Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday.. HAPPY Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! 7 May 2013‏

Alooooooooha My Ohana!

Well 1st things first. Happy Birthday Mom! I'm happy you had a good day. You are turning 29 right? Cause really I can't keep track. :) Be sure to eat that pumpkin pie. Adelaide. You make me so happy, I miss you and am SO excited to talk to you guys on Sunday. :) I'm so glad everything is going well. I enjoy your emails everyweek and hearing about everyone.

As for this little baby missionary in Hawaii.. I'm doing so good! I feel like Heavenly Father is just.. So good to us sometimes. His plan is always the better plan.

Last week was a bit of a slow week. But also kind of busy.. Sister Hudson suffers from some medical problems that sometimes make her really emotional. And last Tuesday during district meeting she had a bit of a break down. We were doing a practice, and our district leader separtated us into two groups one went outside to read their scriptures, the other he sat and talked to us. He asked us about what our favorite song was back home and also what the last movie we watched was. Things that were suppose to distract us. Then he gathered us all together and we were suppose to give a door approach, but when we started they were in the background saying all the things we just said, being suuuper distracting and it was hard to get through it. And it just didn't go over well with Sister Hudson. She just started crying, so we went to the bathroon and then evenutally needed to just take a walk outside. We missed the rest of district meeting. After she cried so hard it gave her a headache for the next couple of days. So a lot of the time she needed to sleep. And on Friday.. She just cried all day long. It's hard to know what to do, because she knows she has no reason to cry. But I just tried to comfort and love her the best that I could. It's so interesting how every companion is so different, and with different trials of how to work together. But I love this girl so much. Saturday we went on exchanges, Sister Hudson went to Makakilo with Sister Flores. A walking area. And I think it was really good for her, to just have a change of situation and to not think or focus on herself. It was so werid the feelings I had when I was dropping her off, I felt like it was me sending my child off to kindergarden! Knowing it was going to be good for them but also worried of how the day was going to be. Anyways.. I guess being a missionary also teaches you how to be a mom!

Saturday Sister Lebaron and I went and taught Carl. This guy.. Holy heck. So the week before we committed him to specifically pray for this question, "Should I get baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on May 18th?" .. You can't get any more specific than that right? Usually his prayers consist of the Lord's prayer and then he asks for God to show him a sign of what he needs to do. He's looking for the wrong thing.. Also to end in the name of Jesus Christ. He usually just says Amen. But anyways, on Saturday he said the closing prayer and in his prayer he said, "Show me a sign, so I can get baptized on May 18th, let me know and show me a sign or.. All bets are off. In the name of the father, and holy ghost, amen." Haha.. He makes me laugh so much. But were getting there! Slowly but surely. :)

Yesterday we had interviews with President and then today we went to the temple. I really love President Dalton. He's such a good loving man. Even though every time I have an interview with him I'm a little nervous he's just going to tell me everything I need to do better at, he never does. He's so uplifting and encouraging. and reasures that I am do a good job as a missionary. You guys know me.. I don't really stress, but as a missionary I feel like Heavenly Father has this expectation for me and if I don't live up to it.. Doomed. So I stress I'm using His time with what He wants me to do. It's just nice to be reasured that I am doing and living to that expectaion. But ofcourse it is always being raised.  

The Temple was.. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! And it was so fun to go and be there with Sister Wright. We sat in the Celestrial room and were able to talk about everything we've learned. And to reminise on all the miracles we saw in Aliamanu together. Seriously, all those people we taught and watched their lives change I wouldn't change for the world! All the hard times, the weight gain, people yelling at us.. I wouldn't trade anything for those people and to be a small piece of their lives. Kehnie, Erika, the Salimedas, T, Tina, Tia, Alex, Katherine, Betty.. And everyone else. I am so happy I have a whole 9 more months to see God's hand bless the lives of His childern. I love being a missionary.

Well.. I hope you have a fabulous rest of these 5 days! We'll be in talking to you soon.

I love you all so much!
S. Nielsen

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