Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Beautiful Week! 11 Sept 2012

Aloha Ohana!

Well this last week has been SOOO GOOOOOOOD!! We went to pearl harbor to clean and polished some brass on the USS Missouri, and then got a tour which was super sweet. I love missionary work, but it's fun to see all the cool stuff here. I'm sending pictures. :)

The work has picked up a TON! I was praying for more teaching opportunities just cause I feel like I haven't had much real life practice yet, and on Sunday we had 15 scheduled appts for this week. Which is CHOKE good! (Choke is pigeon.. Look at me becoming a native. :) ) Serious answer to my pray. So now we just have to make sure none of them fall through. We taught two lessons yesterday and it was sooooo goood! They were both first lessons so we got 4 new investigators! And should get atleast 2 more this week if all of our appts for well. Let me tell you about some of my investos.

Piper family- Nyah is 11 and filled out an information card at the pcc and vc. She was being taught by the elders before we got here, but she's one of the people we taught yesterday and the rest of her family sat in and listened! Meko-20 and is living at home going to school at UH. The Mom is a school teacher and the Dad is in the army. Doing tons of crazy stuff, he leaves soon for the marshall islands or something. But they are black, and from the south, and SOOO funny! I love them but they like to talk. So it's hard to start the lesson and get it going. But it was really good yesterday, Meko is really prepared and has had alot of mormon friends.
Erika and Kenny- Both native and Erika has been less active for a while, but has been coming back to church and reading the scriptures. They are not married, but have a son named. Ocshon. (Ocean) He's taken lessons before, but I think it's been awhile. He has a lot of questions which is awesome. We came in contact with them my first week here, I was backing S. Wright and Erika came up to me and said that he husband had taken lessons before and they were wondering if we could teach him again, and when the closest church building was since they just moved there. Stinkin sweet. They were our other lesson yesterday, kenny is awesome. He's an alcoholic, but wants to change. And he knows he wants to be with his family forever.

Tai Tyrell- His wife is a member, and they just got married in July. But she has a firm goal to get sealed in the temple. And he's solid. She helps him understand things, he knows it true. But has a hard time setting a date. He was also one the elders left for us. But our goal is to have him baptized in October. :)

Well there's just a little bit. I'll continue more next week. We got a referral this week for a family of 13! Which is awesome! We haven't met them yet, we're trying to figure out the right way to approach them. But we are so excited for that.

Ok.. What is up with everyone hurting their knees? Erin and Cody, get better! I wanna hear about your wins! Not injuries. Booooo.

Dad, I looooooooooove your email from last week about Grandpa and everything, it was so uplifting and I am so happy to be filled in. It's interesting that you had read gpa's patriarchical blessing, because I had recently read mine and realized that there was a whole paragraph about my mission that I'd never seen before! And it just made me wonder about at the end of my life, am I going to be able to check off everything in it? Recieved all the blessing Heavenly Fathers promised and wants to give me? Oh boy, I sure hope so and am trying. So wondered about what gpas said, and all the things he would do. Anyways.. That was super cool to hear about.

I looooooooooved the temple this morning! I guess it's the only temple with bench seats, (for hawaiian people.) And that's the most I've ever moved around in a session! It was just so good, I feel so reenergized and ready to go. Although S.Wright is feeling sick today, so hopefully she'll just rest today and be better tomorrow. I really don't want to cancel any of our appts.

Interviews with president tomorrow! Oh another thing about him. He ran prop 8. He RAN it. Crazy.

Well I better go but I love you! And I love hearing from y'all! I hope you have a fantastic week!

S. Nielsen

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