Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ask and ye shall receive 2 Sept 2013


Well another week come and gone! I cannot believe Erin's papers are IN!! That's just.. CRAZY! And kind of makes me sad a little. I'm not going to see my darling sister for .. EVER! :/ Good thing we're sealed and have eternity together. Heavenly Father's plan is so good! Crazy how fast things change.  
Well this last week was a little slower number wise. We didn't teach as many lessons but I feel like we know where we need to improve and how to get our investos progressing. So all is well.

We are teaching this one kid named Patrick. He's 14 years old and friends with a lot of members in our ward. He suffers a little bit from depression and a low self esteem. Soo teaching his is sometimes a little bit of a struggle because he answers every question of.. "Sorta.." or "It's alright".. Not a lot of concern. We've invited him to come to church and he didn't want to come because he had to "wake up early". So we decided to give him a church tour. On Saturday our bishop came with us with his son (who knows Patrick) and we tried to give him a 'fun tour' we're really trying to get him to trust us. Bishop was even able to take us "upstairs!" (all the vents and dakine) .Everything went so perfect! Our Bishop bore powerful testimony in the chapel about the sacrament and explained it in a way that he could understand. And he agreed to come to church! He complained a little bit.. But that's just him. Murmur murmur. Bishop set him up with a white shirt and tie and volunteered to pick him up. Heavenly Father was definitely guiding everything. And I think he liked church a lot more than he anticipated!

We dropped our investigator Anne who was Buddhist. She basically said that she feels like Buddhism is the path for her. It was a good lesson, we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it testifies of Christ. It was interesting we went in there not knowing if we were going to drop her or not. And the lesson was going so well that I thought maybe we wont have to! And so toward the end of the lesson we were starting to give her her next reading assignment and this time I wanted to give her questions to think about as she read. And to pray about these questions. I was trying to figure out which questions to give her. Alma 7 popped into my head for her to read. But I was fighting a little bit about the questions I needed her to think about. After we gave them to her she we invited her to come to church and she expressed her concern that Buddhism is the right path for her. And I knew that we couldn't continue. But the questions I left with her were.. 1. What is the role or purpose of a redeemer? 2. .I can't remember.. 3. How would accepting Christ change us? All about the Savior! And Jesus Christ. I know that it was definitely the spirit prompting to write and ask those questions. To leave her with something to think about if she does get around to it again.

I was able to help out with our District Meeting training this last week. To kick off the transfer and get everyone exciting. We had our zone theme like I told you last week. HE>i Bring on the Miracles Mormon 9:18-19. I'd put all these negative excuses in one room and then in another the theme and 20 everywhere. To just look out the windows in each room and see what they saw. I feel like the spirit was strong and hopefully our missionaries will have the faith to see miracles this transfer. I'd had this training earlier when I was a new missionary and I remember it having a big effect on me. I really enjoy doing training..

On Saturday night.. I was just struggling a bit. Maybe discouraged or whatever. And I was just seeking and looking for comfort. It was amazing to me how fast my answer came. I said a quiet prayer with faith and opened my scriptures. I opened to D&C 31. And it was exactly what I needed. A letter from Christ to his missionary. I love how much Heavenly Father loves each of us. Especially those who have the faith.

MLC was today! Sorry that's why your getting a late reply. It was really really good. Our mission president is making some changes now. He's doing a really good job. 

I love you all so much! Have a fabulous week!

Love and Aloha, 
S. Nielsen  

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