Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Craaaaaazy Week! 8 Jul 2013

Dear Nielsen Ohana,

Aloha! Well I'm so happy to hear that Carly is a diving board jumpin fool! It's so weird to think about how big you all have gotten. You never send me pictures so I guess I wouldn't know. ;) I'm sure you can see how big I've gotten. Ha. ha. :)

This week was suuuuper crazy! And we didn't have alot of time to work in our area.

Monday- MLC with the new mission president!

Tuesday- District Meeting and Pday.

Wednesday- Exchange with Sister Wright!!

Thursday- Service at a members house, week plan. 'Interviews' with makakilo Sisters. Missionary 4th of July BBQ!

Friday- DLTM and Sister Hudson's doctors Appt in Honolulu. I was sitting in the misison office from about 2- 5pm

Saturday- Sister Hudson wasn't feeling very well. Not a lot of work happened. Carl's 68th birthday/baptism party!

Sunday- CHURCH! We taught relief society and role played with them how to give invitations to there friends.. I thought it went well!

Yepp.. As you can see there was not alot of pros time is there. Sometimes I wonder what our ward thinks of us. But that's ok because they don't exactly know the situation.

My exchange with Sister Wright was fun! We always just stay up late talking forever.. We just can't help it! She has one more transfer left before she goes home. That's so WEIRD! But she's done so many great things in this mission. We were able to teach Jenny and Rachel together. And our lessons both went well. It's so easy to just jump right back in the swing of things with her. Ohh the good ol' days in Aliamanu. :)

Thursday we headed over to Makakilo to see the sisters. There were no exhanges in June due to our "lasor focus" on hitting 200. So I didn't know what to write for comp reports so I just decided to do 'interviews.' I didnt' like calling it that thought.. That sounds so official. But I just want to say I love serving these sisters. I love being able to hear their struggles and to try my best to give them something to comfort them. It's the best feeling in the world to walk away and know that I've helped one of my fellow missionaries. I love this calling.

Our 4th of July BBQ complete with watching the Legacy. :) It was funny. Just us missionaries in the zone got together. and our view of fireworks wasn't all that great.. But we saw a few from a distance!

Friday I was in the office since Sister Hudson had a doctors appt. I was just sitting there watching the APs do their thing. They were going to be doing the transfer board the next day and I watched them take down all the dying missionaries. Never to be on the transfer board again! It was weird. While talking to them.. They kept asking me where I wanted to go. And I just said "I don't know!" Because I really don't. Somewhere off lsland would be nice. They told me probably either Kauii or Big Island. Idk.. I hate all this transfer stuff and then people put things in your head. No good. Because I needed to call them again on Sunday and one of them then mentioned something like.. "You ready to stay in ewa." "what?"  "What!?".. Oh elders. So come what may.. We'll see what happens. Either way I will be happy. :)

I feel like I'm been such a debby downer probably this last few months.. I have definitely learned alot. But I just want to make everything clear that I LOVE sister Hudson. I cannot imagine having so many medical issues and being a missionary. And it's hard on her. I am so grateful for these experiences that I've had, and that I've been able to grow. I know that this was definitely part of Heavenly Fathers plan for me on my mission. All is well. :)

Well.. I better get going! I love you all so much! Have a grrrreeeeeaaaaaaat week!

Much Aloha and Mahalo,
S. Nielsen

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