Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Succeed, When We Invite 20 May 2013

Aloha my dear family!

Well.. this has been a crazy week. And it's really weird to think about Erin graduating! Well.. Congrats! Graduation is a HUGE deal here, you can't even see people's necks because they have so many lei's! But it's getting in the way of scheduling appts.

Well this week Sister Hudson hasn't really been feeling very well. She's tried a lot. So she slept a lot the first half of the week. And we didn't get much done. Ya know, at the beggining of my mission I used to think, ohh it'd be nice to have a sick comp, then I could just study all day! Once you do enough study.. You're just ready to work. And then your brain has time to wonder. No good. I don't want to wish for sick comps anymore! That was a dumb desire. But I was just trying to think.. We have so many investigators, why are they not progressing! Why can't we get them progressing! I know they just need a little push and invitations and to feel the spirit and they could get baptized. But having Sister Hudson being sick a lot does effect our area. It's like we are working, but we just can't give them our whole attention all the time. She feels bad, but I just keep telling her that it's fine because it is OUR area, not just mine. So we need to work together.

On Friday I went on exchange with Sister Wright in her area. Oh.. It just felt SO GOOD! Just like the good ol' days back in Aliamanu. We just reminised about all the many miracles we had and ahhh it was just so good. We may or may not have talked all night. We had a few lessons that day and teaching with her, it was just so easy! I was like.. there wasn't this weight on my shoulders. We were able to transition nicely and even out the lesson. Tracting was just a blast! She's such a fabulous missionary. I didn't want the day to end. But towards the end of the day, we got a voicemail from the "miracle sisters" (That's Sister Hudson and I) that they had gotten 7 blessings (Prayers while tracting) and it just killed me. I just didn't understand, why is it that when I'm not in my area, she's able to work? But then I thought, maybe it was just a better day for her and she felt better. Not a big deal.

The next day I brought Sister Flores to my area for exchange, and Sister Hudson went to makakilo-a walking area. And I told Sister Flores, ok are you ready to work? Because we are going to have such a good day tomorrow! There are so many people I want to go and see. And our day was good. We got 5 blessings, and have a few lessons. Contacted some requests from the ward council. But when we exchanged back and I was with Sister Hudson, she did fine. She worked hard in Makakilo. And so.. I was just so frustrated. I don't know if it's because she's gotten to comfortable being with me. Or if I'm not pushing her enough. I just don't know. But I know that something needs to change. Because our area is struggleing.

In sacrement meeting yesterday, I was still just distressed about everything and I began writing on a sticky note how I was feeling.. And as I was writing I was calmed, and to see things in perspective. That I would be able to learn from this experience. When I am older and a mother I am going to need to discipline my children. And to help them reach their fullest potential. It's going to stretch them a bit, but it's going to be for their growth and good. Baby-ing doesn't help anyone. So this week we will see how things go. And I need to help her to push herself, because she can do this. I know she can. And if I really love her, I can stretch her to become the missionary she needs to be.

Anyways.. That's been my week! But I am so grateful for it. And for every experience I've been givien as a missionary. I am just so blessed. :)

Ehem. Ok Memeber Missionary Lesson number 1: We succeed when we invite. To often people will think that they are a failure when they finally build up the courage to invite someone to do something and then get declined. Our job it to invite everyone, and then let them use their agency to choose whether to accept it or not. But all Heavenly Father asks of us is to open our mouth. :)

Well.. I love you all so much! I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

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