Saturday, January 12, 2013

Expecting Miracles Make em Happen!! 07 Jan 2013


It's crazy how fast time is going huh. 5 months, I still feel like a baby misisonary and that I just got here. It's sooo weird. Chelsea, I loooooved all your crazy Nielsen stories from the holidays! Baha! Our family is NUTS! But I love it. I am glad you guys all have a good winter break. And Erin, I am glad to see you are making sure my pea coat doesn't get dusty. Ehem? .. It sounds like it's freeezing there! Yikes! And I have been freezing here! It's been love 70s high 60s, and I'm freezing! I never thought I would be cold in Hawaii. It's been rainy alot here lately.

This week was good! New Years was fun, we just cruized together as a zone, had a white elephant gift exchange (I got a Justin Bieber backpack. Yessssss.) and then watched the fireworks. It was cool because we were on top of a hill and you could see fireworks everywhere! The next day was a non proselyting day and we took a nap! It was the most glorious thing in the world! And much needed. I. Love. Naps. And you don't ever take them as missionaries.

We found new investos!! Through the prayer approach! This week I was really trying to focus on getiing our "windows" (or tracting time) in everyday. And so we were tracting this one street, I had picked the night before while planning just because it stuck out. And it was our last door before we headed out to dinner, it was weird because while walking down to the front door I just imagined us.. Going there a lot. Idk it was weird. We knocked on the door and the woman who answered let us right in. Almost as if she knew us and recognized us. A few minutes later the rest of the family came home, and we were able to pray with the whole family! They are SO prepared! They expressed to us how they knew members in La'ie and how you could just feel what they believed by being around them. After we invited them to be baptized  they were thinking about it were kind of shocked that their friends had never invited them to church. They never gave us a response of yes or no, conversation kind of changed, but we are allowed to go back.  It was just SOO cool! Then the Dad right before we were getting ready to go he say "You know there is a reason why you guys are here, because she (pointing to his wife) never lets anybody inside. So there is a reason." It so interesting because that morning I was studying chapt.4 of PMG and it was talking about the light of Christ, and how it is preparatory to receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. This family has that light of Christ in them! I didn't quite understand while I was reading it that morning, or just wasn't thinking that deeply about it. But when I met them I was just reminded of that! Sister Smoot said she thought they were members playing a joke on us as first. But they had that light in their eyes, I think the father was a pastor before if I am right. But I'm not quite sure.

On Saturday we went on exchanges! And I went to Miliani zone, Waialua.. North Shore. And oh my heavens I have NEVER seen the ocean as beautiful as I did that day! The waves were CRAZY! And I was driving on dirt roads for the first time in 5 months! I was with Sis. Kimmons! And she's only been in that area for about.. 3 weeks so we both were a little lost. But we had a miracle! We were trying to visit a less active and there were no numbers on this street, so we decided to just knock on someones door and ask them. There was this one guy outside so we started talking to him, and ended up praying with him and inviting him to be baptized. I'm trying to perfect the prayer approach, that that was almost perfect! I just forgot to ask for referrals and give him a card. But we are supposed to ask if there is anything specific we can pray for. And normally people don't open us to complete strangers about the hard times in there lives. So I've been trying to ask, "what are the desires of your heart, that we can pray and bless you with?" and it went well with him! He told us how his job wasn't secure, and that he's lost his mother, father and an auntie within the last 2 years. He was just going through a hard time. And he was really touched by the prayer, he started crying and said that he would be baptized. Ah!! Heavenly Father knows exactly what he's doing! It was good for Sis. Kimmons too. I guess one of the hard things she's facing with adjusting to this mission is tracting, they never did tracting on Christmas island. All member referrals. And she was excited about it! I could tell while we contact people she's nervous, but I hope she can see now that this works!! I love the prayer approach!

Well.. I better jet. I hope you all have a fabulous week! Keep the faith!

Love, S. Nielsen

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