Thursday, September 6, 2012

Only Up and Up! 04 Sept 2012


"Havin fun isn't hard.. When you got a library card!" Woo! Name it! S. Wright and I like to sing that when were headed to email. :)

I'm so glad to hear that grandpa's funeral went well. Dad I haven't been able to read through your whole email yet, I'm afraid I'll run out of time.. But I printed it off! So we're golden. Thank you so much for it too. I know I will enjoy all of it! I wrote a letter to Grandma yesterday (Yesterday was Pday, but also labor day. So the Library was closed.) I hope she's doing ok. Change is always hard.

Yikes! School is starting.. That's so crazy, time is flying. I can't believe I'm a month old! And I've been in Hawaii for two whole weeks! That's just nuts.
Thanks for Cela's # mom! I'll be sure to call that today! Referal. Received and contacted. :)

I don't have anything to compare to, but I feel like the work is going slow right now. Our numbers are down, we're both new to the area (whitewashing) and trying to get appts and meet lots of people in the ward and well as.. well everywhere. So we can only go up from here! We tract and hour everyday. Sometimes it doesn't happen because we have to visit other people, but we tract! And.. It's rough! No one is really open to listening to us, we've met everyone from budist to baptists to samoan aventists.. something crazy. We are doing something call the "prayer approach". It was a piolet program in california or something, but you knock on the door and offer to give them a prayer, to bless and ask for any concerns they might have, any struggles going on in there lives that they might want a prayer for help for. So far, I've seen it been successful once. But it was SO GOOD! They let us in and wrote down their names and asked for each persons concerns and what they needed help with. Their names were Ashlyn, Joel, and Hene. All between the ages of 17-21. But I was able to offer the prayer and just prayed normally but specifically praying for them and there needs. It was so cool. And I know they felt the spirit! We got there number, but wont call them until either today or tomorrow because they went to maui for vacation for the weekend.

We have a lot of women in our ward who's husbands are deployed. And most of the time the husband isn't a member. But I feel like everybody we talk to, especially in the ward, they like to give us their whole life stories.. We just sit there and listen most of the time. Which is so werid to me.. because whenever we had the missionaries over, it was always about THEM! Or we'd talk story back and forth. But we really just sit there.  It's just odd to me, maybe that's another reason why missionaries like to come over to our house. Ask them questions, it's nice.

Alright, you'll be so proud of me. I've eaten everything that's been on my plate! And.. So of it is werid! I've had hawaiian food, and phillipino food. Oh! Which I told them the one phrase that Dad likes to tell people and they all busted up laughing. Thanks Dad, we got a good icebreaker. :) But anyways.. Lots of rice and noodles. Noodles I guess symbolize a long life, so it's a big part of the culture.

Hawaiian wildlife: There are no snakes on any of the islands, but poisonous frogs. And they're big! Not super big, but bigger than the kind we'd catch and grandma Crofts. Also cocroches. We found one in our sink the other day. But I washed him down and turned on the food disposal. Mmm. And lizards and geckos. I see a lizard everyday. And people like to have geckos in there houses because they eat the bugs I guess. And everyone has a dog. I don't know why but EVERYONE has a dog. I feel like I'm in a hundred and one dalmations sometimes in the beginning where everyone looks like there dog. Yes it's like that here too.

Anywho. Things are going good. I love S. Wright. We get along really well and laugh a ton! And! She knows kid history, so we have a lot of fun quoting sometimes. :)

I can't believe Tiffani is engaged!! AHH! I'm excited but so mad at the same time! I'm missing it! But I am SO excited for her. I'm so glad she's happy.  Help out with her wedding and planning for me!

Thanks for the prayers and support. I love it! We're going to pearl harbor tomorrow to do service and I'm so excited! So I'll take lots of pictures and send them next week. Also, I'll be emailing you on Tuesday next week because we get to go do a session at the la'ie temple! So normally pday is on monday, but next week it's switched. And then interviews with president on Wednesday. I haven't been around president much. But he kind of reminds me of an Elder Holland. Very good at chastising. So it should be good. :) Our mission is on fire right now btw. We're destroying our high water marks! It's a really fun time to be in the mission, everyone is pumped about the work.

I better get going. But I love you! I hope things are going great! CDs! Make sure they are motab, efy, hymns or classical music over 100 years old. That's all we can listen to. But we're desperate for some music. You'd be the best!

Amber's last time with Grandpa Nielsen 
Loooooooooove! S. Nielsen

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