Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choke Miracles! 22 Oct 2012


Oh my heavens.. This weeks has been CRAZY!! It feels like a month! I seriously don't even know what to tell you because there is SO MUCH!

Ok. To start out, we had 11 with member lessons. 11!!! The most we've ever gotten is 6. The most lessons we've ever had in a week is 12. This week we had 18 lessons total. I was so physically and spiritually exhausted everynight. We also had 8 investigators at church!! 8! AHHHHH! It was so good.

Sister Wright and I have been praying to see a baptism this month. We thought it was going to be Alex (the runner) but now.. We know that it's probably Alex Hackett. He's 10 years old and in a part member family. He goes to church every week and wants to be baptized! Both him and his little sister Katie want to be baptized, but she's only 7. They need their dad's permission he wont let them get baptized till they are 12 or 13. He's athiest. We taught their family this week and Katie reads the book of mormon almost everyday. She told me that she prays that her dad will let her be baptized when she turns 8 every night! And that sometimes she'll leave her BOM in the kitchen or on the couch to see if maybe he'll read it. Talk about the faith of a 7 year old! Alex read the BOM too. They are such great kids and they hold there family together. Katie also invited her dad to the primary program this week. So sister wright and I were fasting that buddy would come to the primary program and his heart would be soften. On Friday, we went to a members home and Sister Hackett was there. She told us that Buddy has changed his mind, that they now just have to have an adult conversation about why they want to be baptized. Hallejuh! Miracle! So.. On sunday we pulled Alex out of primary for a little while and asked if he would like to be baptized on saturday. And talked to him about talking to his dad, kinda role play it out. He's gets really nervous and can't find words. The bishop gave him a blessing for courage and that his Dad's heart would be soften. We haven't heard anything yet. But S. Wright and I both fasted on Friday, she fasted on saturday and then I fasted on Sunday. (We didn't do that on purpose. But kind tag teamed fasting. haha) Gosh. I have never fasted so hard in my life! I want Alex to be baptized on Saturday SO bad! We haven't heard anything yet. But.. Ahh. Still hoping and praying.

I love you all and I will write more next week I promise! Sorry my time is about to expire! :(

Love, S. Nielsen

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