Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Defying Gravity! 28 May 2013

Dearest Nielsen Family, Aloha!

Last week.. At-A-Glance

Monday: PDay- Zone Breakfast and Basketball Tourny!

Tuesday: District Meeting, drive to Honolulu for Heath Insurence

Wednesday: Exchange with Sister Millet in Makakilo!

Thursday: Comp reports due, Inventory with Sister Hudson. Lesson with Rachel.

Friday: Sister Hudson's Doctors Appt.

Saturday: Taught Mana and Lei the law of Chastity

Sunday: Church, Taught Mana and Lei the Word of Wisdom

Monday: MLC

Tuesday: TODAY! :)

This week has been a little bit.. crazy. Well what's not to expect right? But really, it's been so rewarding too. I feel like I've learned so much just in this last week. About faith and how much my Heavenly Father expects from me and knows the details of my life.

Sister Hudson had an appt last on Friday to get a biopsy of a lump on her thyroid. They were to test the cells to see if it was cancerous. She was really stressed out about it this whole week.  She was trying not to be but there was a lot of things we needed to do to prepare for her appt. Sister Hudson doesn't have health insurence and the Biopsy would cost 5,000. Our mission nurse called on Tuesday to figure everything out of how this procedure was going to be paid for. She suggested for Sister Hudson to apply for state Health insurence. So we hopped online Tuesday after district meeting to see what needed to be done. She printed off these papers, filled them out and we drove to Honoulu to go and turn them in, it needed to atleast be pending by the time her procedure was to be done on Friday. Well.. The office was closed when we got there. So Sister Hudson was going to have to go the following day while I was in Makakilo on exchanges.

Exchanges was really fun! Sister Millet is a VC sister who is out full pros at this time, and she is actually the sister who I went to efy with a million years ago and we lost contact until now. Sister Hudson got everything done she needed to do in town and it took her a good chunk of the day.

Thursday was the day I needed to get comp reports done. (Transfers is next week) I fill them out for the sisters that I am over.  So I met with the Zone Leaders to discuss about the sisters in the Zone and then our suggestions for president about the upcoming transfer. While I was talking with them and about my concerns for Sister Hudson. That I just thought that maybe it would be better for her to have a different companion because then she pushes herself to work. I feel like I'm not ready to leave. But I just felt like.. Something needed to change. They said that the assistants and mentioned to them about keeping all the sister in the zone, and having a sisters freeze. That I was already used to Sister Hudson and knew how to handle the situation. It was good to talk to them. And I knew that if we were going to stay together another transfer or not she needed to know how I was feeling.

We went home and were going to finish our week plan, but she wasn't feeling well, so she laid down on her bed and I just sat on the floor and started asking questions, what we needed to do to get our area going. Things that we both need to change. Etc. It was a really good conversation. I explained to her how I felt and she'd mentioned some things too.She's been getting down on herself that it's her fault that we can't work.  I expressed how much I needed her. I need a companion. And even if she's not feeling well to just trust me and be by my side so that we could teach and get our investigators moving. I tried to emphasize that this is OUR area, not just mine, and not hers on exchange. That when she's not feeling good it's not just her problem, but mine as well. We're in this together. Both Sister Hudson and I needed it. Everything starts in the home, even missionary work. I really do love Sister Hudson.

That night we went and taught Rachel. A part member family, the husband is a RM. We had a really good lesson. Rachel has a lot of really good questions. She's catholic, but it seems to me that she's still hungry for something more. But I'm excited for her to read from the book of Mormon and get answers for herself.

On Friday Sister Hudson had her doctors appt. And everything went well! She got approved for Health Insurence and her lump is actually gone, they didn't have anything to biopsy! That was a miracle and a relief for both of us. I just stayed in the mission office, and President Dalton came in for a bit. He told me that ewa beach was going to need to be a big part for june. He basically said in a non direct way that I was staying in Ewa Beach, and that it needed to baptize. No pressure. 

