Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Elder Holland.. On da island! 23 Sept 2013

Alooooha Mai Kakou Dear Nielsen Ohana, 

Howz it!?.. I am so happy to hear that Whitney's friend is getting baptized! What a miracle! I am so happy she too gets to experience the joy of the gospel! How did her family respond to it? That would be SO cool is Whitney and Tricia went on missions.. Look at what happens with the power of ONE!

Well to answer your question.. Yes I think the lice is gone! Thank goodness. If it is still living in my hair I haven't noticed. Ohh the joys of a mission! 

Well this week has been pretty darn eventful if I may say so myself. Update on Investigators: 
Meg asked us not to come over this week, that she was just too overwhelmed and didn't have time. So we honored her wish and haven't seen her all week. But we really wanted her to come to Elder Holland's special conference and she was ify if she could come. We asked a member to invite her and to give her a ride. Both Sister Weaver and I agree that she knows these things to be true. It's just to commitment and changing her lifestyle. She enjoys a cafeteria style of obedience. I hope she felt a difference in her life with us not coming over.

Patrick: We committed him to a baptismal date! October 19th. :) He still doesn't feel that his prayers have been answered, but we explained to him about faith and how setting the date as a goal is showing Heavenly Father his faith. Asking, "I am willing to get baptized on this day, if you let me know these things are true." Our lesson was really good. I stinkin love this kid so much! He was suppose to come to Elder Holland, but it's 1.25 hour drive to Kona and when our fellow shipper went to get him at 6am. He said he was too tried and needed to sleep. Boooooo. :(

Reyanna and Maya: The Rapiers helped out alot with this one. Maya is 9 years old and the most darling thing I've ever seen! Brown hair with freckles. She can up to the Rapiers after church and said, "Auntie Rapier I want to be baptized!" Her mom might be a less active member, I don't know how she is connected with the church. But her cousin is Reyanna. She's 12 years old and the sisters before were teaching her, but she told us that they were pushing for her to be baptized and she just felt like she didn't know enough. So she told them she didn't want to get baptized til next year. But the Rapiers set up a time for us to teach them both at the church and we committed both of them to be baptized on October 19th! Reyanna was a little unsure, but she agreed. We'll work on her becoming more confident in that decision. And then I guess Maya's dad or step dad doesn't like that she is being taught. So we have some hearts to soften, but it feel SO good to have with dates! I love these girls so much!

I went on exchanges with the Waimea sisters on Tuesday and it was really good! I brought Sister Pantelakis to my area-Kohala, and we had a really good day! Found some new investigators and we also committed some people to have a with date! She played rugby for the BYU team before her mission. Suuuuper cool. She's been out for about 4 months and I feel like the exchange was more for me than it was for her! She's just got this greenie fire in her and it was inspiring to see. And reminded me of how I was in my first area. I remember wanting to baptize at bad as I wanted to breathe, I was excited to work everyday, and hit my pillow at the end of the day exhausted knowing that we'd done everything we could have that day. But I think through the struggles and stress of missionary life.. ET, 2 areas, struggling comps, etc. it's been hard to keep that focus of 'baptize'. I feel like those first 4 1/2 months of my mission we're just SO perfect! I loved my companion, we both wanted to be obedient and work hard and as the result we saw so many miracles. "This is how you do missionary work." And then Heavenly Father started throwing all these curve balls at me, "Now try and be a missionary.." And it has been hard. Not how I anticipated trials on a mission would be like. But I know it's just His way of refining, and helping me to become the person He needs me to be. I am so grateful for every experience I've had on my mission thus far. But being on exchange Sister Pantelakis reminded me of so many things. You cannot control every situation that happens on your mission. But if I have one prayer, it's that these last months I will be able to feel like the effective missionary I can be. To help others come unto Christ, and see the amazing miracles unfold. To be exhausted and feel the joy of fulfilling my purpose. But if Heavenly Father needs me to be with a troubled missionary and to help them, I will do it. President Warner said something in Zone Conference- "Sometimes your convert in that area is your companion". I have definitely known that to be true. I am not perfect, and have so many things to improve on, but I want to be a effective missionary.

Wow.. There's my ramble of everything on my mind for the last week or two. But all is well, with whatever happens. I just hope I am doing a serving the best I can for my Savior. I hope an pray I am a consecrated missionary.

Now what you've all been waiting for. Drum roll please.. ELDER HOLLAND!! Oh my goodness it was AMAZING! We were a bit disappointed that none of our investigators came. It was quite a long drive. But I think I was more frustrated with our members for not inviting their friends. But it happened and is over.. And it was amazing! I was sitting in the 2nd row and he was literally like 5-10 feet in front of me! (I could see his spit collecting on his lips as he spoke. Haha) He didn't really have a topic. He started off with reading from JSH about the angel Moroni visiting Joseph, and it happened 190 years ago to the day. That the Book of Mormon is why he is a member of the church. He said, "I don't need to be here today to strengthen my faith, I am already a believer. But everything we do.. We do it for you." That's boggled my mind a little bit. How do you get to that point? Where nothing can deter you away from your faith.. He also bore testimony and described the prints in Christs hand and feet, and the wound in his side. Hearing that was incredible, it just made everything seem so much more real. The gossip story chain was so short! Me<--Elder Holland<--Jesus Christ. He lives. And because He lives we all will live again. He said the job of an apostle is 2 things: testify and bless. He left the most detailed apostolic blessing, that it wasn't just for everyone in the room, but for everyone that we prayed for who wasn't there with us. That was the first time I'd ever had an apostolic blessing. I took most of my personal study this morning to just write in my journal everything that I'd learned and wanted to ponder more about. So good. What a blessing to hear from an apostle!

Well.. I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! I know my Savior lives. He is my master and He has chosen me to represent Him. (-My Missionary Commission.)

S. Nielsen 

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