Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emergency Transfer? What!? 14 Jan 2013

Aloha Nielsen Ohana!

I love your emails/updates of the fam each week! Dad. Awesome missionary experiences! We need more members like you! Grandma is definitely telling the truth. :) Mom. About the clothes thing, umm.. I feel bad if you have to buy new clothes. You could just send me some that I already have packed away. Comfortable shirts would be really nice. :)

.. I have had thee CRAZIEST week of my life! Well.. Kinda not really. But it's been pretty crazy! And some great learning experiences. Our investigators are doing good, Kehnie is still schuduled for the 26 and we committed him this week to get married! And he said yes! So that was good. We also committed our investo Betty to get baptized and she said yes! Feb 2nd! :) She's so solid and prepared. Her grandma in law referrel her to us.

Thursday was interesting, but so good! I was praying a lot for how to help my companion. Her last three months before she was with me she struggled with her companion, and kinda got a little lazy with some of the mission rules.. We get along great! We laugh all the time! I love this girl so much, but in the beginning I'd learned from her talking about past experiences that she does not take correcting or being critical of her very well. It stresses her out alot, she needs building and encouragement. So I'd never mention anything to her about it, but just tried to love her as much as I could, and not judge her for anything. Also, she's served on Maui for her first 7 1/2 months and when she got to Oahu, she'd gotten a sinus infection. And nobody really knows how to treat it. She's alergic to something I guess. So she constantly has a runny nose and is just tired all the time. But she wants to work and she wants to see success. It's just hard for her to have motivation. So I was praying really hard, trying to figure out what I can do to help. I really had no clue. We week planned that morning and then had to rush on to an appt so we didn't have time for comp inventory. After the appt, but both had different views of how that appt went. So we talked alot about it, and about having faith. She then opened up a lot of things that had been weighing on her mind, how she knows she needs to be better, how she wants to be, but how its just so hard to get back after you've been doing things so long, also how she is so frustrated about being sick. I suggested she get a blessing. And she agreed that she'd been thinking about that, but didn't want to. I persisted a bit,  that she would feel better and that she knows she needs to. So she did, I called our zone leaders and they came over that night and gave her a blessing. And it was the most inspired blessing I've ever heard! He talked about getting her greenie fire back, and then said that based on her faith that she would be health of any infection, virus, or disease. Just everything he said was SO perfect for her! It was so neat to be a part of that experience. Heavenly Father answered our prayers. :)

On Saturday I was was able to go on exchanges with the sister trainer on island, and it was so good! We came to my area and Sister Smoot went to North Shore. She is the kind of missionary I want to be like! I can definitely see why she is a sister trainer, she has an aura about her. She loves the work and loves everyone she meets. We had a lot of fun and I love getting constructive criticize back on how to be a better misisonary. She goes home in three weeks.

Alright now for the BIG news.. On Sunday I checked my phone after church and had a million missed calls from the assistants. So I call them back and they tell me to pack my bags and that I am getting emergency transfered and to meet them at the tabernacle in 2 hours.. I felt like I'd just had whip lash! So we hurried home and got ready. I have been transfered to Kaneohe Zone, windward side of the island. The sisters over here got in a car accident and so now neither of them are able to drive. We live in the town of Kailua and are serving in the Olomana ward. I'm still no good with these Hawaiian words sometimes. My companion is Sister Piutui.. (I think that's how you spell it.) But she is from La'ie! Crazy! She's been out for about 3 1/2 months now. Sooo.. Its so weird! I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone! Just picked up and left. I loooove Aliamanu ward so much! I already miss it. But I know everything happens for a reason. And I am excited to be here and have new experiences. It's so green. And I guess on Thursdays we do service cleaning out horse stalls! So within these 4 weeks I have served in 4 area! Aliamanu, Kahala, Waialua, and now Olomana. Idk what president is thinking. But I'll probably know this island pretty well by the end of it!

Well I better get going. I love you all! And thanks for much for being the best family ever!

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

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