Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ready. Set. Go.

Well it's here! The time has come! I am officially becoming a missionary in 2 hours, were driving to Utah in the morning and off I go. I'm ready, let's start this. My sister Chelsea and perhaps my Mother (if she wants to learn) will be updating this blog with my weekly emails and probably some pictures.

Being a girl that likes to run, I like to think of my mission like a race. I plan to hit the ground running, giving it my all even when I don't have anything to give. Walking in unacceptable!  Never stopping. And then sprinting to the finish line. That is when I will rest. It's going to to hard, I know this. But like a race, sooooo rewarding afterwards! I understand this is suuuuper cheesy, but that's just how I think of it! And how I want to be.

I am so excited! Its still crazy, but I'm just pumped. I hope and plan to be the best missionary I can be.  Thanks for all the love and support! I'll talk to y'all in February 2014. :)
Love, Amber Lee Nielsen (Soon to be Sister Nielsen.)

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