 I've been feeling this weight on my shoulders these past couple of weeks. And all these different things on my mind that I am responsible for. I catagorized them into four different catagories. 1.Sister Hudson- Training, her medical problems, emotions.. Etc. 2. Sister Trainer- Exchanges, helping the other sisters, half load, building the zone.. Etc. 3.Ewa Beach 2nd Ward- Baptizing, helping my investigators progress, getting them to church, listening to the spirit in what we need to do, building ward trust. Baptizing.. Etc. 4.Sister Nielsen- being obedient, setting goals for myself, overcoming the natural man. Etc. And with all these things I feel like I just haven't been able to be sucessful in any of them. We haven't been able to focus on our area, we haven't been able to baptize yet. But I think I was thinking about about myself, I want to baptize, I want this and that. I need to be thinking about what GOD wants. And what His will is. I know that baptizing is possible. But I think maybe I've just been trying to juggle all these things by myself, and not place them on the Savior feet and let him take control. I've given myself a theme for next transfer. Defy Gravity. 1 Nephi 3:7 Infact I've already made my planner cover and it has a picture of Jesus walking on water. I know that these things that God has commanded me to do can happen. There might be obstacles getting in the way, that are going to try and pull me under, but if I put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Even with the little time we'll have to work. Miracles will happen. He knows my situation. But if it's His will.. Everything will work out. I'm excited to see the miracles coming. I'm ready to defy gravity, with the Savior on my side. All is well.

Well.. Sorry for the book! But I really have learned so much just in this last week. I'm ready. I am so happy that Heavenly Father loves me enough to cut me down. :)

Have a fantastic week with Chelsea! Love y'all so much!

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Succeed, When We Invite 20 May 2013

Aloha my dear family!

Well.. this has been a crazy week. And it's really weird to think about Erin graduating! Well.. Congrats! Graduation is a HUGE deal here, you can't even see people's necks because they have so many lei's! But it's getting in the way of scheduling appts.

Well this week Sister Hudson hasn't really been feeling very well. She's tried a lot. So she slept a lot the first half of the week. And we didn't get much done. Ya know, at the beggining of my mission I used to think, ohh it'd be nice to have a sick comp, then I could just study all day! Once you do enough study.. You're just ready to work. And then your brain has time to wonder. No good. I don't want to wish for sick comps anymore! That was a dumb desire. But I was just trying to think.. We have so many investigators, why are they not progressing! Why can't we get them progressing! I know they just need a little push and invitations and to feel the spirit and they could get baptized. But having Sister Hudson being sick a lot does effect our area. It's like we are working, but we just can't give them our whole attention all the time. She feels bad, but I just keep telling her that it's fine because it is OUR area, not just mine. So we need to work together.

On Friday I went on exchange with Sister Wright in her area. Oh.. It just felt SO GOOD! Just like the good ol' days back in Aliamanu. We just reminised about all the many miracles we had and ahhh it was just so good. We may or may not have talked all night. We had a few lessons that day and teaching with her, it was just so easy! I was like.. there wasn't this weight on my shoulders. We were able to transition nicely and even out the lesson. Tracting was just a blast! She's such a fabulous missionary. I didn't want the day to end. But towards the end of the day, we got a voicemail from the "miracle sisters" (That's Sister Hudson and I) that they had gotten 7 blessings (Prayers while tracting) and it just killed me. I just didn't understand, why is it that when I'm not in my area, she's able to work? But then I thought, maybe it was just a better day for her and she felt better. Not a big deal.

The next day I brought Sister Flores to my area for exchange, and Sister Hudson went to makakilo-a walking area. And I told Sister Flores, ok are you ready to work? Because we are going to have such a good day tomorrow! There are so many people I want to go and see. And our day was good. We got 5 blessings, and have a few lessons. Contacted some requests from the ward council. But when we exchanged back and I was with Sister Hudson, she did fine. She worked hard in Makakilo. And so.. I was just so frustrated. I don't know if it's because she's gotten to comfortable being with me. Or if I'm not pushing her enough. I just don't know. But I know that something needs to change. Because our area is struggleing.

In sacrement meeting yesterday, I was still just distressed about everything and I began writing on a sticky note how I was feeling.. And as I was writing I was calmed, and to see things in perspective. That I would be able to learn from this experience. When I am older and a mother I am going to need to discipline my children. And to help them reach their fullest potential. It's going to stretch them a bit, but it's going to be for their growth and good. Baby-ing doesn't help anyone. So this week we will see how things go. And I need to help her to push herself, because she can do this. I know she can. And if I really love her, I can stretch her to become the missionary she needs to be.

Anyways.. That's been my week! But I am so grateful for it. And for every experience I've been givien as a missionary. I am just so blessed. :)

Ehem. Ok Memeber Missionary Lesson number 1: We succeed when we invite. To often people will think that they are a failure when they finally build up the courage to invite someone to do something and then get declined. Our job it to invite everyone, and then let them use their agency to choose whether to accept it or not. But all Heavenly Father asks of us is to open our mouth. :)

Well.. I love you all so much! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In This Family, We're Missionaries 13 May 2013

Aloha Nielsen Family!

Is was so good to hear from all of you! I miss your faces! But it sounds like all good things are happening.

