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Chee-hoo!! I love being a missionary! 29 Oct 2012

Hello Nielsen Family!

Soo have officially survived my first tsumani! :) Don't you worry, I was all ready with my life jacket, flippers and snorkle. They provide that in our 72 hour kits here. ;)

Idk if you guys heard about it.. But it was crazy! Friday night we had a baptism for one of the elders in our zone and while they were standing in the font this really loud alarm goes off outside. They have this huge alarm system for isumani warnings and hurrianes. And that alarm alone will make you panic! But it was kind of exciting! Definitely a baptism I will never forget! We returned to our pad, and got news that we were on higher ground so we would be fine. But driving home, people were going crazy! So many people at gas stations and then hearing from members that people at the stores are just hording water and food and stuff. The tsumani hit around 10:30 so right when we were going to bed, and we found out the next morning it was only about a foot. It didn't do any damage. Which is definitely a blessing! But it just goes to show how prepared you need to be when those situations come!

Well.. This week was sooo good! we had 10 with member lessons! So we're keepin consistant! We have so many investigators and I just want to baptize them all! Especially since transfers in on the 14th of november. :/ I'm ready for change. But I just want to see them baptized first! We have a goal of 11 people baptized for November! Just in our area, but we have the names! So its going to happen!

Yesterday for Pday we had a "sisters day". It was super fun! All the sisters on O'ahu drove to La'ie and we had Barbara Barrington Jones speak to us in the VC. I stinkin love that woman, she's so inspiring. And then all had lunch in the stake center across the street. It was good to be with all the other sisters. I actually ran into a VC sister I went to EFY with in taylorsville!  It was crazy! Who would've thought back then that we would both go on missions and be called to the same place! But I am really glad I'm not VC, I love being full pros. I get to be with the people.

This last week, I feel like we've been teaching a lot about the word of wisdom. To our investigators and recent converts. But it's amazing how the spirit works on people and they then have the desire to change. One of our investos-Kenny, is an alcoholic. We committed him to be baptized last week for November 24th, and when we taught him about the word of wisdom he told us he was already trying to stop drinking. BAh! He's already trying to stop! Because he knows that this is what he wants! Our recent convert-Mariko, she is also an alcoholic and she is trying to get into a rehab center, but she doesn't want to come to church until she is completely sober. We talked about how the atonement is the best recovery program there is. She hasn't been reading her scriptures or praying either. So we committed her to do those things and promised her she will recover if she builds her foundation on Jesus Christ. Gah! It was just a powerful lesson.
Dad I remember when you could come back from lessons with the Cabias(?) (that family from peru) and say, "The spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife." I now understand what you mean. I get it! And I LOVE those lessons! They are SO powerful!

Ok so you are probably wondering about little Alex Hackett who we were hoping for a miracle baptism this last Saturday. Well.. His Dad freaked a bit, said he didn't care if they got baptized but he wouldn't go. And he also would've give a written permission. Soo.. We are just letting things cool. But Alex wrote him a cute letter about why he wanted to be baptized and taped it to his door. Gosh, these kids faith is so incredible to me. And then teaching Alex, he had so much more confidence than I have ever seen him before, with the thought of him getting baptized. He didn't care if his dad was there. He just wanted to be baptized, because he wanted the holy ghost. We'll definitely get him there this month. We are still prayin and I know it will happen.

Sooo Tai is getting baptized on SATURDAY!! Oh also.. I need to somehow get to American Samoa next November, I have a sealing I need to go to. Do you think you could call my mission president and pull some strings? ;) Because I'm invited! Ahh! I want to go sooo bad! I stinkin love Tai, he's kind of been my first everything in teaching the lessons, and he'll be my first baptism. He's so ready. He's going to be one of those solid converts! S. Wright and I are soo excited!

I'm sorry and sad to hear Elder Sanft got ETed. You guys don't talk much about his companion.. I take it Elder Sanft was the favorite missionary. Haha. That's awesome he was called to be a Zone Leader! He's a very young ZL too if he's only 8 months! I'm sure they are good hard working elders. Are you helping them with their investigators? HELP THEM! We can only do so much as missionaries.  Get me his address, I'd like to write him about you guys. Ha!

Gosh I wish I could write so much more, I have so much to say! But just wait till I get home and then we'll just gather around for story time. :)

I love being a missionary and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for this wonderful opportunity!
I love you all! And I'm so glad Cody, Erin, and Dad got some bonding time on top of a mountain. ;) Adelaide, Carly, and Summer-I'm sure you both look smashing in your halloween costumes! Go get some candy for me tomorrow night k! Chelsea and Brian, I stinkin love your blog! You two are so cute. Mom and Dad, your thee best parents ever. I am so thankful to you both. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Love, S. Nielsen

P.S. Tell Tucker and Tiffani I love them! And take lots and lots of pictures for me!

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