Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Email. Yayee!! 10 Aug 2012

Hello my darling family!

I'm so glad you guys got my letter, and I loved all the dearelders! They make me laugh so much to hear all the exciting commotion back home.

Alright here we go. THE MTC: I love it here. I really do! I honestly cannot believe how blessed I am. My district is AMAZING!! We are soooo close it's kind of ridiculous. There are ten people in my district. 2 sister companions and 3 elders. And I seriously love them all! Everyone of those little 19 year olds. We've definitely been able to grow together mentally and spiritually.

Here's a little bit of the run down of how my days sometimes go.. 6:30 up and at it. Get ready. 7:00 breakfast. 7:30 personal study time. 8:30 classroom instruction. 11:30 lunch. 12:15.. Gym! 2 TRC (Sometimes.. only twice a week.) (Oh! That stands for Training Resources Center. They have paid actors and actresses that we go in and teach. Some are members, some aren't. I'll tell you more about this place later.) 3-4:30 Study time. 4:30 dinner! 5:15 Classroom instruction. 8:15 Zone teaching. 9 or 9:30 head home. In bed by 10:30. That's.. Probably really off. It changes everyday, but something like that!

Note to self: Get home off mission, and marry an MTC teacher. My teachers are seriously incredible! I've learned sooo much! and yet I know I still have much to learn! It's so weird to me too, because I graduated the same year as them, but I've never met guys my age who are that spiritually mature. It really is incredible how they bring the spirit into our classroom and how they teach with the spirit. I am just very impressed. No wonder it's such a long application process to get a job here.

I have 4 investigators that I am teaching. Casey, Erik, Cody, and Sarah. They are not "real" but we pretend they are. During about an hour of our classroom time we take turns teaching our teacher, but he's playing the role of one of the investigators that they taught on their missions, and with all their struggles and concerns. But they do such a good job getting into character that they really are not our teachers anymore. Their entire countance changes when they go their roles. In the TRC we also are teaching, but they are paid and some are members and some are not, they have rooms set up that have couchs in them to make it feel like their home. It's so good, but it also stresses me out. This is no relief society lesson in here! But I am really trying to learn that nothing is going to be me, I need to just rely and focus on what the spirit wants me to say. I have definitely had my taste of humble pie. But I am learning so it's all good!

I've fasted 3 times now being here. Fast sunday. Just me and my comp and because 3 people and our district have gotten sick. So I've seen two blessings, and ohh how I love the priesthood! It's just so great.

Anyways.. I am running out of time and I'm trying to type so fast! Ahhh! I love you all!

Sister Nielsen

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