Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Message from the Mom of Sister Nielsen's Companion

Bishup Lung and the Nielsen's,

Wow!  You must have been confused when you got the weird email from me!  The internet I was on was weird and, without me knowing, it obviously cut out and only saved some of the note so here is sort of what I said.

It was Sister Wright's birthday on Thanksgiving and she was so excited that the Salimeda family was being baptized.  She is such a family girl that I was worried she would struggle not being home for her birthday.  However, she is having the time of her life in Hawaii and I fear she won't ever want to return!  She is such a blessing to us as she serves the Lord there.

Sister Wright, Teddy, calls Sister Nielsen her baby, since she is her trainer.  She has so much love for her!  She mentions her gratitude for Sister Nielsen every week in her letters home.  They are on fire together.  We were in Elko in October and, after we returned home, realized that Sister Nielsen was from there and we could have met!  We will simply have to make a short trip to Elko when Sister Nielsen comes home.  I am sure Teddy will want to visit.  

Thanks, Bishop, for taking the time to write and include the wonderful pictures.  They are precious to us.  Thanks, Nielsens, for your incredible daughter that is such a blessing to our daughter.  Take care and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season!

Sis. VaLee Wright

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