Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 4?? Say What!? 17 Sept 2012

Hey Hey Fam!

Well.. This last week was.. SO GOOD! We found 8 new investigators!! Which is super good! Annnnnnnnnnnnd. Tai has a date for baptism!!! November 3rd!! I'm so excited! It's so awesome to see the progression and his faith building. Gah. I love it! He's gone for three weeks to the big island, so hopefully nothing gets in his head. But S. Wright and I were so excited. She says she hasn't had a week like this in her whole mission. Our numbers were pretty good. So we just gotta keep it going!

K. I wanna talk about this one guy we met with. His name is Alex. He's 33. S. Wright and I were walking out of a dinner appt and he was about ready to go running, so obviously I started talking to him, asked about how far he was going to run and stuff. Then we asked him about God and told him about us and what we do as missionaries. We got his number and Wahoo OYM! (Open Your Mouth) (You have to get an address or phone number) We called him about a week later and tired to set up an appt. We asked to come over to his house and he said that that wasn't a good idea, since he's still living with his parents. He offered to meet us at starbucks on Sunday morning. Uhhh. Two missionaries, at starbucks, teaching the gospel, on a sunday. Sketch. We then compromised and met him at a park. So yesterday we go to the park, and he comes! Neither of us had ever been to this park before and there were no benches anywhere.. There was a baseball diamond, so we went into the dug out. We then talked to him, got to know him better and he told us alot. He was very open. He's just recently started going to a church, New hope or something, but mostly because he had a twin brother, who's died in Iraq. And that since then he's just decided that he wants to change, so he's started going to church and wants to know God better. He's so prepared for the gospel! Just from everything he was telling us just kept thinking. 'You are so prepared.' We then taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon, he's committed to read it and meet with us again. And we'll probably find a different park, or maybe even a members home. That's probably be best. He's busy with week and going on a retreat with this other church, but we'll see him again next week. Oh man. So stinkin sweet. He just needs this gospel! He was one of our new investos.

Let's see.. We also met this girl referred to us from elders in a different ward. Her name is Cara, she's taken the lessons and basically knows everything. She took a BOM class from BYUH, read half the BOM. And she knows it's true. The only problem is she's living with her RM boyfriend.. So, we're going to have to work on that. Idk how all of that even makes sense.

Idk if you guys even like hearing about all my investigators. But this is what I do everyday! And they are what I try to focus on and think about, so.. Idk what else I'd tell you!

Interview with president was good! He had a questionaire thing that he just filled out since I was a new missionary. You get interviewed by both Sister Dalton and President Dalton. It's funny because Sister Dalton asked if I was homesick and I told her no. (Sorry, I love ya, but.. I'm just not homesick. :) Don't take offense.) And then President asked me how are ya? And then chringed his face, and I said I was fine, I'm doing good. I think maybe he was expecting me to break down crying or something being a new missionary and all. (S. Wright told me that's how her first interview was. Haha). He also asked me if this is what I expected, and I said.. Well yeah. That I didn't have a lot of expectations, but for the most part yeah. I didn't notice that they were suprised, but they both mentioned to S. Wright in her interviews with them that they were shocked. So.. I think I'm doing good! I'm not crying. Nielsens are just rocks I guess. :)

I can't believe I'm starting week 4!! Freak I'm almost done with my first planner!! That's just so crazy! I love my planner by the way, I'm so lost without it. I'm thinking I wanna use it after my mission too. Probably dorky, but they are so helpful! But friday marks my one month in Hawaii! Yikes! Sooo crazy. But I really love it here. I'm getting used to the humidity and I love seeing all thee incredible rainbows.

I love y'all!

Looooove, S. Nielsen

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