Tuesday, June 18, 2013

President Dalton's Dying Zone Conference 17 June 2013

Aloha Nielsen Ohana!

Well.. another week come and gone! So many crazy things have happen this last week! It's been so good. Our numbers were really kind of low.. But we saw so many miracles and I know that it is Heavenly Father blessing us.

On Wednesday was our last Zone Conferene with President Dalton. It was so good! Yet so sad. We sang Aloha Oe to them. I really am going to miss him and Sister Dalton. They've done so much for this mission. They leave the morning of June 30th. And he said that when President Warner lands in Hawaii, he is the new mission president. That every phone call he gets he will hand over the phone and say "It's for you." That just blew my mind! President Dalton isn't going to tell him anything that we've been doing how about any of the missionaries, that that is for President Warner to figure out and how he's going to influence this mission. Soo.. basically everything is going to change! But it will be a good change. At Zone Conference Presdient basically gave us all the advice that he gives to missionaries in their dying interview. (Last interview before they fly home.) It was so good, then he opened the floor for a Q and A. We were all able to ask questions. It was soooo good!
That night we only had about 3 hours to work. But we got so much done! We were able to try and contact a former investigator and in the mean while we ran into a less active member who isn't on our ward list. We say hi as we we were walking by and then stopped and talked to him a bit. He said he's been wanting to come back to church, and that his wife and kids weren't members. (That's what I like to hear!! :) ) So we scheduled an appt for this next week! We we also able to go and contact one of our referrals, they live across the street from one of the members in our ward and they told us to go and see them. Their 10 year old  daughter has come to church with the family and is ALWAYS over at their home. (It's kind of like Megan or Cristina for us back in the day..) But we contacted the Mom and she said that she is always so busy.. So then we asked if we could teach her daughter and she said that we could! Chee-hoo!

Later that night, we went as saw Carl. Our stubborn crusty 68 year old phillipino investigator whom I love so much. He's always so excited to see us and that just warms my heart! We stopped by and then went over the baptismal interview questions with him, he answered "whatever" (his favorite word) to most of the questions. But we've learned that "whatever" usually means yes. At the end we bore testimony that he's knows this, that he's ready to be baptized. I don't really remember how everything played out, his family was in on the conversation, "Grandpa, when you get baptized?" And we committed him to be baptized on Saturday. And he accepted! Ahhh.. I love getting solid with dates! It's the best feeling in the world! Sister Hudson and I were both SOOOO excited!

The next day we popped over and the adversary was already working on Carl. He explained that he wasn't sure.. Because baptism is the end right? He was afraid baptism is the last thing that he needed to do and that maybe soon after he would pass away. A legit concern! We retaught the doctrine of Christ and confirmed that baptism is just the first step. That it's opening the gateway. Sister Hudson wasn't feeling good during that lesson, and at one point she was trying to explain some personal story. As she was explaining I just had the thought come to mind, "you needed to be here to teach Carl".. Carl was being sassy and Sister Hudson wasn't taking it very well at all.. I could see the tension in her face and her frustration. She started crying a little bit, I knew that we needed to finish this lesson up soon. Anyways.. I was just so grateful for that experience. It really helped me to remember that I am here to teach specific people who God has prepared for ME.

Carl was baptized Saturday morning.. And oh what a glorious baptism it was! He was so funny.. Saying "whatever" the whole time. But I knew he was excited and I could see the joy in his face. Carl is baptized!!!! :) It was just a miracle and a blessing! I think I really needed to see that Heavenly Father knows our situation and He knows what needs to happen. He's the one working on these peoples hearts. I just bear testimony!

I feel like I have learned a lot these past few transfers. Really. But if there is one thing I hope to master it's to completely surrender my will. And to do the will of Heavenly Father in all things.

Thanks so much for the prayers and support. I love you guys all so much! I have the best family in the world. :)

S. Nielsen

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