Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My own personal BOM challenge. 9 Sept 2013

Alooooooha my Nielsen Ohana!

Well. ERIN'S STATUS IS ASSIGNED!!! Ohh my goodess. That is just so crazy! I remember those exactly feelings. Ahhh.. Well I've been trying to think of my guess all week and I really cannot decided just one! I would love to say. HAWAII HONOLULU MISSION! I would love you be your trainer, that would be so cool! But in real life I'm going to have to pick New York-State Side or Ghana or Nigeria for foreign. Yep that is what the spirit has revealed to me. Next week/Wednesday is going to be crazyy! I'm so excited for you Erin!

Well this last week has been good! We are definitely seeing small and simple miracles. But great things are going to be brought to pass! We were really struggling at night with our planning, we have a few potentials, but it's like beating a dead horse because they really aren't that interested. And we can't pick names from the ward list who are less active because we don't know where they live with P.O. boxes. But one Wednesday we decided to go see our ward mission leader who know everyone in Kohala. We explained our situation to him and he gave us 14 referrals! That is amazing! He just told us to throw his name out there. We've contacted a few and one said that recently she has been searching for a church. (Church shopping.) Well I have the church for you! So we are seeing some prepared people. :) Now we just gotta teach them.

We also went out with one of the ladies of the relief society presidency and she showed us where a lot of PM families live! SO amazing. That is really the only way we can learn where people live is if a member takes us out. That was really good.

We have about 2 progressing investos. Meg and Patrick. Meg is an older lady and has been turning lately into an eternal investigator. She loves the church and I think she has more of a social concern than a doctrinal concern. She loves the fellowship. And when I first got here I didn't really know how the situation was, but really it was the missionaries just sharing casual messages while talking story. So I've been trying really hard to help her understand our purpose, and Sister Weaver and I are both on the same page now of what we need to do. Last night we watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and I think that has helped alot with her praying about JS and the BOM. We're praying and crossing our fingers for a miracle.

Patrick is the 14 year old boy I talked about last week. We had an awesome gospel of JC lesson with him and he prayed 3 times last week! Like we asked him too! He has a hard time understand the if God is really there but he prayed 3 times!! I am just so happy! I have really grown a love for this kid. He murmurs alot but deep down I know that he is really searching and wants this happiness and joy that we have. Ahh I just want him to get baptized so bad.

This last week I was feeling pretty junk in my teaching. I knew the doctrine, but I just felt like it was all fluff. Like the spirit wasn't with what we've been teaching. I woke up early one morning and just starting studying PMG-teaching skills/making and keeping commitments, trying to get back to the basics of what I was doing wrong! And I realized that I needed to use the scriptures more in my teaching. They bring the spirit and teach us everything we need to know! Also I just feel like I need to read the Book of Mormon again. Cover to cover, Fast!  But I don't have time to waste! My studying time as a missionary is limited, especially as time keeps going faster and faster. So I've decided that I want to wake up an hour earlier and just read the Book of Mormon. Like a story book. I remember when the missionaries in Elko had to read it in one sitting, (Sister Little and Sister Judd) And I just want to refresh myself in the whole thing. So I have made a goal to read the BOM and finish it in 2weeks or before General Conference. I haven't started yet. But I will keep you updated on how it's going. :)

I love being a missionary. This work is so important. I cannot believe how fast time is going and how quickly things change. Blows my mind! Hope you have a wonderful week! Send me pictures of the mission call opening! I love you all. "Missions are a family affair"-President Monson.

Love and Aloha!
S. Nielsen

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