Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Twist in Transfers? What the WHAT!? 24 Dec 2012

Aloha! And Happy Christmas Eve!

Oh my heavens.. This week has been CRAZY! Soo.. Transfers: Sister Wright got transfered to Big Island and my new companion is Sister Smoot, she's from Kayville, UT and came out with Sister Wright. And we're basicaly the same person, she went to BYU-Idaho, plays the flute, and likes to sing. She's an awesome misisonary. BUT! We're now covering both her area and my area! Her ward is in a completely different stake/zone, and is over by Diamond head. Soo look at a map, Diamond Head compared to where the airport is. It's not too far of a drive if there is no traffic. But.. Hawaii has the worst traffic in the nation. And on Tuesday we got stuck for an hour trying to go from one area to another. So basically President took our companions away, and put us together to work in both areas. We have 2 zones, 2 ZL's, have to report to 2 District Leaders, and everyone's kind of fighting for our attention. I feel bad, we have to cancel half of our dinner appts and some members were not happy. I'd definitely be lying if I said I was not stressed. But everything's all good! I'm happy President trusts me with this responsibility and hopefully I'll be able to put this stress to good use and be an effective missionary.

(Side Note: Kahala ward is a very rich area, and is in the ward boundries of the mission home. So President is in our ward. It also is the only ward with a deaf group on the island.)

To add on top of the craziness we had 2 baptisms on Saturday! Chee-hoo! One in the Kahala ward, and one in Aliamanu. And so in trying to prepare for both this week we were driving everywhere like crazy! Katherine was baptized and it was probably the most chaotic baptism I've ever been too. But funny how things work out it was perfect for Katherine. Our baptism was scheduled at 9 am, and another ward had a baptism at 8am. :/ We show up to the chapel and another ward was having chapel clean up. Vacuums and people cleaning and mopping everywhere. We then realized we only had an extra large jumpsuit for katherine, and well I guess it was going to have to work. We didn't have any other options. But it fit her just fine. The service finally started and our counselor in the bishopric welcomed us all out to sacrement meeting, I don't think he realized it either. And then while the baptism talk was happening, Katherine's son Chirs, 6 years old and has severe ADHD, was freaking out and punching the back of his chair the whole time, so that's where Katherine's attention went, luckally all the families there had there wild kids too, so it was fine. After she was baptized we helped her in the bathroom and I asked her how she felt and she said, "I feel good! The water was freezing, but then after a while I just felt warm all of a sudden." I'm SO happy the spirit is able to warm up the font! And also smooth things over. She was so happy. The chaos was perfect because it didn't make her feel like her son was the only thing being disruptive. Heavenly Father knows exactly what He's doing.

We then drove over to the other side and had the baptism for Kini! She's a sweetheart, from figi and suuuuuuuuper solid! She has such a strong testimony! She's been through so much and she's ahh just awesome. The baptism went well. And we were finaly able to breath a little bit, but not for long. We have SOO much work to do. And I don't want either area to be deprived. President just told us to go where the work is, and plan effectively that our time is precious. And it really really is! I think this is the thing Heavenly Father is trying to teach me this transfer, is how to be really organized and how to plan and work under a busy busy work load and stress. I've never been very good at that, but I'm excited to hopefully be shaped and refined to become better! All is well.

One more quick experience. Last night we went caroling with a few elders, and they took us to there area in federal housing. It smelt like pot and alcohol. While we were singing silent night to this one family, I think was a recent convert. It just reminded me of the place where Jesus was born. Poor and lowly. And that if it was in our day it would be very relatable to these circustances. The spirit just came over me and it make me so so very grateful, that He knows every situation. And He came here to this world to be born and help me to return to Heavenly Father's presence. What love He has for all of us.

I'll be talking to y'all tomorrow! I looooooooove you!

S. Nielsen

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