Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm in Hawaii!!! 27 Aug 2012

Aloha Ohana! (I can finally say!)

Well.. I'M HERE! Hawaii is.. THE BEST! I love it so much better here than the MTC. Don't get me wrong, I love the MTC.. But now I get to be a real life missionary.

I am serving the the Aliamanu Area in the Hon-West Zone. Soo.. I'm on the western side in Honolulu. Right next to the airport and pearl harbor. I didn't travel far from when I landed. Haha.

We flew into Hawaii and the mission president picked us up. We then went straight to a baptism in La'ie! It was so great, and fun to have 14 greenies in the back. We then went to a "refreshment" afterwards and ohhh boy. I. Am. Doomed. It was like a pot luck gone wild! SOO much food! And we'd all just eated dinner. Some crazy tongan stuff. I was just thrown into the culture. The average weight gain in this mission is 40lbs. Mmmm. Ok.

My trainer's name is Sister Wright. And she is SOO great! I love her. We get along really well. She's from Utah and likes to sing. Check it!

Chelsea's 2 sisters! Both in the MTC!

Chelsea sent me her blog that G. Nielsen died. That makes me sad but also very much relieved. I'm glad he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Can you get me grandma's address? I'd like to send her a letter. I hope she's doing ok. How's the family taking it? If there is one thing I've learned is that Heavenly Father's plan is SO perfect.

I don't have any mail yet so I couldn't get a library card today. So I'm just using the last tid bit of time from my comps card. Hopefully pictures make up for all that I don't have time to tell you.

But PLEASE PLEASE send me CDs and Pictures! I cant show anyone what my family looks like! Also.. I am right next to the army base. Give me Cela's address and I wanna look her up or refer her to the elders in her area.

I love you all!!
Sister Nielsen

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