Well.. Umm.. For an update on this last week. We had so many amazing miracles! We have so many new investigators in this area.. It's crazy! But one in particular, Mana. I tracted into him on exchanges and then him and his girlfriend sat in on the lesson. And we committed both of them to a baptizmal date of June 29th! And they said yes! We got some WoW and Law of Chasitiy to work with, but nothing that hasn't been done before. :)

I don't have much more time, today's been a crazy P-day. But I love being a missionary. I know I say that just about every week. But it is seriously the best! The gospel is just so good!

This work is so important! And Dad, I loved what you told me yesterday. If the members don't get involved then they are going to be left behind. They need to catch the wave! Because it's big! I want in each of my emails these next couple of weeks include one of the member missionary lessons that our ward is doing, because in this family, we're missionaries! We are going to serve and share our joy with others! That is going to become the culture of our family. I forgot it today. But I'll be sure to remember it for next week. Stay tuned!

I love you all so much. We have the best family in the world! I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent me to a home where the gospel has been taught. Where justification isn't tolerated. I've just been so blessed.

Sorry this is so short. I hope this week goes great!

Looooooooove you!
S. Nielsen

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday.. HAPPY Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! 7 May 2013‏

Alooooooooha My Ohana!

Well 1st things first. Happy Birthday Mom! I'm happy you had a good day. You are turning 29 right? Cause really I can't keep track. :) Be sure to eat that pumpkin pie. Adelaide. You make me so happy, I miss you and am SO excited to talk to you guys on Sunday. :) I'm so glad everything is going well. I enjoy your emails everyweek and hearing about everyone.

As for this little baby missionary in Hawaii.. I'm doing so good! I feel like Heavenly Father is just.. So good to us sometimes. His plan is always the better plan.

Last week was a bit of a slow week. But also kind of busy.. Sister Hudson suffers from some medical problems that sometimes make her really emotional. And last Tuesday during district meeting she had a bit of a break down. We were doing a practice, and our district leader separtated us into two groups one went outside to read their scriptures, the other he sat and talked to us. He asked us about what our favorite song was back home and also what the last movie we watched was. Things that were suppose to distract us. Then he gathered us all together and we were suppose to give a door approach, but when we started they were in the background saying all the things we just said, being suuuper distracting and it was hard to get through it. And it just didn't go over well with Sister Hudson. She just started crying, so we went to the bathroon and then evenutally needed to just take a walk outside. We missed the rest of district meeting. After she cried so hard it gave her a headache for the next couple of days. So a lot of the time she needed to sleep. And on Friday.. She just cried all day long. It's hard to know what to do, because she knows she has no reason to cry. But I just tried to comfort and love her the best that I could. It's so interesting how every companion is so different, and with different trials of how to work together. But I love this girl so much. Saturday we went on exchanges, Sister Hudson went to Makakilo with Sister Flores. A walking area. And I think it was really good for her, to just have a change of situation and to not think or focus on herself. It was so werid the feelings I had when I was dropping her off, I felt like it was me sending my child off to kindergarden! Knowing it was going to be good for them but also worried of how the day was going to be. Anyways.. I guess being a missionary also teaches you how to be a mom!

Saturday Sister Lebaron and I went and taught Carl. This guy.. Holy heck. So the week before we committed him to specifically pray for this question, "Should I get baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on May 18th?" .. You can't get any more specific than that right? Usually his prayers consist of the Lord's prayer and then he asks for God to show him a sign of what he needs to do. He's looking for the wrong thing.. Also to end in the name of Jesus Christ. He usually just says Amen. But anyways, on Saturday he said the closing prayer and in his prayer he said, "Show me a sign, so I can get baptized on May 18th, let me know and show me a sign or.. All bets are off. In the name of the father, and holy ghost, amen." Haha.. He makes me laugh so much. But were getting there! Slowly but surely. :)

Yesterday we had interviews with President and then today we went to the temple. I really love President Dalton. He's such a good loving man. Even though every time I have an interview with him I'm a little nervous he's just going to tell me everything I need to do better at, he never does. He's so uplifting and encouraging. and reasures that I am do a good job as a missionary. You guys know me.. I don't really stress, but as a missionary I feel like Heavenly Father has this expectation for me and if I don't live up to it.. Doomed. So I stress I'm using His time with what He wants me to do. It's just nice to be reasured that I am doing and living to that expectaion. But ofcourse it is always being raised.  

