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Defying Gravity! 28 May 2013

Dearest Nielsen Family, Aloha!

Last week.. At-A-Glance

Monday: PDay- Zone Breakfast and Basketball Tourny!

Tuesday: District Meeting, drive to Honolulu for Heath Insurence

Wednesday: Exchange with Sister Millet in Makakilo!

Thursday: Comp reports due, Inventory with Sister Hudson. Lesson with Rachel.

Friday: Sister Hudson's Doctors Appt.

Saturday: Taught Mana and Lei the law of Chastity

Sunday: Church, Taught Mana and Lei the Word of Wisdom

Monday: MLC

Tuesday: TODAY! :)

This week has been a little bit.. crazy. Well what's not to expect right? But really, it's been so rewarding too. I feel like I've learned so much just in this last week. About faith and how much my Heavenly Father expects from me and knows the details of my life.

Sister Hudson had an appt last on Friday to get a biopsy of a lump on her thyroid. They were to test the cells to see if it was cancerous. She was really stressed out about it this whole week.  She was trying not to be but there was a lot of things we needed to do to prepare for her appt. Sister Hudson doesn't have health insurence and the Biopsy would cost 5,000. Our mission nurse called on Tuesday to figure everything out of how this procedure was going to be paid for. She suggested for Sister Hudson to apply for state Health insurence. So we hopped online Tuesday after district meeting to see what needed to be done. She printed off these papers, filled them out and we drove to Honoulu to go and turn them in, it needed to atleast be pending by the time her procedure was to be done on Friday. Well.. The office was closed when we got there. So Sister Hudson was going to have to go the following day while I was in Makakilo on exchanges.

Exchanges was really fun! Sister Millet is a VC sister who is out full pros at this time, and she is actually the sister who I went to efy with a million years ago and we lost contact until now. Sister Hudson got everything done she needed to do in town and it took her a good chunk of the day.

Thursday was the day I needed to get comp reports done. (Transfers is next week) I fill them out for the sisters that I am over.  So I met with the Zone Leaders to discuss about the sisters in the Zone and then our suggestions for president about the upcoming transfer. While I was talking with them and about my concerns for Sister Hudson. That I just thought that maybe it would be better for her to have a different companion because then she pushes herself to work. I feel like I'm not ready to leave. But I just felt like.. Something needed to change. They said that the assistants and mentioned to them about keeping all the sister in the zone, and having a sisters freeze. That I was already used to Sister Hudson and knew how to handle the situation. It was good to talk to them. And I knew that if we were going to stay together another transfer or not she needed to know how I was feeling.

We went home and were going to finish our week plan, but she wasn't feeling well, so she laid down on her bed and I just sat on the floor and started asking questions, what we needed to do to get our area going. Things that we both need to change. Etc. It was a really good conversation. I explained to her how I felt and she'd mentioned some things too.She's been getting down on herself that it's her fault that we can't work.  I expressed how much I needed her. I need a companion. And even if she's not feeling well to just trust me and be by my side so that we could teach and get our investigators moving. I tried to emphasize that this is OUR area, not just mine, and not hers on exchange. That when she's not feeling good it's not just her problem, but mine as well. We're in this together. Both Sister Hudson and I needed it. Everything starts in the home, even missionary work. I really do love Sister Hudson.

That night we went and taught Rachel. A part member family, the husband is a RM. We had a really good lesson. Rachel has a lot of really good questions. She's catholic, but it seems to me that she's still hungry for something more. But I'm excited for her to read from the book of Mormon and get answers for herself.

On Friday Sister Hudson had her doctors appt. And everything went well! She got approved for Health Insurence and her lump is actually gone, they didn't have anything to biopsy! That was a miracle and a relief for both of us. I just stayed in the mission office, and President Dalton came in for a bit. He told me that ewa beach was going to need to be a big part for june. He basically said in a non direct way that I was staying in Ewa Beach, and that it needed to baptize. No pressure. 

 I've been feeling this weight on my shoulders these past couple of weeks. And all these different things on my mind that I am responsible for. I catagorized them into four different catagories. 1.Sister Hudson- Training, her medical problems, emotions.. Etc. 2. Sister Trainer- Exchanges, helping the other sisters, half load, building the zone.. Etc. 3.Ewa Beach 2nd Ward- Baptizing, helping my investigators progress, getting them to church, listening to the spirit in what we need to do, building ward trust. Baptizing.. Etc. 4.Sister Nielsen- being obedient, setting goals for myself, overcoming the natural man. Etc. And with all these things I feel like I just haven't been able to be sucessful in any of them. We haven't been able to focus on our area, we haven't been able to baptize yet. But I think I was thinking about about myself, I want to baptize, I want this and that. I need to be thinking about what GOD wants. And what His will is. I know that baptizing is possible. But I think maybe I've just been trying to juggle all these things by myself, and not place them on the Savior feet and let him take control. I've given myself a theme for next transfer. Defy Gravity. 1 Nephi 3:7 Infact I've already made my planner cover and it has a picture of Jesus walking on water. I know that these things that God has commanded me to do can happen. There might be obstacles getting in the way, that are going to try and pull me under, but if I put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Even with the little time we'll have to work. Miracles will happen. He knows my situation. But if it's His will.. Everything will work out. I'm excited to see the miracles coming. I'm ready to defy gravity, with the Savior on my side. All is well.

Well.. Sorry for the book! But I really have learned so much just in this last week. I'm ready. I am so happy that Heavenly Father loves me enough to cut me down. :)

Have a fantastic week with Chelsea! Love y'all so much!

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

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