Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What the What!?!? 8 Oct 2012


I'm so sorry my email last week didn't get to you! That's weird, I wrote one. And it looks like you're going to have two emails from me this week! Think of it as a blessing. :)

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS!!!! General Conference was NUTS!! I was freaking out when Pres. Monson made the announcement about the missionary age changes. Flip, I'm going to be a Gma compared to the new missionaries that are gong to be coming! But I have never felt more excited and more confident that this is so right for this time! And S. Wright and I were talking later, this is a sign of the last days! We need more missionaries to penitrate the earth with this gospel. The entire conference I felt was a request for all worthy young people to serve. If you are able to serve-they want us. We are God's Army. This is a battle between good and evil. And if you really understand that battle we are facing everyday, you would have the desire to serve a mission. I am SO happy and blessed to be on a mission. I seriously love it. And I feel like I have already answered to the call. That is why I have made this choice, to be part of God's Army. And I get this wonderful opportunity! This is the Last Days. I really think the Savior is coming sooner than we all expect. Elder Holland said "This is the Lord hastening his work." Everyone will either be in the church or against it. The refiners fire is happening now.

Ahhh. I stink LOVE general conference. My favorite talks were difinitely Elder Hollands and Elder Uchtdorf. So incredible. I am still so pumped and just ready to go!

K. Well.. This week has seriously been SOOOO long. So many things have happen that it's just make everything seem like it happen in a months time! But it flew by and the same time. Idk, weird weird thing time is.

Soooo.. One of our investos.. Chris, his wife is a member and he has anxiety about church buildings. (I think I've talked about him before right?) Well.. He prayed! Ahh! It was so great! He's been very good and keeping committment and reading the BOM and I can definitely see a change in him. This week we taught him the Doctrine of Christ and asked him to say the closing prayer and he prayed! Ahh! One of the BEST moments ever as a missionary. He is on him way. We haven't asked him to come to church yet, we're working on just activities first. He has anxiety about church buildings, his whole life he's been taught that they are bad. We took him on a church tour and he said his heart was just racing the whole time. We'll get there. But it was just stinkin exciting!

Also.. We have another investo, Cara. She is 25 and living with her RM boyfriend. She's been taught all the lessons and knows everything is true. The first three weeks we'd teach things like.. How to prepare for General Conference, or share mormon messages. Just things that she hasn't probably heard before. But that's not focusing on our purpose much. So this last week we had a lesson about desires. We shared scriptures about Alma and they people at the waters of mormon and how there desire was to serve God and be baptized. We asked her if she even wanted to get baptized and she said Yes! We then asked is she wants to marry the John. They've been living together for 5 years. And again she said that yes that is something she wants to do. But John.. Is kinda a very lazy son of God. She's the one trying to drag him to go to church with her, and she's the one who remembers to read scriptures together. It's all her. He's holding her back. Her RM boyfriend is keeping her from getting baptized! (.. I though of him during Elder Hollands talk) But it was so good to hear from her of what's going on! We definitely had woman bonding, just able to get out all that fuzziness. We joked and asked if we could plan her wedding and she said. "oh that'd be so fun!" just gotta get John on board. 

We had some training from our district leaders in our zone this week, and Elder Takahashi (he's a convert from Japan) did an incredible job! He talked about praying for "how to make things happen" not just set our goals. He said the example of our zone leaders last week of the month asking for a baptism. And then thinking that they are crazy. But then compared it to Nephi building a boat. He just asked how, how can something be done. It was really good! Us sisters call in miracles everynight that happen through the day to our zone through voicemail, and Elder Takahashi called us one day to report his miracle. He'd been fasting and praying that his investigator would be able to somehow find a way to come to church. And then.. She got fired from her job! So now she is able to come. "It was a miracle!" He said in broken english. Hahaha. Love it!   

Also. Today I am with Sister Haupeakui!! We're on exchanges, Sister Wright has to go to ZLC since she's a sister trainer now. And Sister Haupeakui's companion is also a sister trainer. So.. We've had a great reunion today. :) I love this girl. We've just been talking story and reminiscing MTC all day!

Hey mom. Will you pretty please send me an absentee ballet so that I can vote? That would do me wonders!
I better get. But I love you all so much and I hope you have a fabulous week!! :)

Love love love love love, S. Nielsen

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