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Turkey! Turkey! Turkey! 19 Nov 2012

Nielsen Ohana, ALOHA!

Hey hey! It's been a crazy week, and it's flown by like crazy, I can't believe it's already monday again. And just to let you know my mail problem has been fixed! They had the wrong zip on the forwarding address, so don't be afraid to send me anything now. It will get to me. :)

Dad, that's suuuuuuuper cool story about everyone's dreams and grandpa! Thank you so much for sharing! That's crazy, I know he's busy. We need this gospel preached. And I've talked to some people, but if you look at general conference and what was said. The mission age changed. And then a month later with this election, it's now legal in some states for gay marriage, smoking pot, and abortion. Where do you think this world is leading up to? The gospel NEEDS to be preached! We NEED more missionaries! And I guess we are expecting 50 some more missionaries in January. And doubling the full pros sisters. Looks like I'll be training.. But I really think that that is why I needed to come out while I was 21, and not 19. So that I could train. That sounds weird. But I know there is a reason I'm one of the last 21 years old sisters age required sisters out on a mission. Grandpa is doing good things up there, but I know he's a very busy man right now.

Soo.. This last week I have been in a three-some! We picked up a sister who is serving in the Marshall islands mission, Kitibis side, and right now she's on Christmas Island! (It's not in this mission anymore.) She came here to Hawaii for medical. She has a pinched nerve in her two fingers are numb and in pain. And they don't have good medical care there. So she's been with us since Tuesday. Her name is Sister Kimmons and she's from Texas. So yes we can understand her. I was worried too. But it's been fun to have her around! She's real shy, but she's a good missionary. And she's downed milk and other american food like crazy! They don't have that on Kitibis. But it's good, it makes sight and sound a lot easier. :)

Sooo.. for latest update, the Salimeda family is AWESOME! And they are getting baptized on Thanksgiving morning! They wanted Elder Brinkerhoff, ( they elder who started teaching them a year ago) to batpize them. He's an AP now for we figured that would be fine, but he called us one day and told us that President said he couldn't, because it was out of zone and then he'd have to let other missionaries do the same. He was super bummed. We then had all these reasons of why it needed to be Elder Brinkerhoff (were sisters, we can't baptize. he's suppose to go to as many batisms as he can so he'll probably be there anyway. etc etc.) and call President. (We even role played before we called him) And he basically told us the same thing. But he then said, "what if I baptize them?" -"You wanna baptize them president?" "Yeah. I'll do it, give him their number and I'll call them and tell them Elder Brinkerhoff can't do it." The next day we were having dinner at our Bishops house and he invited the Salimedas, and President called Sue.. Sister Wright and I hadn't told them anything so we're freaking out when she said it was President Dalton! We were at the table and explained to Bobby what was going on. She came back to the table very calm and fine, not upset about anything. She said that he just confirmed to her that he was allowing Elder Brinkerhoff to baptize them. Chee-hoo!! Oh my goodness, little heart attack. But President and Sister Dalton are coming, and so is our stake president. And our whole zone, and the ward.. I think we're going to have to meet in the chapel. :) Our ward has really stepped up and are doing fabulous fellowship. I think they are going to two thanksgiving dinners. (I think we're just dinner hopping too. It's going to be a crazy day.) Ahh! I love them so much! They are so prepared! I really feel like I haven't done anything, the spirit has just been working on them for a long time. And I am blessed to see the miracles! Also,, All 4 of them are on board, Nathan is getting baptized too. He was the one who was iffy, but we had an awesome lession with him and he's going to do it. Ahh, I stinkin love this!

Our Zone is on fire right now! Every month the goal is to hit the high water mark, ours is 18. And we've had 19 with date for a while, but we just found out that the zone leaders had two drop. They were so bummed, one said he felt like a girl just dumped him. So that makes us at 17.. WE NEED A MIRACLE!  I am determined to get 18 baptisms! Sister Wright and I last night decided that we need to go and talk to Buddy, Alex Hackett ( the boy we pushed really hard last month) And talk one on one to him. Lots of fAaith.

I love you!
S. Nielsen

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