Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Life of a Missionary.. in Hawaii. :)‏ 17 Dec 2012

Aloooooooha! Mele Kalihimaka!

This week seriously feels like a month! But yet also a day.. So weird. I'll get to that. Ok first things first. Erin, 2 DATES!? That's my girl. ;) Hahaha, I love that! Pumba would be so proud. Also.. It's Christmas already? Yikes. I don't know when I'll be calling.. But I only get 40 minutes, and we're not allowed to skype. President likes to keep things simple. Sooo I will be hearing all your lovely voices in a week! And if you don't answer.. I'll just call back later I'm sure. Mom, I've been asking about nativites, but there is never enough time on pday to find one, and I could go to target.. but.. That's really not Hawaiian. Good thing I have another Christmas here. I will find one!

Last week news!

Monday: P-Day and ice skating!

Tuesday: Sister Kimmons is back! She's getting transfered to our mission, and she stayed with us this whole week. I stinkin love her, little Texas girl. (And Erin, I cut her hair this morning. Woo!) Ooo, also President took us to lunch after we picked up Sis. Kimmons from the airport, and then that night we went to Outback for out 18 high water mark dinner! Suuuuuuuuper fun!

Wednesday: Crrrrazzzzzzziiiinnnnneeeesssss, service project for a member and then the cottage meeting- the whole Salimeda family  spoke! They are SO SOLID! I love them so much.

Thursday: Alllll day week plan session. It felt so good.

Friday: T passed her baptism interview!

Saturday: T's BAPTISM!!!
Well.. T got baptized on Saturday! She has been so prepared! We didn't have any problems or concerns with her, she wanted to be baptized so bad. She told us days before that she was so excited she couldn't sleep. But she's in Halawa boundries, so that was our only concern. And also trying to baptize a lady in a wheelchair, but we got it all figured out! She sat on her shower chair. After we dressed her in her whites we had about 15 mintues to spair till the program started and she kept telling everyone, "Let's get this started! I don't have all day ya know." She didn't care who was there, she just wanted to be baptized! After she came out of the water she said so excitedly "I'm baptized!" I can't even put words to describe how she's changed my life and my whole perspective on things. She's had a hard life, and her family doesn't support or help her very much at all. Sunday morning we woke up at 5 o'clock to go to her house and help her shower and get ready for her confirmation. After washing her good hand she said "This is the first time that hand has been washed." I know Sis. Wright and I were suppose to find her, not the Elders. There is a reason and purpose for everything. Heavenly Father is well aware of T. And He's been preparing her all these years. I was just blessed enough to see everything happen.

Well.. As you all know, we got transfer calls last night. Haha I know you all want me to see the different islands, but Heavenly Father wants me to stay and take over the area. :) Sister Wright is being transfered off island, our assumption is Big Island with Sister Barnes. It's all good though. I'm serving in Hawaii, I think anywhere I'm at is a blessing. I'm not worried about taking over the area, but I am worried about keeping the fire going. Sister Wright is a baller missionary. We have 2 more with date.. Katherine for this weekend and Kenny on the 29th. I just hope I'll be able to help them stay on track, that they wont fall through. And also once we baptize these two our teaching pool is gone! We baptized everyone! I know that not a big problem to have, but finding the elect is work. And I don't want to loose the baptizing fire we have in this area. I know I just need to do my part, and Heavenly Father will take care of everything. But those are just my little worries. But everything will be good. I hope I've doing everything Heavenly Father wants me to do in this area. And that I am becoming the person He wants me to become.

Anywho.. I love you all! Have a fabulous week and do good things!

Looooooooooooooooove, S. Nielsen

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