Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wide Open Spaces! 23 Jul 2013


Well this last week has been so crazy. With saying goodbye to ward members and then flying over to Big Island. Ohh my stars. This is a REALLY Big Island! Ahh.. It's so different from any area I've ever served in. I am in the Kohala ward. (Google it.. I'm pretty sure pictures will come up.) Which is the most northern part of the island.  It looks like Idaho/Nevada, not your typical "hawaii" look. But it is gorgeous. On a clear day we are able to see Maui! There is only about 6,000 people in my area. One main road, and not a stop light. Yep I'm out in the country. The first day took a lot for me to adjust. It was just weird not to be in the hustle and bustle of Oa'hu. But I am loving it more and more everyday.

My companion is Sister Weaver, she came out with Sister Hudson, so 4 1/2 months out. Her first area was Kauai and she's been in the area for a transfer. She's 20 years old and from Rigby, Idaho. She went to BYU-Idaho for a year and then came on her mission. She's very nice and we get along well, but still a little green and thinks a lot about pre-mission life. She's only had poly companions and I'm not sure they talked to her much, so she's very grateful to have a companion who talks to her. I hope to help her catch the fire of missionary work and to help her become the missionary she can be, she has so much potential. I'm excited to see the miracles that will come in this area.

This area was opened 4 1/2 months ago to full pros missionaries. There is a senior couple here- Elder and Sister Rapier, and they have been working hard teaching and baptizing. But our area book is suuuper new. And the ward list has either descriptions or P.O. boxes. That is very different for Oa'hu! We have to go out with the members to show us where these less active and part member families live. Also there is about 4 or 5 pages on our ward list with the last name "Yamamoto".. Everyone is related to each other somehow.

And the drive from Kona to Kohala takes 1.5ish hours, and there is lots of lava rock. The closest missionaries to us are about 30 minutes away in Waimea. (Sister Smoot actually!) Lots of driving.. to district meetings and such.

Sister Rapier was really good friends with the Daltons before their missions, so I guess she emailed them and asked if they were over it or if they wanted to know what happen with the transfers.. And of course they wanted to know. She said the Daltons replied that I was a "quiet giant". Sister Rapier is a funny lady, but so awesome and gets the job done. She pulled me aside and said that I was what this area needed. It definitely feels right to be here. Hopefully Sister Weaver and I can help this area blossom.

Well.. We have a few investigators and I haven't taught any of them yet, but we'll get there. Everyone is suuuper busy here and then they go to bed by 7pm. Really nobody is out after 7:30.. And we can't really get work done. That's a new adjustment too.

I hope I covered everything.. I'm trying to think. I met a lady at church who knew Ardis Jensen! Her name was Bev Yamamoto, her brother was her classmate I think. Such a small world. :)

I love you all so much! I hope you have a fabulous week. I am so happy to be a missionary.

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

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