Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moroni 10:32. 16 Sept 2013

My Dear Family.. Aloha! 

I am SO EXCITED for Erin going to Peru! What a perfect mission! But.. December 18th!? Goodness me that is so soon! I didn't even know that they had an MTC in Peru. Start working on your visa now! I hear sometimes they take forever! I don't know much about them.. Just to get it done quick!  I'm sad we're going to miss each other, but obviously Heavenly Father has a time and a place for everything. This is His plan. Erin needs to get to Peru quick! Start practicing that Spanish! What a blessing.. to have TWO missionaries from our family serving at the same time! :)

Well this week has been really crazy and quite a blur actually. Time passes by so quickly sometimes. On Tuesday we met with Meg, and had a really good lesson with her! We read from the Book of Mormon Moroni 7. She kept comparing the things we were reading to the Bible and how they relate and go hand in hand. She then paraphrased the whole restoration for us of how she understands how the Book of Mormon plays a part. She gets it! She said that she has been praying but doesn't quite feel that she has received an answer yet. We then committed her to a "HW assignment" to help her find answers. Find a quiet place that you wont be bothered, think of a question you would like answered and write it down, pray out loud and ask for the spirit to help you understand, read ... from the Book of Mormon. Pray again. We think prayer is so simple sometimes, but really getting answers and praying with real purpose takes WORK as the bible dictionary says. She agreed to the Homework assignment and committed to come to church just for sacrament because she had to work and also because we were singing and speaking. Well sacrament meeting came and she called us and told us that she is just over whelmed right now, that she can't come to church and that she doesn't want to meet with us this week because of everything that's happening in her life right now. Oi.. We were really excited that our lessons were finally starting to go somewhere, but of course the adversary just has to make her busy and she doesn't have time for us. Or to pray and receive answers. Come what may.

We had Zone Exchanges on Wednesday evening-Friday morning. I was in Kona for a day, I was with Sister Tuimoala, she's been out for about 2 months, Tongan and lived in Samoan, but moved to Utah about 3 or 4 years ago. We had a good exchange. In the morning we did service for some of their older members by helping pick up mac nuts. That was really fun and quite refreshing actually! The old auntie explained it like an Easter egg hunt! Look for the green ones! Later the elders asked us to help them find this woman in their ward who's mom was requesting that they go over and give a blessing to, she is very less active and wasn't expecting them to come. So they asked if we would assist them. We walked around forever trying to figure out where this lady lived. And Kona. Is. Hot. We finally found her and then she was in a hurry and needed to leave.. But it was a good day/exchange!

Friday Morning was Zone Conference in Waimea combined with Hilo zone.  First one with President Warner and it was really, REALLY good! I definitely felt so pumped afterwards and knew the areas I need to improve on. The Zone Leaders and I had a training to prepare. We trained on using time wisely with a theme of 'fishers of man' and I thought it went well. I learned a lot from the whole conference, they even gave a "health tip" and we watched a little clip that I'd seen before in one of my Health classes at college. Which I thought was really fun!

Sunday Sister Weaver and I sang in church and also gave talks. We sang with our ward mission leader! He played the guitar and we sand "How great shall be your joy" Do you remember that song? I know we have it on some CD. The spirit took over and it was really good. I spoke on how sharing the gospel can bring us joy. And I read parts of the emails you've been sending me about Whitney and how much our family has been able to have joy and the spirit by sharing the gospel. I ran out of time. But oh well! I really enjoy speaking in church.

Well.. Everything is going well. This morning for pday we got up at 2 am and watched the sun rise on mauna kea! It was so beautiful. I am so grateful to be serving my mission in Hawaii. I could not think of a better place I could be. I love these people and I love the time I have to serve the Lord. Moroni 10:32 has been on my mind a lot recently. Come unto Christ, give Him EVERYTHING and let Him perfect you.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Aloha and LOVE!

S. Nielsen 

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