Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wowza! Mele Kalikimaka!‏ 10Dec 2012

Alooooha! And good morning on this fabulous Monday!

This week has gone by SOOO fast! But at the same time I feel like a month has passed! I am soo exhausted, but somehow Heavenly Father gives me energy to keep going.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well! Ohh. Happy Aniversary Mom and Dad! Go to the star. :) It's weird to think about back home and how it's cold there. Because the weather hasn't changed much since I got here, besides the fact that it gets a little cooler at night. But other than that.. It's the same!

At this time we have 3 investigators with date! Tiresa, Katherine, and Kenny. Tiresa (we figured out how to spell her name.) is the gal in a wheelchair that God happen to place in our paths, she's not in our ward boundries.. But we don't think the elders would be very patient with her since she's hard to understand. .. Yeah I know.. We poach. It's ok. She's getting baptized this Saturday! And she is SOO excited! We still have to figure out all the little things like.. How we're going to get her in the font, but everything will be well. She's excited and everything will work out. I'm not worried. Katherine we invited this week, and she said yes! She's a single mom, in the military and is doing everything by herself right now. She had surgery this last week and we had our relief society jump on it and help her out, I know she's was so grateful. And I hope she is able to see what the church gives and what it will bring to her life. She's awesome though, I love her. We just need to get her more solid and build her testimony. Her baptism date is for the 22nd.  Kenny. AH! Kenny has been sober for 8 DAYS!! He's been drinking since he was 17 and hasn't stopped. But he's ready to quit, he got a priesthood blessing last Sunday after church and it's working! (Ofcourse.) This is the longest he's ever gone since he started! Yesterday he told us that he went to open a can of beer, and he looked at it and said it looked like puke, then he took a sip and couldn't stand it! That is was gross. AH! God is so good. He's doing so well. We just have to get him focused on the marriage part. He needs to marry Erika before he can get baptized, so that will be our next focus. He has his baptismal date for the 29th!

My eyes have been opened being a missionary. We are facing struggles in our zone, I've talked with one of our Zone Leaders and he feels the same way, that after we hit 18 everyone doesn't care anymore and have just sacked out. Nobody is focused on 20 this month. And it's so frustrating! If every companionship had 3 baptisms, we'd for sure hit it. It's so interesting to see who wants it, and who's out here to get their RM stamp. I thought all missionaries were obedient. But that's really not the case. You really get to see people true colors and testimonies here on a mission.

There is so much going on inside of my head, so much that I want to tell you and say, but I just don't know how to put it. These past couple of weeks I've been hearing and thinking so much about how our lives are way too busy, and how when we are we are in Satan's yoke, we take no time to ponder the meaningful things in life. We have no time to recieve spiritual guidance, because we are not listening to the Holy Ghost. We don't have time to. I think this is especially how people get during Christmas time, everyone is way to busy.. doing this and that, and nobody stops and recognizes the Savior, and the reason why we have Christmas. It's so sad to see, I feel like I've been running for years, school, work, school. I know when I got home my priorities and how I spend my time will be very different. It's just defined as what you take as your priority in life. And what is important to you. Good, better, and best. :)

Well I love you all! I hope you have a fabulous week and give the time to stop and enjoy the blessings God has already given us. :)

Much loooooooooooooove and Aloha!
S. Nielsen

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