Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Know That My Redeemer Lives. 25 Feb 2013

Aloha Mi Familia!

What the what.. I don't get to find out who won the championship games!? .. Darn. I'll just have to wait till next week. Well I hope and pray that all went well and that you had an awesome time in Vegas, whatever the outcome. :)

Well.. This week was good. I don't think there are really any major events that happen. We're just working hard and trying to cover both areas. Just trying to keep going and push strong to the end! (March 13th-transfers.. aka Kahala and Aliamanu get their own miissionaries again! Phew.)

We had one baptism for the Kahala ward this week! Her name is Brianne, she's 16 and just the sweetest spirit ever. She was introduced to the church by a ward member who works at her school. Auntie Fine, her husband is the Bishop. She noticed that some of the girls were mean to her and so she told Brianne that she doesn't need them that she would be her friend. She later invited Brianne to church and she fit right in with the Young Women. She's been coming to church since like October, but her parents just barely decided to let her get baptized. Her parents actually came to the baptism as well! It was an awesome service the spirit was really strong.

I had to give a talk in church on Sunday (Aliamanu ward) on the Plan of Salvation. And Bishop just said to take it from preach my gospel and split the lesson between Sis. Kuok and I. It was kind of a hard talk to prepare. Speaking in church is way different than teaching a lesson. Especially when your used to teaching to people who don't know anything about the gospel. So my first bullet point was the atonement. And I'd been studying that all week, and I felt like I'd learned so much, yet I was having such a hard time to decide which way I wanted to take it. Some things I've learned that stood out to me is that the atonement is not only for the sinners but it's also for the saints. (Mosiah 3:19) That we need to rely on in order for us to become better. The atonement makes bad men good and good men better. I wish I could share all of my new discoveries and insights. I love personal study, I learn so much everyday.

I love seeing how the spirit is able to use me as an instrument in His hands. There are so many times that I know they spirit just takes over my words and is able to touch the hearts of the people I am serving. I feel like I am learning so many different things, my thoughts and perspective is changing. Alot because of the things I observe and the experiences I have. Being a missionary is not a cake walk, but I absolutely love it! I am so happy I made this decision to serve.

Well I better get going. I love you all! I hope you have a fabulous week and have some time to breathe and relax. I know it's tax season, don't stress out too much! :) And take time to do the things that matter most.
I loooooooooooooooove Mom, Dad, Chelsea & Brian, Erin, Cody, Summer, Carly, and Adelaide! All you guys! And I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my family here on earth. :)

Much Aloha,
S. Nielsen

P.S. Pictures are of Kehnie's Wedaptism. And my tri-panionship in our brand new Corolla. :)

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