Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Growing 27 Jan 2014


Well I feel like I just barely emailed y'all. Another week come and gone, Crazy crazy life!

This week was good, definitely a growing week. But our numbers improved which I am so grateful for! Wednesday we had an unplanned exchange. Sister Robertson went with the marshellese sister to go and teach the family with the deaf son, and then I was with Sister Bown. She's been really stressed out lately, it's been a rough transfer for her we just ended up talking things out. And then went to have her fill out this accident report dakine. It was really good to be with her. She's such an amazing missionary and I know exactly how she was feeling. Sometimes I think there needs to be sister trainers for the sister trainers. But I felt as if I was able to play the "big sister" role (since she is my sister) and just listen and give council.

The marshellese family is doing so well! The dad has a date to be baptized on February 8th! He's so solid. He had a job offer on the Big Island and didn't take it because we committed him to be baptized on the 8th. I can't really talk to him very much because his english is small kine. But I can see in his eyes his commitment to his family and how much he wants his sons to get the best education and he's willing to do anything for them.

We had 2 lessons with Ty this last week and they went well. The first one we taught the plan of salvation, he always has good questions. When we talked again about how he felt about being baptized he said that he didn't think it would happen and that he doesn't think he'll ever be baptized. I think my heart just sank when he said that. I really didn't even know what to say. We came back on the weekend and watched finding faith in Christ with him, I think he liked it.  We brought a member with us who just got off her mission from Guam. It was SO good to have her there and to have her insights. He always reads the chapters we give him in the BOM but he doesn't pray. He said it just not something he's been taught to do so it's just weird to him. So that's what the commitment was for him.  We gave him the chapter Moroni 7, I hope and pray that something will hit home to him and that it won't just be 'interesting'. I would really love to see this kid baptized before I'm pau.

Those are really our only 2 progressing investigators. We tract a lot, but don't have a ton of success. Lots of gates and people don't want to talk to us. I am happy we're working. I want to finish so strong!

I feel like this transfer has just been.. helping me grow. I am so grateful for the continuation of refinement. There was a time this week I was just really upset, I missed kohala and didn't feel I was helping this area out at all. I read a quote from my book of Small Plates for Sister Nielsen which read, "Every area, companion, and experience is specifically tailored for YOU. To help and refine you to become who Heavenly Father wants you to be." And another, "Heavenly Father's plan is always bigger and better." I never thought I would struggle with that. But I learn thing everyday.

I love you so much! Thanks for everything. :)

Sister Nielsen 

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