Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Mission President and Mini Missionaries! 2 Jul 2013


Ohh. So good to hear that everyone is having a good time in California!

Well.. This last week has been good! We have definitely seen miracles throughout our zone. The mission goal for june was 200 as you know. Especially since it was Pres. Dalton's last month. And we were looking for miracles. Sister Wright and Sister Hagberg had a miracle baptism. And the Samoan Elders found out that one of their's was not a child of record, the grandma is a member and not the parents. Our faith was tested and miracles came. The total came out to 159 baptisms. Without recreated records. Our mission high water mark was 166 last December, but that was with recreated records. So this is the highest baptisms the Hawaii Honolulu Mission has ever seen! Cheeeee-hoooo! We're all really excited about it.

So last Thursday we were able to have Mini Missionaries! 2 of the young adult aged women were able to come and be companions with us from Thursday-Sunday. And it was fun! Sister Oshiro and Sister Mewa. Sister Oshiro should be getting her mission call this week. With having 2 more companions we were able to split and get more work done. So Sister Hudson took the car and then my companion and I walked. I really love walking. I felt like we still got a lot done! It was just refreshing. I think our mini's really enjoyed themselves too. They had a testimony meeting after they got released on Sunday evening, it was such a wonderful meeting.

MLC was yesterday with our new mission president. It was.. good! And different. You can tell that President Warner is still a little unsure of what he's doing. And that he and Sister Warner were so nervous. Accounting wasn't as intiminating as it would have been with was Pres. Dalton. But it was good, I definitely felt that he is called of God and the one to lead our mission. Things will be different, I don't think he is going to be as number focused as Pres. Dalton was. But so far he doesn't want to make any major changes. Sister Warner sang in the Mormon Tabernacle choir for 30 years, Alto II. She has a low voice, and is tall. Very different from Sister Dalton, petite and just a sweetheart. That will be a little bit of an adjustment. But I am excited to have them here and to keep the work going!

Our investigators are doing well.. We had a lot of cancelled appts last week. But Rachel was able to cut our hair! Which we counted as some 'positive contact'. She's such a sweetheart. We told her about the change in policy that missionaries becoming more digital and she was really excited about it! She said that she was very political and that during this last election Obama was everywhere on facebook, but it was really hard to find Romney stuff. And she was for Romney, but Obama just knew what tools to use. So she was really excited about that. It was suprising to me that she's not even a member of the church, and has lots of concerns, yet she's excited about he work hastening.

Well.. I really hope that I am learning and growing in every way that I am suppose to. I know that these last few tranfers were given to me for a reason, but I hope I've changed in the way Heavenly Fahter wants me to. Transfers is in about 2 weeks. So I hope I've learned everything I'm suppose to.

I love you all so much!

S. Nielsen

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