Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ahh.14. Months. 1 Oct 2013


Carly dear.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're 9! That's so.. Weird! You were only 7 when I left. Be watching the mail. :) I love you!

Well this week has been really.. good I guess. Kinda a blur. We had President Warner come yesterday and we listened to Elder Holland's talk from O'ahu. So that's why I'm emailing you today! It was really really good! I got a full 3 pages of notes. He talked a lot about how they expect a lot out of us missionaries and that he doesn't apologize for it. This is grown up work. And they need us at our best. They shouldn't have to ask us to be obedient, be faithful, work hard. We agreed to that when we accepted the call. So rise to the occasion. He also emphazied teaching with power and authority. And always making sure that we aren't just a 2-some. But a 3-some having the spirit be our third companion. It was really really good! I love Elder Holland. I get to hear from him 3 weeks in a row! I am so excited for General Conference.

I don't know if I really have anything good this week.. Our investigators are doing good. All still kind of in the same state. And we are working hard to get them progressing. We still have our 3 with date. Patrick, Reyanna, and Maya. And they are all not super solid right now. But I know we can get them ready by October 19th! Everything will happen in God's will and in His own way.

We went and saw Meg last week and she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off and trying to talk to us at the same time. She was babysitting her 2 grandkids and it was just a crazy place! And inbetween running around she would try and talk to us. She was trying to say that she has been praying more than she ever has been, but just can't come to terms that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Sister Weaver and I both just sat there and listened, not really responding. Then we offered to help her and she let us cut bananas. The conversation died and Cassidy, her daughter got home. I just felt like it wasn't the right setting for her to drop us or for us to drop her. After talking a little bit, I asked them what were some of their goals that they had in their life. With that came out that Cassidy's boyfriend/baby daddy David had left the home and wasn't living with them anymore. We had a good chat and then left with a prayer. Both Sister Weaver and I feel like we need to focus more on Cassidy than Meg. We're going back on Thursday.

We've been taking a Young Woman who is 17 out with us a lot this week. Her name is Bethany. We didn't really know them very much since they just moved back here from Utah. The father grew up in Kohala. But we had dinner with them and really got to know them. They are such a wonderful fun family and I just love them! They suggested that Bethany come out with us and so we took that offer us and she's come with us 3 times since Thursday! She's so cute and fun. And has even given us some people to go and visit. I remember the effect that had on me when I went with the Sister missionaries. Definitely something I will never forget and was a part of deciding to go on a mission. I hope that I can be that example and light to her to go on a mission. It's so interesting. A lot of locals don't see a lot of options for their future. But if they go on missions it opens their eyes to so much more than just the islands. Everyone needs to go on missions!

I am so happy to be a missionary. I can't imagine NOT serving a mission. I am forever changed. 14 months out. I've been a missionary a long time. It's been so good. I am so happy and blessed that Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity to serve a mission. I'll be honest, being home in 4 months is a really scary thought. I try not to think about it. But everyone somehow reminds you about it. I can't remember whats it's like to NOT be a missionary. Pre-mission life seems so foreign. Hearing my first name is weird.. But everything has a time and a place. I know I need to live these last few months up, and love every second I have to represent my Savior and do His work. All is well. :)

I love you all! Have a fabulous week! Thank you so much for your support. I really cannot explain how much I LOVE my family and how grateful I am to have the gospel taught in my home.

Sister Nielsen

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