Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's me again! 22 Jan 2013


Oh heavens. It sounds so cold there! I'm going to freeze when I go home! I think I've gotten used to this weather so lately it's been about 60 degrees and I've been freezing! But it's all good. I am glad you guys are all doing well, with basketball and museum activities. :) 

Mom, haha all your questions make me laugh! Let me try and answer some. The name of the town we live in is Kailua, and it's close to Kaneohe.. We cover part of Wiamanalo and Olomana. So maybe try and look for those on the map. It's the opposite side of the mountains from Honolulu. It's really gorgeous here. And it does rain a lot. I miss Aliamanu. My companion is Sister Piutau, she's Tongan and  is from La'ie! She was called to serve her mission in Hawaii even though she's grown up here. I can't even imagine. She's been out for about 4 1/2 months. Annnnnnnnnnd she says she thinks she knows of Elder Sanft! And Doctor Kinikini. Weird. I think La'ie is a bubble from what it sounds like. Everybody knows everybody. But it's been good! Hopefully she'll teach me some Tongan. :) ..To get driving privileges taken away.. Or "black dotted", I think if you wreck. Or if you drive away from your companion and leave them. I'm not sure. I heard that President doesn't black dot sisters, but apparently I was wrong. I don't know. But I am the driver here. Sister Piutau doesn't have a licence. And your last question.. Have I grown any fonder of pineapple.. Ha! Umm.. Kinda? I'll eat it, but it's still not a favorite. But you'll be surprised what I do eat now! I just don't have to like it. I ate a pickled mango at district meeting earlier. Mmhm. Be proud. :) 

Well this week has been.. Interesting. Learning a new area and new names and concerns of investos is hard. But I'm getting there. I was finding it hard at the beginning of last week to be motivated to work. My heart was still in Aliamanu and I was thinking and worrying about the people I love so much there. Heavenly Father has definitely been teaching me a lot this week. I've learned a lot about charity and how to love EVERYONE I meet. That's been coming up in my studies. 

Zone Conference was on Thursday for my old zone, and I got to go because Kaneohe zone already had theirs. It was really good. President and the training talked a lot about getting back to the basics and just going and doing it. Just get out here. For every zone conference everyone has to prepare a 5 minute talk and President picks the topic. His question was "How does exact obedience bless my missionary service?" And as I was preparing weeks before I knew that I was going to get called and have to share. I don't know why but I just knew! This happened to me in the MTC as well. I just new it would be me! So with all this emergency transfers and stuff I wasn't able to refine the talk that I was preparing and thinking about, and of course there's that little voice in your head the morning before it starts that says. "Nahh. Maybe I wont get picked.." But lo and behold, I was called. And I gave my talk, but I thought it went ok, but I don't think I gave or presented it the way I would have liked to. But I was just kicking myself that I didn't prepare better because I knew!! I was so frustrated afterwards. But it's all part of the trial and error. Now I know, and hopefully I will learn that when the spirit tells you you are going to speak. Prepare! Interesting how things work out. 

Having all these different companions and teaching with all of them is sooooo different. It's trying to find the balance I think, and be unified and one voice. Sister Wright and I, she took about 3/4 of the lesson. That's just her personality. With Sister Smoot. We were really balanced and equally taught. With Sister Piutau, it's a lot more of myself teaching. Which I don't like! I'm trying to find a way to be more unified. She's such an awesome, solid, hard working missionary! But she never went to the MTC. And I think right now she is lacking confidence. The other night we came back from a lesson and I could tell something was wrong. So I asked her is she was ok, and she explained that she's suuuuper bummed that she didn't get to go to the MTC, and that she feels like she's not as prepared as she should be, as a missionary. I tried to reassure her and comfort her. But! If you could would you please send me my orange MTC experience book back ASAP!? I want to give it to her, and then we talked about role playing a lot during comp study. Because that's basically what you do the whole time in the MTC. I love this girl, she is going to change so many lives! But I want to help build that confidence in her. And help her realize that she is a fantastic! So if you could send that to me that would be great! 

Anyways.. Everything is going good! I love being here. I love the work that I am doing. I read a talk by Elder Holland this morning that he gave at a seminar for Mission presidents. He said "missionary work is not easy, because salvation is not cheap". It's so true. I love my Savior and I am trying my very best to help other come unto Him. 

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! 
S. Nielsen  

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