Saturday, August 10, 2013

Count Your Many Blessings. 5 Aug 2013

Aloooooha! My wonderful Ohana!

What a week.. I feel like it's been sooo long! But so good! I love being a missionary. :)

Our area is really picking up! Sister Weaver is really excited and so am I.. I'm just wondering what it is that we need to do more to get this area on fire! We have a few pretty good investigators, but are kind of flakey with committments. We were able to see a miracle this week though! We have a "power of primary" class, which is basically the lessons and a lot of the unbaptized kiekis come and we have a good time. Well the first week I was here we committed these two girls who are sisters to ask their mom if they could get baptized. Shiko (11) and Mali'e (8 turning 9 on the 11th). We knew that we would probably have to talk to them to make sure it happened, but they said they would. This last week when we stopped by to see if they were coming to the class we were able to talk to the grandma and mom, and they asked US about getting them baptized. They said that the girls had come to them and asked them and that they were really excited about it. What a shock to us! But we decided on a date of August 17th. Heavenly Father is so good. :)

So..Wednesday I noticed that my head was kind of ichy. I didn't really think anything of it. I'm in Hawaii I just thought maybe the misquitos had gotten to my head. But then that night I noticed that it wasn't a normal kine ichy. So I had Sister Weaver check my head to see if she saw anything and she pulled out this little tiny bug and said that I had a few of them in my hair. Ahh.. Lice? So we called Sister Rapier and she said to come over first thing in the morning. We went over and she checked my head. She said she didn't see any white nits but she did see a few bites and that I should just use the lice conditioner just in case. We drove to Kona to get lice shampoo and also to pick up Sister Weaver's new glasses. In the lice dakine they also include this nice little tiny pic/comb. That night I got in the shower and just starting using that little comb and going to town on my head.. I started to pull out these bigger looking bugs than the one Sister Weaver pulled out!I still have no clue what they are. I took pictures so maybe you guys can do some investigating for me. I'm getting ichy just typing about it. But whatever it was.. it's gone now! Phew.

We had interviews this week with the new mission president and they went really well. I always enjoy our little interviews with our mission presidents wife too. They are both wonderful people. Still kind of green, and a very different feel. President in our interview talked a lot about exercising in the morning. ( That is not something President Dalton would have ever brought up..) I'm doing really good here, with Sister Hudson is was hard to exercise. But it was good to hear and he gave great council.

I got a phone call yesterday telling me that SIster Hudson wasn't doing to well and that she was going to go home. I don't even know how to explain how I felt. I guess being her "mom"/Trainer my heart broke alittle bit. I really just wanted her to have such a wonderful amazing mission experience. When I was with her we talked a lot about her going home those last few weeks. But I was always the one fighting for her to stay.. to help her keep the positive outlook on things. The help her believe in herself and that she could do anything she put her mind to. And that's how I really felt. But now it's time for her to go home. I was able to talk to Sister Hudson for a good 30 minutes yesterday and she feels at peace with everything. President was leaning that direction but it it was definitely her choice to go. She was very grateful for the experiences we had together and said that I was one of her best friends. That girl has seriously changed my life forever. It was such a challenging time, but I feel confident that I did everything I needed to do for her. She's definitely changed from when she first got out on the mission. She'll fly out tonight. Definitely a bittersweet.

I love the law of obedience. When I first got here the night Sister Weaver and I were driving to our area I just asked her how she felt like she was doing on obedience. She admitted that some rules she was kind of struggling with and I just told her that I wanted to be obedient and that I was ready to see miracles and to work as hard as I could. She's joined me on this quest and we've been doing really well. Yesterday we had a goal to get 7 investigators at sac. And we focused really hard and went and invited everyone and we had a lot who said they would come and then didn't. I think Sister Weaver was really bummed out and really questioned our "obedience" and what was the point. We had a good little talk about it and I know that blessings come only after the trial of our faith! So.. Miracles are coming. I really hope to help Sister Weaver see how the best way in life is to be obedient!

Well.. I am so grateful to be a missionary! These past two days I've just been really grateful for all the amazing things Heavenly Father has blessed me with. Having an attitude of gratitude is really the only way to live our lives and to be happy. I am so grateful for all the many wonderful blessings and experiences I've had as a missionary. Mortality is hard. But it's also ohh so good.

Have a wonderful week! Keep sharing the gospel and being awesome. :)

S. Nielsen

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