Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jesus Want Me For a Suuuuuuun BEAM! To shine for Him each day! 24 Sept 2012

Alooooooooooha Nielsen Ohana!

Things are going good, this last week we had a lot of cancelled appts, which is a bummer. Everyone been sick, including myself. I don't get sick very often at all, but last week I had like a head cold. Runny nose, and just pressure in my sinuses. It wasn't all the fun, but I'm getting over it so it's all good! Someone told me it might because of the vog (volcanic fog) that was coming over from the Big Island. Soo.. Idk! I may have just been sick too.

Erin's going to homecoming! Yayee! Sometimes I worry about da girl. ;) How is she going to answer ol' A.J?

Just so you can answer people I am in the Honolulu-West Stake, and in the Aliamanu Ward. And we have a car. President takes care of his sisters really well, the only sisters who wont have a car are  some of the VC and they have bikes and are super duper close. Here's a little Hawaiian lesson for y'all.. There only letters in the Hawaiian alphebet are A, E, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P. U, W. And the vowels pernounced. a-ah, e-eh, i-ee, o-oh, u-oo, and if they are next to each other its repeated. oo- ohoh. Well with oo's... I'm still struggling with it. S. Wright corrects me all the time. But this is what in on a sticky note in my planner.

Dinner appts. Everybody wants to feed us. We always have dinner appts, it kinda annoys me actually. I love members, but 5/6pm is prime time! People are usually home! And we have a dinner appt.. Idk. I'll get used to it I'm sure. And I've only had real Hawaiian plate twice. But it's so hard to get used to when you're not eating it all the time. I ate raw fish this past week. Mmm. Yep. It's called poke. But we talk to some of the Elders and they say that they only have dinner appts like.. 3 times a week. Oops.. People just love Sisters. :)  

Fetch Cody! SURGERY!? Ohh boy. I hope everything goes well and you recover fast. Are you getting the surgery done in Elko? (Fetch is BIG in this mission, kinda like flip in the best two years.. If you can imagine chinese, and koren elders saying fetch all the time. It's really funny, but I've kind of picked it up. Mission lingo. :) )

Mom.. I LOVE that you are checking/noticing people with kyphosis now! I laughed really hard when I read that.. I do it ALL the time! Kinesiology changes you whole view on life! Even if I didn't get a super good grade in it, I learned so much! Btw mom. Tiffani's wedding in Nov. 30. And reception on the 1st. Ahhh.. I better be a cardboard cut out!

Yes! We get to watch the RS broadcast. We are trying to invite all of our women investos and less actives. I am sooo pumped for conference! It's like a missionaries super bowl. We are all so excited! And S. Wright and I are trying to ask members if they will open their home and invite some of our investos to watch with a session them. We need members to fellowships. I had no idea how much we missionaries NEED members to just be friends with them! I am definitely going to be a completely different ward member when I get home.

Dang.. I'm sad I'm missing Carly's baptism! Gosh.. Send me pictures! The only picture I have of anyone is the goober face Erin took on my new camera right before I left. Soo that's what I've been having to show people.

Dad.. You're a nursery leader!! Hahah. I am so excited for you! And you get to be with Adelaide. That's SO FUN! We have tons of little girls in our ward who are about Adelaide's age and all I can think is how more advanced she is compared to these other kids.. She just knows what's going on. I miss that girl! 
Ahhh I feel like I've just learned so much this week. And I don't know why, my perspective has just changed on so many different levels. I really feel like my mission is helping me prepare of different callings I'm going to have later in life, in the church and also being a mother. I'm already making lists of how I want to do things and my different ideas, and who and what I want to become. I am so happy to be on a mission. Do me a favor.. I want you to write down the blessing you have seen from me being on a mission. It will be good for you to recognize the Lord's hand in your life and also I would really like to read it when I get home. It's just good to hear that all my efforts are helping and doing something. So start a journal. For me. :)

I love you all sooooooo much! And I love getting and reading your emails! But tell Cody that I think Ben Neff is beating him in most dedicated writer. ;) He's got competition.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLY!!!! I love you beautiful girl!! I am so happy you are being baptized!!!

Love, S. Nielsen 

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