Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hon-West Zone is.. Hon-BEST Zone!‏ 15Oct 2012


Mom.. I loved your email, especially about the popcorn fire story! Its hard to not bust up laughing in a very quiet library when I'm imagining my family running around and you getting upset about your grass burning. Hahaha! Love it! My companion keeps looking over at me and asking, "what!?" :)

Adelaide is potty trained! That's so exciting! .. Nah, it's not a missionary term. I just think I'm funny sometimes. :) But they do refer to things as .. I was born in Aliamanu. And then my last area I will die there. Soo.. I'm just a baby missionary still!

Ok.. You guys keep talking about Elder Sanft, and I'm trying to figure out what ward he's in. But nobody seems to know him. Soo.. Ask him for me. And tell him I say hi and I like his hometown. :)  And how long has he been out?

Soooo.. This week has been awesome! We've had choke good numbers! But the hardest thing is trying to get investigators to come to church! Gah! It's kind of frustrating, especially when they ask for a ride. So you find a memeber who is willing and then they don't answer their phone, you go to their apt and they aren't there.. Church is important people! But we'll get there. One step at a time. :)

For some reason also this week we've been runnin into and talking to alot of drunk people. They are very nice and friendly to us, but I don't think they really remember us when we go back and see them when they are sober. But in once incident, we contacted these guys and then there was one who wasn't drinking and just kinda sitting off to the side and made a comment about something like, "the bibles have been translated so many times, it's all changed and hard to know what to believe." Having this come out of his mouth was very shocking. He's 21, white, and just looks rough around the edges. After a while I started talking to him specifically and asked him what he believed and why and how he knew that. He said that he's read the bible 6 times! And that the concept of death just really interests him. He's experienced it at a very young age. But he's read all different versions of the bible. I then whipped out a book of mormon and asked if he's up for additional scripture. :) I explained to him the background and stuff and then he said himself. "So it's just adding to the bible." Halejuh! Yep! I asked him if he would read it and he said he sure would. He doesn't live in our area though, he lives over by ewa beach. So I got him information and asked if some missionaries in his area contacted him and taught him some things that we believe. He was all for it. This kid is SOLID! I was so dissappointed when he wasn't in our area. But we later found out that that was only the second time he'd come to hang out with those guys and that he doesn't make it around there very often at all. AH! Definitely NOT a coincidence.

So remember the Salimedas family? I love them. Soooo much! We taught them last monday and ahh everytime we go there I just leave soo grateful and I just LOVE them! Our plan was to teach the plan of salvation, but we get there and they've already been taught that. (Past missionaries) But we ended up having an awesome conversation about baptism. And.. I just love them! We ended with the Doctrine of Christ DVD. (Have the Elders shown you that yet? Please request it! It's SOOOO GOOOD! And we used it ALL Da time! ) It's about a family (Robles family, in San Diego) that was being taught by the missionaries ended up getting baptized and then a year later going through the temple. And it's powerful! But the Dad was so touched, and he was like.. "Thank you for showing us that, that really gives structure of what you guys do and how we can do that for our family." (Something like that) BAH! I want to see them baptized SOOOOO bad! They just need to come to church, and the mom needs to know for herself. She's kind of the one who's not helping the family progress. They'd be in the font by now if it wasn't for her. But I still love her!
This morning I was reading Alma 4 and 5, and it was crazy! I was having so many fast back of Elder Hollands talk from this last conference. They are sooo similar! I'm giving you homework to study both and tell me what you think. :) I wanna hear your insights.

I love ya'll! And I pray and hope you are doing well! Have a fabulous week!

Love, S. Nielsen

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