Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mission is Like a Marathon. 12 Aug 2013

Alooooha from Big Island! My beloved Ohana!

Well first things first. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHITNEY!! That is so amazing! I've been prayin for her. If I wrote a little note would you give it to her? Ahh please please please send me pictures! What a miracle, Heavenly Father is so good. I can feel the missionary fire in your emails. Keep going! Don't just stop with the one. There are more people who need our family's fellowship. Let Heavenly Father trust us with His prepared people and being an instrument for this wonderful work! Catch the wave and don't get off! He needs us now more than ever. What an amazing miracle, how blessed we are to be a small part of it.

This week was VERY eventful! I cannot believe I'm starting week 5 of this transfer! I feel like I just barely got here. It's so crazy how fast time is going. I can't keep up with it. Boooooo.

Tuesday-Kona Temple and district meeting, Lesson with Anne and Power of Primary.
Wednesday-Got. Work. Done., ward cordination meeting.
Thursday- Week Plan and lesson with Kalei.
Friday-Exchange with Kona Sisters.
Sunday- Church, Lesson with Keith, and Youth Fireside about social media.
Today- AMAZING hike! Waipio Valley!

We went to the Kona temple!  It's such a cute little temple, the 2nd smallest temple in the world. It's located right next to the stake center, and I think they are about the same size. I'd been needing a little temple in my life, it was so good and just reenergized. I learn so much everytime I go. And I'd send you pictures.. But I left my camera in the kona sister's backpack from the hike this morning. :/ I know I have so many things I need to send you. I'll get there.

On Friday I went on exchanges with Sister Robertson. She's from the 'ghetto' LA. I'm not sure where at but she said it's about an hour away from Glendale. She's samoan and has such an incredible story. Most of her siblings are 'gang bangers' and comes from a rough background. But she's here and she's a missionary. I cannot imagine her life. She's awesome. I love all the people you meet as a missionary. We had a good exchange.

Saturday morning I was having an itchy head again and so I took my little comb and went through my head again. And this time I was finding tiny little nits. Yep it's LICE! Sister Weaver and I spent most of the day washing/cleaning and going through my hair. I told Sister Smoot about it today and she said she got lice on maui and couldn't get rid of it until a samoan went through her whole head and picked them all out. Hmmm. It's common among the polys. Hopefully I don't have any more trouble.

We have an new investigator, Keith. He's a single guy and in his 30s. We met him at the dump. Haha.. But we had an awesome Restoration lesson with him yesterday. He's kind of a earthy, nature is my God kind of a guy. He has a lot of good beliefs, but just has a hard time with organized religion. He also thinks that there is so much bad in the world that God needs to flood the earth again.. Or something like that. We had planned to bring our elders quorum president but then at church somehow it got out that we had a lesson and we had another ward member come and ask if he could come. And then the whole ward wanted to know how it went. It was interesting, can't get any fellowship for some lessons, but then this one we had the whole ward wanting to come!

Well.. Other than that we're working hard, looking for miracles, and loving every second. This last week I think it's kind of hit me that I only have 6 months. Ahh I hate that. But I had this analogy explained to me this last week that missions are like marathons. Some missionaries sprint to the end, others are so exhausted and have to walk. Or they just give up. You definitely see all these kinds of missionaries. I've been thinking about that, and I feel like I came out running. But then through my experiences and challenges I was hitting my "wall", just having to keep pushing to work with the situations I was in.. Now I've broke through the wall and I'm ready to just fly! I wanna sprint to the end. I talked to Sister Wright the other day when Sister Hudson was going home, she will be home in 2 weeks ish, she said.. "Go big or go home.. Or both!" The plan was 9 baptized if all goes according to plan. I love that girl.

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and a wonderful baptism. Baptisms are the best! We tell our investigators to invite people to their baptisms like it's their wedding reception. Let everyone be a part of it and witness the priesthood firsthand. Keep being amazing. :)

S. Nielsen

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