Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Officially 2 Months Old!! And almost potty trained. :) ‏1 Oct 2012

My Dear Family, 

Aloha! I love reading your emails, it's always so fun to hear about little miss Adelaide and baptisms and the latest updates! I love Pday. Just for that reason. 

This week has been good! We taught 8 lessons, and had an investigator at church! Remember Alex? The one we taught in the dug out? Well.. He came to church, and with fast and testimony meeting and all I was so nervous and worried about every person who got up to speak. But we have a really young ward, so the first.. 15 minutes consisted of kid after kid after kid. Bearing sweet sincere testimonies. Which was good. It was crazy.. That was probably the first REAL adult investo we've had at church. I think he felt a little overwhelmed afterwards, but.. Oh well this is our church! And this is how it goes! 

Transfers are this week.. And it's CRAZY!! Everyone is so excited and there so much rumor flying around the mission. We had a missed call from President Dalton during church, he left a message for Sister Wright to call him back. Which got me suuuuuuuuuper anxious! All these crazy thoughts started running through my head.. "She can't leave! I'm still being trained.. We have so much work to do! I can't take over the area! We both have to see Tai get baptized! Ahhh!" But! She has been called to be a SISTER TRAINER! (Basically like a District Leader for sisters) She'll be soo great, that just goes to show how much of a baller missionary my companion is. :) She's nervous, but I have no worries that she's going to be GREAT! 

We ate dinner at a members home last night and their daughter's name is Adeleah. She 3 too. With blonde curly hair, she's so stinkin cute. Just reminded me of Adelaide. She was fun. 

We had a really sweet experience last.. Monday, after all our Pday activities. We went over to a former investo home. Salimedas, family of 4. 16 and 12 year old children. We just sat and talked, they told us about their past experiences with the missionaries, how they felt kind of pushed. But then we started talking about the Book of Mormon and asked if they'd read it. They read what the missionaries assigned them to read but that was about it. We showed here 3 Nephi where Christ visits and explained about what the BOM does and the background and then it just clicked in her head, and she then was like.. "This sounds a lot like Matthew.. Oh so this is just what other people have written about Christ, like the Bible." She said a lot more, but I'm just paraphrasing it. She then went and brought out this piece of paper, and let us read it. It was basically a prayer that she had written down, asking for the things they were struggling with. She closed the letter/prayer saying that she was His daughter this is her asking and knocking, that he now needs to answer. And then a day later we knocked on their door and asked when we could come by and see them. She said after they had stopped taking the lessons other elders would stop by and she wouldn't let them in. But when she saw sisters and it was right after she'd written that letter she thought this time it'd be different. BAH! It was just SO COOL! Heavenly Father knows exactly what he's doing. We're meeting with them again tonight, so hopefully it's just as successful. 

We have a lot of scheduled appts again for this upcoming week, I love it when that happens! Makes planning so much easier! The work is progressing! Ohh have I told you that Hawaii is one of the highest baptizing missions right now? Our mission is on FIRE! Every companionship prays everyday at 7:55 for vision 130. Basically so we can have 130 baptisms in a month. I think we've hit it the last 3 months. It used to be vision 100 when president Dalton first got here. Stinkin sweet! 

Well I love you! And I miss you lots. I hope you have a fabulous week! .. Enjoy Conference at 9am. We have to get up and be at the stake center at 6am to watch it. But I'm super excited! 

Love, S. Nielsen 
P.S. The pictures I'm sending are of the hike we went on last PDay, (Socks and slippers are very acceptable here. EVERYONE does it.) and a Hawaiian Sunset :), the cockroach trap in our car. Yeah.. We've had a little problem. We've caught 9 now, and named them Korihor, Shiz, Amalikiah, Laban, Sherem.. And so forth. :) These are just baby cockroaches, I the one in our sink was a lot bigger!

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