Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's transfer Tuesday! 12 Nov 2012


Alrighty! Last week.. Was very humbling. Our numbers definitely did not show our work. But good things happened! Here's a little run down..

Monday:Pday! Bowling with the Elders! Awesome lesson with the Salimeda family on the word of wisdom and they are willing to change and keep it! Gah!

Tuesday:Did service hanging up pictures for an investigator. And tried to organize ourselves. Romney lost. :( I heard president was really stressed that night because of it. (I was thinking about you Mom.)

Wednesday: Bought the ZLs icecream because we lost in bowling.. I don't like talking about it. Cottage meeting at the mission president's home! Chris came! And Tai spoke! It was awesome!

Thursday: Junk day.. Everything fell through, such is missionary work. 

Friday: Getting the Salimeda family OUT of there house so they wont drink: RS activity at a members, girls night karaoke. (No we did not participate)

Saturday: "   " Volleyball night with the Salimeda family! Woo! They loved it and we had some ward member s there! It was super fun!

Sunday: Young women in charge of sacrement meeting and Tatiana Salimeda had a part! Chee-hoo! She did so good! Also Sue Salimeda got up in RS and announced her own baptism on thanksgiving and expressed how she needs the ward there because they don't have family here in Hawaii and they would love that support and how this ward is going to become their family.. When OWZA! I LOVE this family! Also on Sunday was transfer calls.

Transfer calls: Soo.. the call came at like 11:30 at night, our ZLs just sent a mass voicemail out to everyone. " So we have 4 elders leaving... Elder.. elder.. And one sister.. Sister Wright. Ok good night!" And I heard S. wrights heart just sink. And she started crying a little in bed. and then she got up to go into the bathroom. And the ZLs specifically call us. I answer and they say.. "Hey, how's sister wright?" "Well.. She's in the bathroom, I'm pretty sure she's crying.. " "FETCH MAN! It was ELder ODUME'S IDEA! It wasn't me! He made me do it! She's crying!? AHH! SHe's not leaving it was a joke!" . Haha they had a little freak out moment because they just made a sister cry. But now it's a big joke. But... Sister wright and I are both STAYING! :)

The Salimeda family: Ahhh i LOVE this family. They are so prepared! and I am SOO excited to see them baptized on thanksgiving! It's going to be a great day. I have learned so much from this family than they will have ever learned from  me. I love they. They are so prepared and ready to take this step. The kids Tatiana and Nathan are a little hesitant about getting baptized. But last night Sue bore her testimony to Tata that she wanted her to do it, because she wants to get sealed in the temple next year as a family. Ahh! It was crazy, and Tata said that she does want to, but she doesn't want Nathan to feel left out. But her mom reassured her that Nathan can make his decisions, but that she really wanted Tata to get baptized. Ah! We didn't even have to say anything! I loooooove them! I love being a missionary!

I'm so glad you guys are all doin well! Thank you so much for supporting me here on a mission. I really could not be anywhere else or be doing anything better. I wish I could write more and tell you so much. Keep up the good work. Erin- I'm sorry about state champs.. Your the best soccer player in my book, and I brag about you all the time here to these elders. :) Cody.. Play basketball hard! I'm cheering for you an ocean away! And.. No dates until I come home, kapeesh? Summer, same to you! It's required as a nielsen to know how to shoot a basketball. Destroy PAL basketball. :) Carly- I love you so much! Keep smiling and being happy. I'll paint your fingernails in 15 months. Date! Adelaide- I looooooove you! And miss your craziness.
Have a fabulous week! I love you!

S. Nielsen

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