Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You Get What You Focus On. 19 Aug 2013


I'm so glad everything with Whitney's baptism went well. Opposition will always come, her story kind of reminded me of Lenny's baptism. And look where he is now! A zone leader in PA! Good things are coming for her. I hope she loves college and takes this new chapter and just embraces the gospel!

Well we had our baptism this week as well! Shiko and Ma'lie were baptized. This was such a miracle. I really feel like it sort of just fell into our laps. Their grandma is less actice, both parents aren't members. But the whole family was able to come to the baptism and support! We had a lovely service. We've been teaching Shiko and Ma'lie in our 'power of primary' class Tuesday nights. It's basically all the almost 8 year olds in the ward and any unbaptized keikis. These two are they only ones who have been coming since I got here, so we're gotta go and invite more to come. During the baptism usually the missionaries give a message about the restoration while the people are getting changed. So before the baptism started I turned to Sister Weaver and said.. Let's just sing the "joseph smith's first prayer".. (I did that all the time with Sister Wright..) I think she was a little nervous seeing as we never practiced, but I think it turned out well! I think we nielsens are good at 'winging' things.

Other than that I wish I could say we did more, but we were preping for the baptism most of the week. I went on exchange with Sister Haws on tuesday. She's Sister Smoots daughter. It was really good! I am so impressed how Heavenly Father made this age change, but also how he prepared so many of these youngsters to be here. I'm seeing that more and more as I meet all these new missionaries. Heavenly Father definitely knows what He's doing.

Sister Weaver and I are seeing miracles though! We have 9 scheduled appts for this next week! I am SO excited! After church on Sunday Shiko and Ma'lie's 13 year old cousin came up to us and started talking. We asked if she's been baptized and she said no but that her grandma wanted her too. We then set up an appt with her for Wednesday! It looks like she has lots of friends in the church.. Ooo! I'm just so happy! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much! Then later that day a ward member introduced us to his neighbor and we got 2 new investos! We're going back to teach them tonight. The work is pressing onward!

Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to the Big Island to speak to only our stake September 22. It's a 'special conference' that popped out of nowhere I guess. Everyone is really excited and anxious to see why he's coming. Apostles don't just come for no reason. But that will be exciting to see!

Well we find out transfers news on Sunday. I know.. I know! I cannot even believe how fast time is going! I just want it to slow down. I need more time as a missionary. I really hope Sister Weaver and I stay together, we got the flow of being unified, working, and things are starting to happen!

I love you so much! I love this gospel! And I LOVE being a missionary! Have a wonderful week.

Aloha and Love,
S. Nielsen

P.S. I went fishing today.. In the ocean! And I caught some sort of tropical fish! Yepp.. It was really cool. I have the best mission ever!

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