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HF>i 26 Aug 2013

Alooooooooha my dear Ohana!

Well I didn't even realize it was the first day of school! I've been in summer time for.. quite a while. But I hope everyone's first day back went well! 

This last week was SOOO GOOD! We saw so many miracles and got to much work done. Heavenly Father is really blessing us! I forgot my planner.. a week seems like month as a missionary! And when I asked Sister Weaver what happen this last week she sent me her email. She did a really good job writing everything! So I think I'm going to copy and paste some of her email home.. if you don't mind. :)

-----"Oh my goodness, we seriously had a crazy week this week. I loved it! Monday we started off strong. We're supposed to start prosyliting again after 6pm, but here in Hawaii, its so hard to get appointments with people after 6, because that's everyone's dinner time, and then everyone goes to bed at like.... 7. No joke. And we usually have a dinner with memebers at 6 on Mondays. But this week, right after dinner, we hurried off to an appointment. :D It was so cool! It was with a wonderful mother and daughter. Sister Nielsen and I both instantly clicked with the 19 year old girl, all of us seemed familiar to each other, like we'd met before. And then we had an amazing discussion about Heavenly Father, and how much He loves us, and watches out for us.

Tuesday, we had a couple small miracles. We kind of had an appointment with someone down in Hawaiian Homes (about 45 minutes away from where we live, but on the way back home from our Tuesday meetings down in Kona). But they called us, and said they weren't home yet. So we decided to go visit someone else who lives just down the street from them, but sister nielsen and I ended up talking in the car for about 15 minutes. Just as we were about to get out of the car, we got a call from Miki (the guy we were originally going to go see) and he asked, "Is that your silver car down there?"
"yes it is! We were just visiting someone else real quick. Are you home now?"
"yes I am. You should come now." :D

Miki is awesome. It was perfect how things worked out. I can't even explain it. lol it was just so cool!
Later that day, we were kind of double booked. I say kind of because at 4 on Tuesdays we have a standing appointment with this wonderful lady named Anne. But this Tuesday, a member really wanted to take us and introduce us to a friend of his that he believes would be interested in hearing the gospel, and the only time he can take us there, is Tuesdays at 4. Any tuesday. So we were desperately trying to find 2 girls that could go on splits with us (its kind of like being in 2 places at once) and finally we got ahold of the twins. :D I LOVE the twins. Whitney and Mariah. They're 18 and graduated from High School. They actually come out and do missionary work with us a lot. And they were both available! So Maraih came with me and Whitney went with Sister Nielsen and we were able to go to both of our appointments :D It was super amazing-fatastic-ness and all that Heavenly Father's totally watching out for us.

Wednesday Sister Nielsen and I had dinner with a family in our ward (just as usual) except there was someone there we'd never met before. One of their sons who still lives at home, 23, but doesn't come to church. The mother told us that since we were there, her son probably wouldn't show himself. That's not too unusual. People hide from us all the time. Ooooo scary missionary girls! ;) But she was wrong. Oh boy, she was wrong. Her son came out, and ended up joining us for dinner (they had to add an extra chair and place setting for him), and then throughout dinner, we got to hear all about this young man, and how he became an Olympic swimmer for the Phillipines at age 18. And he spent the whole night fumbling over himself and failing miserably at hitting on sister nielsen and I. Yes, there was no doubt in either of our minds that this poor guy was hitting on us. I wonder if he realized that hitting on sister missionaries is about as pointless as hitting on a nun.

Thursday was packed. Friday brought more miracles, but explaining them just wouldn't do it justice. Saturday was a little bit slow, but still very productive. And Sunday (yesterday...) brought church ^^ I love church. We also got to go to a musical fireside in Waimea. It was astounding. You should look up Keha'u Cast. I think i spelled his first name wrong. But he's a blind musical prodigy. He's amazing. And he played the organ for us. There's even a mormon message about him. You should look it up."----  End of Quote by Sister Weaver. :)

Yess! There was our week! I feel so grateful and blessed! During our Friday Kona Zone leadership meeting we wanted to think of a theme for this next transfer. We have an awesome missionaries in our zone and are really want to refocus on hitting high water. We decided something about faith and miracles, and in Hawaii everyone was stickers on the back of there cars. It's a big deal. But one that is really popular is HE>i. Meaning HE-Jesus Christ is greater than I. I'm not sure if it's a specific religion or if it's just a christian thing. But I had a thought to change it a little to HF (Heavenly Father) >i. (I'd seen another missionary use a cricket and make this. Haha.) I don't know if we're going to use it or not, but it's definitely true. And I've definitely feel like we've seen that this last week. Heavenly Father is so much greater than ourselves. His plan if the way, we just have to do all we can and exercise our faith in him. Miracles will only come through faith.

I am so excited for this next transfer. We have 2 missionaries going home, but the rest of us are staying! Sister Weaver and I get atleast one more together. I'm really excited, it's kind of weird sometimes being around all these youngster missionaries. It's amazing what a difference 2 years do, but I love Sister Weaver and we work really well together.

Well.. The gospel is true! The Savior Lives! I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life, what a blessing. Have a wonderful first week of school! "Study hard, learn alot.. CTR and RWH. And share the gospel!" :)

S. Nielsen

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