The Temple was.. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! And it was so fun to go and be there with Sister Wright. We sat in the Celestrial room and were able to talk about everything we've learned. And to reminise on all the miracles we saw in Aliamanu together. Seriously, all those people we taught and watched their lives change I wouldn't change for the world! All the hard times, the weight gain, people yelling at us.. I wouldn't trade anything for those people and to be a small piece of their lives. Kehnie, Erika, the Salimedas, T, Tina, Tia, Alex, Katherine, Betty.. And everyone else. I am so happy I have a whole 9 more months to see God's hand bless the lives of His childern. I love being a missionary.

Well.. I hope you have a fabulous rest of these 5 days! We'll be in talking to you soon.

I love you all so much!
S. Nielsen

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grandma, Mother, and Daughter! 30 April 2013


Well I'm glad to hear that the black salve works and that the stomach bug is gone! Phew! It's so so so crazy to think that tomorrow is May 1st. Yikes! I feel like I'm running out of time! Also.. I guess I'll be needing to ask this today.. What time is your church now on Sundays? We have meetings starting at 10am and then we get out of church at 4pm. Sooo.. What time do you go to church?

Well.. Transfers week! We actually have another set of sisters in the Zone! And you'll never guess who came.. Drum roll please.. The only and only.. Sister Wright! Yep! She's back on Oa'hu and training AGAIN! This will be her 3rd time. But she's been released as a Sister Trainer and that's still on my shoulders. Our week was a little crazy trying to help them move into the elders pad. Lots of cleaning and decluttering to do. But everything worked out! It's been good, but also weird to be serving around Sister Wright again. But obviously everything happens for a reason!

Yesterday was Missionary Leader Council. (MLC.. Formerly ZLC.) And it was SOOOOOO good! I just feel so pumped and ready to work! We got a new zone leader in our zone and we all want to try and hit high water mark SO bad in the month of May. Our mission goal is to have 200 baptisms in one month. It's going to take a lot of work, but we can do it. President really wants to see it happen before he kicks the can in July.But Sister Barnes and Sister Haupeakui are sister trainers as well.. So I got to see all of them! It was a good little reunion. I left Sister Hudson to stay with Sister Wright and her companion, so I told her, "Ok Grandma is going to watch you today." :)

Also, my thinking is that I'll probably get transfered after this transfer and.. I really really really want to see baptisms in this area before I go! I guess you could say I'm baptism hungry. I know we can committ and see some people before the transfer ends. I really do love this area, our ward is suuuuper awesome and so willing to help. We just gotta get them talking to their friends about missionary work.

On Saturday was our Mormon Helping Hands service day for our ward. And we went and cleaned up an elementry school here in Ewa Beach. Sister Hudson and I basically raked leaves the whole time.. I know you wouldn't think, Hawaii- raking leaves.. But we did it!

So in our Zone there are some elders who live close by to us. And they are on bikes. We meet at the same chapel but there ward starts at 8am. So thinking that we would be the nice sisters we let them barrow our car to get to church and then we would just walk. They approached us with the idea to let them take our car and then were a little hesitant to make sisters walk to church, but I gave them a good ol' Nielsen phrase. "Don't worry! Our legs aren't painted on. We'll be fine!" And it's a pretty good walk, but nothing we couldn't do. I was a little excited! Well we left an hour before our meeting, but soon while we were walking the sun started to shine down pretty hard and get a little toasty and sweaty. Then Sister Hudson didn't wear they best shoes and she got a blister, which slowed us down a bit. So when we were only about a half a mile away from the church it was 10am, and our ward members start to drive by. They would stop and offer to pick us up, and we declined few times. But then finally Sister Kamauu came back from the church and picked us up. Everyone thought we were so crazy to walk to church! Our ward council gave us a little chasening. But everything turned out well. I just thought it was kind of funny. They told us to call them next time because they want our parents to know that we are being taken car of.. Obvisously they don't know my parents, our legs are definitely NOT painted on. :) We drove the route this morning and figured it to be about 3 miles.

You definitely learn so much as a missionary. With every companion, area, and situation. I know that it is given specifically for me. That this is where Heavenly Father needs me. And the experiences and the people I need to meet. I just hope I am doing ALL that I can. That Heavenly Father can trust me to help miracles happen. I realy hope there isn't any opportunity I am letting go amiss. Yesterday in MLC President mentioned what Issac Newton said as he was.. Discovering things. He said he thought about it all the time. I think that's something we all need to realize.. Are we thinking about how we are living our lives and how we can be the best disciples of Christ.. All the time?

I love being a missionary! I love this gospel and I am SO SOOO grateful that this was part of Heavenly Fathers plan for me. Thanks for being the best family EVER and being so supporting.

Love you all so much!,
S. Nielsen
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