Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catch the Wave! 24 June 2013

Aloha! Nielsen Ohana!

Well.. Another week gone. I seriously cannot believe that june is almost over. I feel like yesterday was my birthday. Our new mission president comes in on the Saturday the 29th and president Dalton leaves Sunday morning. Then on Monday we're having MLC with the new mission president. I'm sure to talk about everything that was talked about in the Training yesterday. So that should be exciting!

We did not get to watch the worldwide leadership training because our stake didn't want to cancel meetings, so they are rebroadcasting it on July 9th. (Booooo...) But our Zone Leaders are going to download it and we're going to get together on Wednesday to watch it. Man.. I really hate watching important things AFTER the whole world knows about everything. Like General Conference.. I hate missing it. But we did have a very productive day yesterday so.. Guess we just needed to be working. :) We heard all about the facebook dakine and ipads or something.. That is.. Suuuper crazy! But it will make missionary work so much easier. There was one time Sister Hudson and I were trying to contact one of our investigators we couldn't get a hold of.. So we drove by there house to see if we could catch them. I turned to her and said, "Ya know.. Facebook stalking prepared me for my mission! It's just not on the computer now!"

This past week was pretty good. We have a few investigators who I don't know if I've really told you about. I'll just update you. :)

Jenny- She is of the Bahhi faith, her husband is less active and she's told us that she has no interest in joining our church. (Her in-laws have put some pressure on her.) But they welcomed us into their home for lessons. But over time they have come to really trust us. This last week Andy was on the mainland for a funeral and he called us to go over and clean the litter box. (Jenny is prego with their first) That's service I never thought I'd do! But we went over and then started talking to Jenny about how she feels about the BOM. She said that she believes it could be true and had a little discussion about it. We committed her to a "HW assignment" to 1.Pray before you read. 2. Read the chapters. (3 Nephi 11&12) 3. Answer these questions in draft from. a. Why is it important to be baptized on someone who Jesus Christ has given authority to? b. What is Christ's doctrine? c. Why would Jesus give the same 'sermon on the mount' to the people in ancient america? 4. Pray and tell heavenly father that you're going to read the chapters one more time and to help you gain a deeper understanding. 5 read the chapters again. 6 Revise what you have wrote with you deeper understanding. 7 Pray on final time to know if what you have written and read is true. (That is a very summarized description of "HW assignment" instructions.) But she accepted! And I know that if she does THIS the spirit will touch her heart and she will want to be baptized. I really think she's a lot closer that we think.

Rachel- I think I've talked a little bit about Rachel before. But this girl is testing my knowlegde! Most of my personal studies are directed for her lately. She is very catholic and wants to know all the references of what we are telling her from the bible. Our lessons with Rachel are always so intense. The spirit it so strong. Our fellowshipper that we bring served her mission is Italy! So she knows all about the catholic religion and that helps us out a ton!  But it's been really good for me. We've also given her a "HW assignment" and to let Heavenly Father resolve her own concerns. In our first lesson she came out with everything that bothers her in one sentence. Garments, baptism at 8, tithing, apostasy. So the next lesson her reading was from Mosiah 18 and Moroni 8 with the questions. Why is baptism important? Why is God offended when we baptize little children? and.. One more.. I can't remember. But this last week we were suppose to have another lesson. We called her and she told us that she did the homework assignment (EEEKKKKK!) and that she wanted another week to "chew" on everything. I really hope and pray that her heart was open for the spirit to teach her. So our lesson with her is tomorrow night. She's doing really well though. I feel so blessed to teach her.

Those are really our only progressing investigators.. But we're teaching a few others. But's it's just a confusing mess and not very steady.

I am so grateful to be a missionary right now! I looooove being a missionary. I read the talk "catch the wave" by Elder Nelson this morning and ahh.. I really just pumped me up! Also one of the things that was said in Elder Anderson's talk was that with more missionaries Heavenly Father is preparing more people. That really hit me. There are more people ready to hear this gospel and they are waiting for me. I am so happy to be a missionary.

Today I learned how to hula dance! One of the members in my ward is going to competitions all the time. She's a Hawaiian musician as well. So all the sisters I'm over went over and we learned how to hula! I'm definitely starting to feel it in my hips. But it was really fun!

I love you all so much! Keep opening you mouth and praying for missionary opportunities! I know Heavenly Father will bless us.

Aloha (Which means.. I love you.)

S. Nielsen

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