much! Catch the wave and share the gospel. :)

Much aloha,
S. Nielsen

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