Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flossy. 30 Jul 2013

Aloha My Dearest Ohana! 

Well.. Dad.. You always remind me of how much time I have left. I cannot believe I've been out for a year on Thursday! YIKES! That means I'm suppose to kind of know what I'm doing.

Last week was pretty good! We are working hard and trying to get our area moving! I am loving Kohala more and more everyday. It's so gorgeous! We have a few investigators, but are hoping to get them progressing soon. One is Meg, she's an older lady. Suuuuuper nice and the sisters have been teaching her for a little while. She loves the church, and loves the fellowship. But every lesson we've had hasn't been very focused and I think that's where we need to improve. Also she had two daughter who have babies who are living at home with her and they are both so nice! She's mentioned that she doesn't want to break up her family. We're working on getting the daughters involved as well.

We were able to go out with our ward mission leader on Saturday and she showed us where alot of our LA and PM families lived! Which was SO good and SO helpful! Since everyone has P.O. boxes. So we'll be able to us that and help our ward list be more descriptive. :)

Also we had a mini missionary come out with us on Thursday-Sunday. She is a sweet heart. We had a lot of fun with her. I love having mini missionaries!

I'm sorry I didn't get to email you yesterday. We had MLC, so I flew to Oa'hu with the zone leaders. It was really good! I think President Warner is starting to get the hang of things. You could tell at our last MLC he was so nervous! But this time we talked about some really good things to help improve our mission. Like texting! Yes.. The zone leaders and sister trainers got it at the beginning of the transfer to "pilot" and see how it went. But now they are going to let all the missionaries have it. It's suuuper weird texting. I kind of forgot how. He has a completely different feel that President Dalton. But change is good.

I saw Sister Hudson in Honolulu! She had a doctors appt. But I talked to her and it seemed like she was struggling a bit. She is living in a 4 sister pad and her new companion is a VC sister from Taiwan, and is really quiet. It stressed her out a lot she cried all night I guess. One of the other sisters called President Warner and he came over and talked to her. That was good for her, but she said he wanted to either put her with a senior couple or send her home to get better. But she only has health insurance in Hawaii. (She signed up for medicaid) So that kind of changed his mind set a little bit, and they've gotten on top of getting her doctors appts going. I felt like whenever we went they really weren't doing anything. But we'll just see what happens. It was really good to see her!

Flossy! The tropical storm! I was really excited for it and had heard that it was suppose to hit at about 6 am yesterday. We needed to leave at 5 in order to be at the airport at 6. So I really didn't sleep very well that night, thinking that I didn't want to drive through it. But everything was fine and we flew to Oa'hu safely! I think I missed most of the effect from the storm. When we got back to Kohala it looked like it'd rained a lot, but that it was over. I've heard that Maui got the most of it.

Well.. I better jet. I love you all so much! Sorry I haven't sent pictures of my new area yet. It's definitely on my priority list, but I am running out of time! Have a great week! I love you!

S. Nielsen 

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