Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daughter #2. 7 Oct 2013

Aloha Family! 

Conference was AMAZING! Ohh I feel so pumped up and ready to go. I received answers to questions that I wasn't even looking for. But it was so so so good! I really loved every talk. My favorite I think was Elder Holland's- I tend to be around those kinds of situations a lot.. and Elder Soares about meekness. We even had one investigator show up! Here conference starts at 6am and 10am. So sometimes it's hard to get them to come out (especially 6am..) But our new investigator Joshua and Sister Weaver was referred to on exchange came! He's 14 or 15 years old. He came and 6am Saturday morning and afterwards had the BEST questions! "How do you know he's a prophet?" "What's zion?" and "What is the Holy Ghost that they kept talking about?" Ahh SO good. Miracle! He will for sure be baptized soon. :)

This last week has been really good! We taught a few lessons and worked hard. We dropped our investigator Meg. It was a really good ending lesson, I was praying and studying all morning of what needed to happen. And I just knew that she'd already made up her mind and there wasn't much that we could say to change her mind. The commitment just wasn't there. But we went in there and just focused and bore testimony of how this will bless there family! I feel like I gave my dying testimony to not give it up, that it will bless their family and to read the Book of Mormon. It was a really good lesson and the spirit was really strong.

We also taught Patrick and he was being kinda a punk. He hasn't really read the Book of Mormon, but when we ask him about his prayers he says the same thing every time. "Unanswered." We emphasized a lot that he's not reading the answer book. That he's just waiting and looking for signs. I think he was having a bad day though. He was kind of playing devil advocate and saying what if it was written by a lunatic.. Sort of thing.  Later on in the week we talked to our Relief Society Pres who is really close with the his dad. Patrick has had a hard life. He lives with his dad and his mom doesn't really show her love for him very much and it's effecting him. I hope that he will embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ and let this heal his heart. I really love this kid. 

We have come to the end of another transfer. Have I really been in Kohala for 3 months!? I feel like I just got here. On Friday I received a training packet in the mail. Which means that I will have another daughter! I am excited, but also really really nervous. I guess it just brought back memories of my last experience training, it was hard. But I know that this isn't suppose to be easy. And I think I knew long before that packet came that I was training. Last week when we were watching the Relief Society broadcast and seeing all those sister missionaries in the choir, I just knew. And it feels right. Heavenly Father's plan is so perfect. I will be here on Big Island for another 2 transfers. And then I will only have 1 transfer left. (One the transfer board I have a green dot next to my name.) I have 4 months to baptize all of Hawai'i! The Zone Leaders have told me her name and it's sounds.. Tongan? Idk, but they are saying I might be getting a FOB. (Fresh Off the Boat.) Eeee.. God's in control! 

Well I love being a missionary! I cannot believe how fast time is going, but I am so happy and grateful for.. EVERYTHING! Life is just so good. Have a beautiful blessed week! I love you! 

Sister Nielsen 

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